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Week 11 energy rankings

1. Eagles (9-1; final week No. 1): Step One for creation a no-kicker plan work? Get Carson Wentz to play quarterback.

2. Patriots (8-2; No. 2): La puerta esta abierta for a Super Bowl win.

3. Steelers (8-2; No. 3): They’re unequivocally good, though still not good adequate to kick a Patriots in a playoff game.

4. Vikings (8-2; No. 5): Having Teddy Bridgewater appearing over Case Keenum‘s shoulder indeed creates Keenum play better.

5. Saints (8-2; No. 6): The Saints fit their name with a spectacle on Sunday.

6. Rams (7-3; No. 4): The detriment in Minnesota could be a initial of several cold splashes of H2O in a face of a group still sticking to a NFC West lead.

7. Panthers (7-3; No. 9): Advance scout/tight finish Greg Olsen is back, that could make a offense improved than ever (especially opposite a Vikings)

8. Jaguars (7-3; No. 10): If a Steelers event and a Jaguars don’t, Jacksonville could finish adult with a postseason bye.

9. Falcons (6-4; No. 12): “Here we go again” eventually went nowhere, for a change.

10. Lions (6-4; No. 11): Win Thursday vs. Minnesota, and a Lions will win a NFC North.

11. Chiefs (6-4; No. 7): If dropping from No 1 to Alex Smith‘s jersey series doesn’t hint a preference to let Patrick Mahomes uncover what he can do, eventually dropping to Mahomes’ jersey series presumably will.

12. Seahawks (6-4; No. 8): Maybe Russell Wilson‘s One-Man Band should supplement kicking to a repertoire.

13. Ravens (5-5; No. 18): The Ravens are usually 2-5 when a other group scores during slightest one point.

14. Titans (6-4; No. 13): They’ve come a prolonged way, though they’ve still got a prolonged approach to go.

15. Chargers (4-6; No. 19): In a 25th anniversary of a usually NFL group that done it to a playoffs after starting 0-4, this one could finish adult doing a same thing.

16. Cowboys (5-5; No. 14): Getting to a playoffs might be even some-more formidable than gripping a Commissioner from removing his extension.

17. Washington (4-6; No. 15): If we can’t tighten out a 15-point lead with 3 mins left over a playoff team, we don’t go in a playoffs.

18. Bills (5-5; No. 16): From 5-2 to 5-5 with a span of blowouts and dual games opposite a Patriots still left to play, that 18-year playoff drought seems unfailing to continue.

19. Buccaneers (4-6; No. 24): When a outing to Green Bay is a easiest diversion left of a report down a stretch, it’s not an easy report down a stretch.

20. Raiders (4-6; No. 17): The Black Hole might be scarcely dull subsequent year, if this continues.

21. Bengals (4-6; No. 25): They might win usually adequate games to remonstrate Mike Brown to stay a course.

22. Texans (4-6; No. 26): Tom Savage might do adequate to get someone to compensate him approach too most income to eventually be benched for a rookie.

23. Jets (4-6; No. 21): It still won’t be easy to equivocate 4-12.

24. Packers (5-5; No. 20): “Did we not usually listen to that doubt we usually answered?”

25. Dolphins (4-6; No. 22): How large is a stream opening between a Dolphins and a Patriots? They’re about to find out, twice.

26. Cardinals (4-6; No. 23): Blaine Gabbert gets another start, while Colin Kaepernick still can’t get even a phone call.

27. Bears (3-7; No. 27): Kicking changes always seem to come a week to late.

28. Giants (2-8; No. 31): Amazing things can occur when a group indeed tries to win.

29. Colts (3-7; No. 29): They’ve come a prolonged approach from a annual speak of either to rest starters.

30. Broncos (3-7; No. 28): Great quarterbacks make descent coordinators demeanour good, and clamp versa.

31. 49ers (1-9; No. 30): The track will be usually somewhat reduction dull than it was during a bye week.

32. Browns (0-10; No. 32): “Why a NFL Should Consider Contraction.” Exhibit A.

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