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Water hazard: Malaysia’s belt-tightening resurrects age-old brawl with Singapore

SINGAPORE (Reuters) – For over half a century, island-state Singapore has been removing half a uninformed H2O from northern neighbor Malaysia – a understanding that could be adult for examination as a new primary apportion in Kuala Lumpur seeks to cut down on a country’s ballooning debt.

FILE PHOTO: Tourists watch a proof of how a Marina Barrage dam works during a gallery in a Marina Barrage trickery in Singapore May 29, 2013. REUTERS/Edgar Su/File Photo

Singapore was once partial of Malaysia though they distant acrimoniously in 1965, clouding tactful and mercantile exchange for years. Relations sojourn volatile.

In his initial few weeks behind in office, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad has put a brakes on projects and cut ministers’ salaries to tackle about 1 trillion ringgit ($249.19 billion) of inhabitant debt he blames on past corruption.

Now, he has his guns lerned on a cost of H2O sole to Singapore.

“I consider it is manifestly ridiculous,” Mahathir pronounced in an talk with Channel NewsAsia published on Monday, referring to a H2O deal. “That was fine approach behind in a 1990s or 1930s,” he added, observant he wanted to renegotiate a terms.

Asked about a H2O emanate during a news discussion after on Monday, Mahathir brushed it aside observant it “was not pressing”.

Singapore’s unfamiliar method pronounced in an e-mailed matter on Monday that “both sides contingency approve entirely with all a supplies of these agreements.”

Tensions between Singapore and Malaysia were high during Mahathir’s prior reign from 1981 to 2003, and a H2O quarrel contributed to a formidable ties. Since returning to energy in May, a 92-year-old has pronounced he will hindrance a high-speed rail plan joining Kuala Lumpur with Singapore and would rise some offshore rocks that were a theme of a territorial dispute.

Some analysts contend Mahathir’s reconstruction of a H2O brawl could be posturing. Malaysia faces financial penalties from Singapore if it pulls out of a high-speed rail agreement as Mahathir has suggested it will.

“It is not only about money. He (Mahathir) is a really shrewd statesman,” pronounced Nicholas Fang, executive of confidence and tellurian affairs during consider tank a Singapore Institute of International Affairs. “He knows how to put into place opposite levers that he can afterwards lift to outcome certain things.”


Under a understanding penned in 1962, Singapore can import adult to 250 million gallons of H2O from a Johor River any day from Malaysia – around 58 percent of a stream daily H2O needs – during a cost of 0.03 ringgit per 1,000 gallons. It is thankful to sell a tiny apportionment of treated H2O behind to Malaysia during favoured rates.

If entirely drawn, that alien H2O would cost Singapore around 2.7 million ringgit ($670,000) annually.

The H2O agreement was guaranteed by both governments when they distant in 1965, and Singapore has pronounced it equates a sanctification of a understanding with a presence as a republic state.

FILE PHOTO: Water pipes run a length of a causeway between Singapore and Malaysia’s southern city of Johor Bahru (R), transporting adult to 250 million gallons (946 million litres) of H2O or approximately 60 percent of Singapore’s H2O needs any day, Mar 10, 2016. REUTERS/Edgar Su/File Photo

“Every other process had to hook during a knees for a H2O survival,” Singapore’s initial father Lee Kuan Yew once said. Lee died in 2015 and his son, Lee Hsien Loong, is a stream Singapore primary minister.

Mahathir, who had a famously irritable attribute with Lee Kuan Yew, has formerly forked to Hong Kong’s agreement with China as justification it is removing a tender deal.

Hong Kong paid a bound sum of HK$4.78 billion ($608 million) to import some-more than dual thirds of a uninformed H2O needs – around 480 million gallons a day – from China final year, central information shows.

However, Singapore says a comparatively low cost it pays for Malaysian H2O is since it has to bear a full cost of treating a H2O as good as building, handling and progressing a pumps and pipelines from Malaysia.

Malaysia formerly asked for a cost rider in 2000 and Singapore countered with a ask to repair H2O supply rates over 2061.

After a array of exchanges, a talks disbanded with Malaysia observant Singapore was being irrational and legalistic.

Singapore blamed Malaysia for a collapse, observant it was looking for a 200-fold boost in stream H2O prices and that it became transparent it had “no goal of distinguished a understanding on destiny H2O after 2061.”

In 2011, a apart understanding for Singapore to pull some H2O from elsewhere in Malaysia expired.

Singapore has recently been building adult a domestic H2O sources – that embody sleet catchment and desalination – and pulling H2O recycling initiatives to turn some-more separate by a time a 2061 understanding expires.

But a resurgence of a H2O brawl with Malaysia comes during an ungainly time for a city-state.

Hyflux, a private association that has built desalination plants provision adult to a entertain of Singapore’s water, is in apocalyptic financial straits and to keep creditors during brook it is looking to sell a Tuaspring plant in a west of a city-state.

Singapore’s inhabitant H2O group PUB pronounced it is “monitoring a developments closely and there are measures in place to keep a Tuaspring plant in continued operation”.

Water prices have turn a spiky emanate in Singapore, that is due to reason elections by early 2021. A cost travel final year – a initial in scarcely dual decades – led to a singular open criticism opposite a supervision that enjoys clever renouned support.

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($1 = 4.0130 ringgit)

Reporting by John Geddie and Aradhana Aravindan; Editing by Raju Gopalakrishnan

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