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Was video of Sandra Bland’s trade stop edited? Texas authorities respond.

After Texas authorities released a video Tuesday of the trade stop that occurred 3 days before a driver, Sandra Bland, was found passed in a county jail, questions have arisen about either a video had been edited.

On Wednesday, a orator for a Texas Department of Public Safety definitely denied that a 52-minute video had been altered and instead blamed a “technical issue” for a anomalies in a images.

“The video was not edited,” orator Tom Vinger told The Washington Post. “There was a technical issue during upload.”

Vinger conspicuous a group is operative to scold a emanate and will recover a new chronicle of a recording. Asked either he believed that a audio competence have been affected, Vinger said, “It sounds to me that a audio was not affected.”

[‘I will light we up!’: Texas officer threatened Sandra Bland with Taser during trade stop]

The issues were many conspicuous in a apportionment of a video where guard Brian Encinia can be listened vocalization to someone on a phone about a incident.

At one point, Encinia explains that he was perplexing to “de-escalate” a situation. In a video, a draw lorry user is seen walking out of a support of a video, afterwards that apportionment of a video repeats itself.

“I only stepped behind in a automobile and said, ‘Are we done, ma’am? we need to tell we because and what I’m giving you,’ ” Encinia is listened observant as a video skips. “And it only kept on going.”

In other cases, cars can be seen disintegrating in a video, that repeats itself.

The incidents were documented online by publisher Ben Norton, whose observations were highlighted by Ava DuVernay, a Oscar-winning executive of “Selma.”

Bland — a 28-year-old African American lady — was stopped in Texas on Jul 10 for unwell to vigilance while changing lanes, though a slight trade stop incited confrontational after Encinia systematic her to put out her cigarette.

Encinia threatened Bland with a Taser when he systematic her out of her vehicle, afterwards arrested her after she “began overhanging her elbows during me and afterwards kicked my right leg in a shin,” he wrote in an detain warrant.

In a phone review with his Sargent, that was available on a dashboard camera video, Encinia appears to protest his statements in a warrant.

“She never swung during me,” he conspicuous in a recording. “She was only flailing, stomping around.”

“I don’t have a critical corporeal injury, though we was kicked,” he added.

Bland was charged with attack on a open menial afterwards requisitioned in a Waller County Jail, where she died Jul 13.

Her genocide was personal as self-murder by hanging, though news of a self-murder — that came amid flourishing snub over military interactions with African Americans — has been met with doubt by those who knew Bland and even others who didn’t.

The Texas State Rangers have launched an review into Bland’s death, with a organisation of a FBI. As of Wednesday morning, conjunction a FBI nor any other multiplication within a Department of Justice has non-stop a apart sovereign review into a case.

After a military video’s release, Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.) called on a Justice Department to inspect Bland’s death.

Encinia was placed on executive avocation on Friday tentative a outcome of a investigation, according to a Texas Department of Public Safety, that conspicuous that a officer disregarded a agency’s procedures during a trade stop.

The dashcam video of a trade stop was expelled Tuesday evening.

After questions about a video double overnight, Vinger expelled a matter from a Texas Department of Public Safety:

The video has not been edited. To discharge any concerns as to a efficiency of a video DPS formerly requested a FBI inspect a lurch cam and jail video to safeguard a firmness of a video. The whole video was uploaded to embody a audio and video of a review a guard had by write with his sergeant, that occurred after a arrest. Some of a video that occurred during this review was influenced in a upload and is being addressed. We are operative to repost a lurch cam video.

Article source: http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2015/07/22/was-video-of-sandra-blands-traffic-stop-edited-texas-authorities-respond/