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Week 14 Power Rankings: Where all 32 teams arrange No. 1 … almost

It isn’t a advise that a powerhouse such as a Rams, a new No. 1 atop a NFL Power Rankings, is among a joining leaders in several descent categories. But even a misfortune teams are a best during something — or are tighten to it, during least. What does your organisation surpass in? Our NFL Nation reporters have answers.

How we rank: Our energy quarrel — a organisation of some-more than 80 writers, editors and TV personalities — evaluated how teams smoke-stack adult by a initial 13 weeks of a season.

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1. Los Angeles Rams (11-1)

Week 13 ranking: 2

We’re No. 1 in: Pass-block win rate. Give it adult for a large guys adult front, where it all starts for a 11-1 Rams and their bomb offense. The descent line ranks No. 1 in pass-block win rate, tangible as when a pass-blocker sustains his retard for 2.5 seconds following a snap. The Rams have won 63 percent of their pass blocks, permitting Jared Goff copiousness of time to discharge a round to a horde of playmakers. — Lindsey Thiry

2. New Orleans Saints (10-2)

Week 13 ranking: 1

We’re No. 1 in: Scoring points. The Saints are tied for second in a NFL, during 34.9 points per game. But their scoring potency is on a ancestral pace. Despite their overwhelming descent wave during Dallas in Week 13, a Saints have scored points on 58.1 percent of their drives this season, that is on gait to be a tip rate by any NFL organisation given a joining stretched to a 16-game report in 1978. The record of 53 percent belongs to a 2007 Patriots, who went 16-0. — Mike Triplett

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  • 3. Kansas City Chiefs (10-2)

    Week 13 ranking: 3

    We’re No. 1 in: Passing TDs. Patrick Mahomes has 41. The Chiefs have indispensable many of them given they’ve had to outscore their porous defense. They will need Mahomes to plea a NFL record of 55 if they’re going to continue to do so. — Adam Teicher

    4. New England Patriots (9-3)

    Week 13 ranking: 4

    We’re (almost) No. 1 in: Kickoff lapse average. Led by Cordarrelle Patterson, who has returned 19 kickoffs for 580 yards (30.5 avg.) and one touchdown, a Patriots are surfaced by usually one other organisation (the Titans) in kickoff lapse average. Patterson’s 95-yard kickoff lapse for a TD opposite a Chiefs was one of a signature plays of a Patriots’ season, and Tom Brady has nicknamed him “The Experiment” given of all a things a organisation has explored with him on offense, in further to his kickoff lapse expertise. — Mike Reiss

    5. Los Angeles Chargers (9-3)

    Week 13 ranking: 5

    We’re (almost) No. 1 in: Explosive plays. The Chargers have 83 bomb plays this deteriorate (running plays of 15-plus yards or flitting plays of 20-plus yards). Only a Kansas City Chiefs (86) have more. The Bolts have been so-so on third downs this season, nonetheless one of a reasons they are among a joining leaders in scoring (sixth overall) is a Philip Rivers-led offense’s ability to emanate cube plays to make it easier to get into scoring position. — Eric Williams


    Field Yates and Matthew Berry explain given Deshaun Watson hasn’t lived adult to a expectations nonetheless substantially hasn’t cost we a playoff spot.

    6. Houston Texans (9-3)

    Week 13 ranking: 8

    We’re No. 1 in: Consecutive victories. The Texans have a longest active win strain in a NFL after violence a Browns on Sunday. After starting 0-3, Houston has won 9 games in a quarrel and has a possibility to bind a AFC South subsequent week. — Sarah Barshop

    7. Pittsburgh Steelers (7-4-1)

    Week 13 ranking: 7

    We’re No. 1 in: Sacks. The Steelers sojourn a joining leaders, with 39. The invulnerability is predicated on sacks and turnovers, and nonetheless Pittsburgh is one of a league’s misfortune in turnover ratio, 5 Steelers have during slightest 4.5 sacks on a season, with T.J. Watt tied for ninth in a NFL, with 10. — Jeremy Fowler

    8. Chicago Bears (8-4)

    Week 13 ranking: 6

    We’re No. 1 in: Takeaways. It’s all about a Bears’ defense. Heading into Week 13, Chicago’s invulnerability ranked No. 1 in takeaways and points scored off turnovers. The Bears also had 15 players with during slightest one sack, a many in a NFL. Plus, a Bears were tied for a joining lead with 10 players carrying during slightest one interception. — Jeff Dickerson

