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We expected haven’t seen a final of Brock Lesnar inside a octagon

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LAS VEGAS — Brock Lesnar didn’t caring about a viewed risks concerned in returning to a UFC.

Outside perceptions meant unequivocally small to a male who spends his down time sitting on a tractor in his isolated plantation in Moosomin, Saskatchewan.

Lesnar didn’t lapse to a Octagon on Saturday night opposite Mark Hunt given he wanted to infer he could again turn a UFC heavyweight champion one day (although that’s not out of a doubt now), and he positively didn’t lapse to a Octagon to give some-more broadside to a WWE (although that’s positively a byproduct). He returned given he wanted to.

Lesnar overpowers Hunt in initial hitch given 2011

Nearly 5 years private from his final fight, former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar done a successful lapse to a Octagon on Saturday, defeating Mark Hunt around unanimous decision.

  • Brock Lesnar’s UFC 200 win distinguished by WWE colleagues

    Triple H, Vince McMahon and Randy Orton all distinguished Brock Lesnar’s successful lapse to a Octagon.

  • “I didn’t wish to be sitting on my tractor 20 years from now wondering, ‘God, we consternation if we would have usually fought one some-more time?'” Lesnar told ESPN.com before a fight. “So I’m going to take caring of that conjecture right now, and when I’m sitting on my tractor in 20 years we can say, ‘Now that was fun.’ … It takes some balls to live life to a fullest. Who in a ruin would do this? I’m fortunate. we unequivocally am. It takes large balls to do this, though I’ve always stranded my neck out there. You usually lay it on a line.”

    After Lesnar, who hadn’t fought in a UFC in 5 years, degraded Hunt, one of a tip 10 heavyweights in a sport, by unanimous preference during UFC 200, Lesnar still wasn’t certain what a destiny hold for him in churned martial arts. His devise was to lapse for one some-more fight. That’s all he was focused on. But it’s tough to suppose Lesnar shutting a doorway on his MMA career after Saturday night.

    “Let’s get one thing clear: Brock Lesnar does what Brock Lesnar wants to do,” Lesnar pronounced after a fight. “I trust that my destiny is already laid out for a subsequent month. I’m doing SummerSlam opposite Randy Orton, and once a dirt settles, I’m not certain what I’m going to do. we had one ruin of a time tonight and we enjoyed myself. We’ll see what happens.”

    Lesnar had built an unstoppable “Beast Incarnate” persona given returning to a WWE 4 years ago following his initial army in a UFC. His résumé as an NCAA heavyweight wrestling champion and a UFC heavyweight champion combined some legitimacy to a association that prolonged ago certified it was some-more party than sport. But in Lesnar, a WWE had a legitimate champion who could feasible take down anyone, anywhere, anytime.

    There was no need to postpone existence with Lesnar given we’ve already seen what he can do in legitimate competition. There was no need to build a larger-than-life impression for someone who was already incomparable than life in reality. Unlike other wrestlers with crazy names and outfits, Lesnar kept his genuine name and wore a same shorts and gloves he wears into a Octagon.

    So when Lesnar, who is underneath agreement with a WWE for another year and a half, was authorised to lapse to a UFC for what a WWE described as a “one-off opportunity” during UFC 200, they were radically giving adult artistic control to one of their biggest stars for one night on a biggest theatre possible. Sure, Lesnar could kick Hunt and indurate himself as one of a baddest group on a universe — though he could also get knocked out in a initial turn and harm a repute he had built.

    Luckily for Lesnar and a WWE, that already began compelling Lesnar’s compare during their SummerSlam pay-per-view on Aug. 21, he won and showed he was still one of a best heavyweight fighters in both a scripted universe of a WWE and a real-life foe of a UFC.

    “You can write whatever we wish to write, though we consider I’m a toughest son of a bitch,” Lesnar said. “I’m in a tip 10, and that puts me right behind in a game.”

    While a win was a success for Lesnar and a WWE in a short-term, it does open a doorway for Lesnar expanding his “one-off” UFC quip into another quarrel or two. That’s a review Lesnar will need to have with WWE authority and CEO Vince McMahon during some point, though a feeling is McMahon will comprehend Lesnar’s flourishing celebrity and success in a UFC can usually assistance a WWE.

    “I trust that Vince McMahon is a smartest male we know,” pronounced Jim Ross, who recruited and sealed Lesnar in 2000 when he was a conduct of WWE’s talent relations. “He’s a promoter. He’s P.T. Barnum on steroids, no joke intended. we consider that McMahon knows a bigger Lesnar gets in UFC, a some-more he means for WWE. Both promotions can take advantage of arguably a biggest box-office captivate in UFC history.”

    Ross, who flew to Vegas to watch Lesnar’s quarrel opposite Hunt in person, believes Lesnar can be a conceptual contestant for both a UFC and WWE and will eventually confirm to continue to do both.

    “Brock is a weird of inlet and he’s a unequivocally rival guy,” Ross said. “I remember behind in a day when someone would contend they had a fastest 40 [-yard dash] in a WWE, he would mount adult during 300 pounds and contend we can’t outpace me. There’s income in him and Dana White and a Fertittas know they can’t let Brock Lesnar trip divided this time. They need to move him back. He can do both. He can do part-time WWE and part-time UFC and make everybody concerned a lot of money. He’s a once-in-a-lifetime athlete. He’s like LeBron James or Peyton Manning. He’s all you’d wish in this genre of genuine fighting in a UFC and a showbiz of a WWE. That’s an extraordinary combination.”

    There was a time when Lesnar felt he had to select between a WWE and a UFC. When Lesnar sealed a new agreement with a WWE final year and pronounced he had “officially sealed a doorway on MMA,” he never suspicion he would step behind into a Octagon again. But Lesnar, who turns 39 subsequent week, realizes now that he can do both for during slightest a small while longer and that being a champion in both a WWE and UFC might not be as unfit as he once thought.

    “I trust any male can do whatever he wants if he puts his mind to it,” Lesnar said. “I’ve been out of this diversion for 5 years and we stepped behind into a enclosure after training for 6 weeks and we put a good violence on Mark Hunt. we consider anything is possible.”

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