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Watch: Parsons, Hayes, Sheen open NBC Burrows bash

NBC’s salute to mythological executive James Burrows doesn’t rubbish a sitcom star power.

The humorous blueprint that opens Sunday’s two-hour special, Must See TV: An All-Star Tribute to James Burrows (9 p.m. ET/PT), shows a extent of Burrows’ credit list, with appearances by stars from such shows as The Big Bang Theory, Will Grace, Cheers, Friends and Two and a Half Men. Burrows recently destined his 1,000th part of TV, an part of NBC’s new Crowded (premieres Mar 15).

The four-and-a-half-minute taped square opens with Big Bang‘s Jim Parsons phoning a sleeping Sean Hayes (who executive produces a special and Crowded) to foist last-minute TV-special formulation on a Will Grace star.

“All we need to do is call everybody that Jimmy Burrows has worked with a final 40 years and get them to uncover adult tonight,” a procrastinating Parsons says.

Hayes gets started, initial reaching Cheers‘ Ted Danson, who’s in a swarming museum watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Hayes is astounded Danson is articulate during a movie.

“These people don’t mind. They’re usually anxious to be sitting subsequent to me,” Danson says, before a male tells him to get off a phone. Danson tells him: “I’m articulate to George Clooney. So, a small respect?”

Hayes writes Danson’s name on his list. “One down, usually 150 calls left to make.”

Next call: Cheers’ Rhea Perlman, who’s enjoying a burble bath – with Will Grace‘s Eric McCormack.

“Don’t contend I’m here,” he pleads. “Everybody knows,” she says.

Then, it’s on to Cheers‘ Woody Harrelson, who’s auditioning for a Lincoln commercial. 

Harrelson, who says he’ll attend, does his audition, though senses rejecting from a director. “You’re going with McConaughey again, aren’t you?” he says, referring to his True Detective co-star and Lincoln pitchman.

The Cheers procession moves on to George Wendt, who contingency be channeling Norm given he’s been sitting in a Cheers-like bar for a prolonged time.

Wendt dumps a mop full of dirt on a bar.

Another call reveals Crowded‘s Patrick Warburton, who accepts a invitation while luxuriating on a hotel square in a white bathrobe. The camera pans and he’s articulate to Friends‘ Matt LeBlanc.

“But this is a weekend to do guys’ stuff,” complains LeBlanc, who is removing a pedicure.

The camera afterwards pulls behind to exhibit a third member of a bathrobe bunch, Big Bang‘s Johnny Galecki.

The final call goes to Men‘s Charlie Sheen, who answers from – where else? – a confessional.

Sheen accepts, reopens a confessional window and resumes his confession.

“I’m sorry, Father. Where was I?” Sheen asks. The sap clergyman responds: “You were adult to 1987.”

The reverence to Burrows facilities many some-more actors from those shows, along with stars from such Burrows-directed favorites as Frasier, Taxi, Wings, Mike Molly and The Bob Newhart Show.

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