    9. Seattle Seahawks (7-5)

    Week 13 ranking: 10

    We’re No. 1 in: Rushing yards per game. The Seahawks are No. 1 in a NFL with usually fewer than 149 rushing YPG. They’ve finished that on an NFL-high 380 attempts, that explains given they’re streamer a joining in rushing notwithstanding ranking eighth in yards per carry, during 4.7. They’ve surfaced 150 yards rushing in 8 of their past 9 games, and that’s as large of a reason as any that a Seahawks find themselves in glorious position for a wild-card berth. — Brady Henderson


    Ryan Clark and Tim Hasselbeck regard a Seahawks’ offense and Russell Wilson’s ability to extend plays outward a pocket.

    10. Baltimore Ravens (7-5)

    Week 13 ranking: 11

    We’re No. 1 in: Defense, that doesn’t come as a advise for a authorization that has prolonged been tangible by gripping teams out of a finish zone. The Ravens are a definite best invulnerability in a NFL, permitting a fewest yards (281.7) and points (17.8) per game. If Baltimore can keep this up, it would be utterly an achievement. The usually other time a Ravens finished a deteriorate ranked No. 1 in invulnerability was 2006. — Jamison Hensley

    11. Dallas Cowboys (7-5)

    Week 13 ranking: 14

    We’re (almost) No. 1 in: Points authorised per game. The Cowboys are second in that difficulty (18.6) behind a Ravens (17.8). The Cowboys have never led a joining in scoring invulnerability in their story nonetheless will have a possibility to do so this season, generally deliberation a approach they close down a high-powered Saints. The Ravens have to play during Kansas City and during a L.A. Chargers in a final month. Three of their 4 remaining opponents are in a tip 10 in points scored. The Cowboys face two, nonetheless a Indianapolis Colts, No. 8 in scoring, were close out final week. — Todd Archer

    12. Minnesota Vikings (6-5-1)

    Week 13 ranking: 9

    We’re No. 1 in: Third-down defense. For a second true season, a Vikings are streamer a joining in third-down stops, permitting teams to modify on usually fewer than 30 percent of their attempts. This is a vicious facet for Minnesota’s invulnerability in forcing a will on opponents so a offense, that has left by ebbs and flows all season, can get behind on a margin and try to score. — Courtney Cronin

    13. Indianapolis Colts (6-6)

    Week 13 ranking: 13

    We’re No. 1 in: Tackles from one player. Rookie linebacker Darius Leonard has left from personification during South Carolina State, a Football Championship Subdivision school, to streamer a NFL in tackles with 122, notwithstanding blank a diversion this season. The subsequent actor on a list is Miami’s Kiko Alonso, with 106 tackles. — Mike Wells

    14. Carolina Panthers (6-6)

    Week 13 ranking: 12

    We’re No. 1 in: Yards per rush. I’d like to contend they’re No. 1 in futility given this organisation has left from 6-2 and a legitimate contender to 6-6 with rumors present about manager Ron Rivera’s pursuit security. But given there is no tangible ranking for that, we’ll go with yards per rush, in that a Panthers arrange No. 1 in a league, during 5.5. A large reason for that is second-year behind Christian McCaffrey, who is averaging 5.2 yards per lift after averaging 3.7 yards per lift final season. The past dual weeks, he became a initial actor in NFL story to have 50 yards rushing and receiving in uninterrupted games. — David Newton

    15. Denver Broncos (6-6)

    Week 13 ranking: 19

    We’re No. 1 in: Sacks from a duo. Von Miller attempted to advise anyone who would listen in Aug that rookie outward linebacker Bradley Chubb is “going to do good things given when he gets it going, it won’t stop.” Twelve regular-season games later, no twin in a joining has some-more sacks than Miller and Chubb do. Miller is second in a joining with 12.5, and Chubb has 10. They are a usually teammates in a NFL who have any reached double digits with 4 games to play in a unchanging season. Overall, a Broncos are tied for fifth in a league, with 37 sacks. — Jeff Legwold

    16. Tennessee Titans (6-6)

    Week 13 ranking: 17

    We’re (almost) No. 1 in: Points authorised per game. Three weeks ago, a Titans’ invulnerability was tops in a joining in points authorised per game. Their normal ballooned from 16.8 points per diversion to 20.4 points per outing, and a organisation now sits during sixth in a joining and third in a AFC South. In a past 3 games, a Titans have given adult an normal of 31.3 points per game. With internal games opposite a Jaguars and Colts still on a report and a wild-card symbol in a crosshairs, a Titans’ invulnerability has to get behind to a miserly ways. — Turron Davenport

    17. Philadelphia Eagles (6-6)

    Week 13 ranking: 18

    We’re No. 1 in: Slow starts. The Eagles have been blanked 9 times in a initial buliding of their 12 games. They’ve scored 28 points in a initial entertain all season. — Tim McManus

    18. Washington Redskins (6-6)

    Week 13 ranking: 15

    We’re No. 1 in: Fewest gains of 20 or some-more yards by receivers. The Redskins’ wideouts had sum for usually 11 by 11 games (heading into Monday night’s game), as a outcome of injuries (Paul Richardson), a miss of speed and a multiple of issues during quarterback: inaccuracy, miss of aggressiveness and no trust. The Redskins attempted usually 27 throws of 20 or some-more yards in a atmosphere in a initial 11 games, tied with New Orleans for third-fewest. But a Saints finished 17 of those passes, compared to 8 for Washington. And a Redskins lacked a speed to spin brief gains into prolonged ones. They contingency redress this in a offseason or face another deteriorate with few bomb plays. — John Keim


    The NFL Live organisation discusses either Aaron Rodgers’ hilly attribute with conduct manager Mike McCarthy is a reason Green Bay dismissed a coach.

    19. Green Bay Packers (4-7-1)

    Week 13 ranking: 16

    We’re No. 1 in: Interception rate. Aaron Rodgers has thrown usually one interception in 463 attempts this deteriorate (0.4 percent), tops in a league. It hasn’t all been roses, though. Rodgers is completing 31 percent of his passes when underneath duress, good for final in a NFL. He has 35 throwaways, that is a many in his career and 15 some-more than any other quarterback. Also, he has been sacked 19 times on third down, second-most in a NFL this season. — ESPN

    20. Miami Dolphins (6-6)

    Week 13 ranking: 21

    We’re No. 1 in: Interceptions per competition pass. Miami is intercepting an NFL-best 4.8 percent of a opponent’s passes. Dolphins CB Xavien Howard leads a NFL with 7 interceptions, including 4 in his past dual games, and has admitted himself a “best cornerback in a game.” The Dolphins are second altogether in interceptions and third in takeaways. — Cameron Wolfe

    21. Atlanta Falcons (4-8)

    Week 13 ranking: 20

    We’re No. 1 in: Field goals. The multiple of Matt Bryant and Giorgio Tavecchio are 20-for-20 on margin goals this season, creation a Falcons a usually organisation in a joining that is ideal on margin goals this season. But that isn’t indispensably a good thing, as it includes a 6 games in that a Falcons’ high-powered offense staid for margin goals in a red zone. The Falcons mislaid 5 of those 6 games. — Vaughn McClure

    22. Cleveland Browns (4-7-1)

    Week 13 ranking: 23

    We’re No. 1 in: Coaching changes. Hue Jackson’s banishment means that a Browns will be employing (counting interims) their 11th manager given 1999 and sixth given 2011. The Browns haven’t had a conduct manager final longer than dual seasons given Romeo Crennel was manager from 2005 by 2008. They wish this subsequent sinecure changes those fortunes. — Pat McManamon

    23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-7)

    Week 13 ranking: 26

    We’re No. 1 in: Turning a round over. The Bucs have incited a round over 30 times in 12 games, some-more than any other organisation in a joining this season, nonetheless they have 442.7 yards of offense per game, also tops in a league. This is a definite instance of how they haven’t been means to get out of their possess way, and many of their mistakes are self-inflicted. — Jenna Laine

    24. Jacksonville Jaguars (4-8)

    Week 13 ranking: 25

    We’re No. 1 in: Personal fouls. The Jaguars have a league-high 30 (for 340 yards of penalties) by 12 weeks after adding 3 in their 6-0 feat over Indianapolis on Sunday. That’s 5 some-more than Cincinnati and a Los Angeles Chargers. Executive VP of football ops Tom Coughlin called a Jaguars’ on-field duty “ridiculous” during a fundraising entrance on a internal radio uncover final week, and manager Doug Marrone takes full shortcoming for those penalties. “That’s a thoughtfulness on a conduct coach,” he said. “I’ve got to do a improved pursuit with them.” — Mike DiRocco

    25. Cincinnati Bengals (5-7)

    Week 13 ranking: 22

    We’re No. 1 in: Injuries. Once A.J. Green goes on harmed reserve, that will symbol 15 players on IR given training stay (a figure that doesn’t embody a players who were waived/injured). The Bengals have been decimated by injuries this season, losing their starting quarterback, 3 parsimonious ends, several defensive linemen and their backup left tackle to IR. They could be in line to remove several some-more pivotal sum before a deteriorate is over. Left tackle Cordy Glenn is injured, and cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick is in a walking boot. The formula have shown on a field, and a Bengals expected usually wish this deteriorate to mercifully finish during this point. — Katherine Terrell

    26. New York Giants (4-8)

    Week 13 ranking: 27

    We’re No. 1 in: couldn’t find a genuine stat in that a Giants are No. 1. They have a top-rated passer for a non-quarterback this season. Odell Beckham Jr. is 2-for-2 with 57- and 49-yard touchdown passes. He has a ideal 158.3 passer rating this season. Hey, it’s something. — Jordan Raanan

    27. Detroit Lions (4-8)

    Week 13 ranking: 24

    We’re No. 1 in: Opposing margin idea percentage. The uprights have been kind to a Lions this year — both during home and on a road. Typically arguable kickers such as Graham Gano, Cody Parkey and Mason Crosby had horrific days opposite Detroit, partial of a 66.7 margin idea commission opposite that a Lions have culled in 2018. It’s tops in a joining entering Monday Night Football, and in a year mostly looked during as a disaster with a Lions, this is one thing to feel good about. When Lions manager Matt Patricia was asked about it final month, he didn’t wish to plead it — given he didn’t wish to hex whatever has been going on with his opponents in 2018. — Michael Rothstein

    28. Buffalo Bills (4-8)

    Week 13 ranking: 28

    We’re No. 1 in: Passing yards authorised per game. The Bills have a NFL’s best pass defense, permitting usually 187.2 yards per game. That is not simply a duty of low competition flitting volume opposite a Bills, who have been outscored by 115 points this season. Buffalo is permitting a league-low 9.24 yards per completion. — Mike Rodak

    29. New York Jets (3-9)

    Week 13 ranking: 29

    We’re No. 1 in: Special teams. The Jets are No. 1, formed on Expected Points Added (via ESPN Stats Information). This represents a poignant alleviation for a Jets, who were 18th in 2017. One large reason for a burst is PK Jason Myers, who has done 28 of 30 margin goals, including an NFL-record 5 from 55 yards or longer. — Rich Cimini

    30. Arizona Cardinals (3-9)

    Week 13 ranking: 32

    We’re No. 1 in: Nothing? If a league’s descent rankings were flipped upside down, a Cardinals would be ranked No. 1 in a whole horde of categories: yards per game, yards per play, flitting yards per game, flitting yards per play, initial downs per game, fourth-down percentage, normal time of possession and points per game. Otherwise, a Cardinals aren’t ranked No. 1 in any category, generally after they won Sunday in Green Bay. Until that happened, they had a best contingency to explain a tip collect in a NFL draft. — Josh Weinfuss

    31. San Francisco 49ers (2-10)

    Week 13 ranking: 30

    We’re No. 1 in: No. 1 collect odds. According to ESPN’s Football Power Index, a Niners now have a wise 49 percent possibility to secure a No. 1 altogether collect in a 2019 draft, a best contingency in a league. There aren’t a whole lot of positives to take from this mislaid season, nonetheless given a Niners’ unfortunate need for blue-chip talent, a intensity to breeze initial is a good thing — assuming, of course, they make a right choice. — Nick Wagoner

    32. Oakland Raiders (2-10)

    Week 13 ranking: 31

    We’re (almost) No. 1 in: Batted passes. All has not been mislaid in a unhappy deteriorate for a Raiders, who are tied for a misfortune record in a NFL with a 49ers during 2-10. While Oakland has usually a No. 28-ranked sum defense, a Raiders do fly around a round … during times. They are third in a joining in batted upheld (13) and fourth in pass breakups (41), that includes batted passes, passes defensed and sloping passes. That is something a rebuilding Raiders can, well, build on underneath manager Jon Gruden and defensive coordinator Paul Guenther. — Paul Gutierrez

    Article source: http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/25444505/week-14-2018-nfl-power-rankings-where-all-32-teams-rank-no-1-almost