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Week In Politics: Wisconsin Primary, Abortion Politics


Let’s keep articulate politics now with a Friday commentators. E. J. Dionne of The Washington Post, acquire back.

E.J. DIONNE: Good to be with you.

CORNISH: And columnist David Brooks of The New York Times – acquire to a studio, David.

DAVID BROOKS: Thank you.

CORNISH: E.J., you’ve combined this week about this error line in a choosing of a category divide. And we indeed wrote that a arise of Sanders and Trump, in a way, are revealing, quote, “the displeasure of Americans who been left out in a lapse to prosperity”.

DIONNE: Right, and we saw that generally in a Michigan primary. we think, so far, that was a many thespian box of that. And we have a unequivocally peculiar business in a country, that is, on a one hand, President Obama has a 53 percent capitulation rating, that is utterly high. That’s a top it’s been in 3 years. We had a unequivocally good jobs news again today. And yet, there were a lot of people being left behind, dual groups in sole – working-class white organisation – white people in general, and white organisation in sole – and a lot of inner-city folks who’ve been unequivocally harm by a deindustrialization that’s left on. They’ve been divided from any other in politics, yet their interests are in common. Trump is vocalization to white working-class voters, nonetheless he doesn’t speak about many specifics. Bernie is perplexing to move those dual groups together, yet African-Americans have, so far, been utterly constant to Hillary Clinton. And if she pulls out a feat in New York, that is now vicious given they’ve – a Clinton folks have flattering many given adult on Wisconsin, ceding it to Sanders – they’re going to be an critical partial of that.

CORNISH: we wish to speak about that for a second. Yeah, Sanders has been unequivocally confident. Before we get to you, David, we wish to play this shave of Sanders on “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” final night. Colbert asks Sanders since he believes a party’s superdelegates should switch from ancillary Clinton if he wins additional states.


BERNIE SANDERS: We have won 6 out of a final 7 caucuses, many of them by landslide victories.


SANDERS: And we consider that superdelegates should listen to a will of their people. If we get 60, 70, 80 percent of a opinion in a state, we know what? we consider superdelegates should opinion for us.


CORNISH: David, there’s been so many concentration on representatives going into a Republican convention, yet what about Democrats? Has Sanders arrange of done a case, right, to a party, right – all of these arrange of celebration higher-ups – that he should be given a second look?

BROOKS: Well, first, Democrats have superdelegates. And those representatives were designed – a complement was designed to preference somebody like Hillary Clinton, and we design they’ll stay there. Clinton has debility as a candidate, as we listened usually even in a clips usually in a final 10 minutes. She’s arrange of a paint-by-numbers Democrat. There’s no creativity, no imagination, no new summary there. She’s a vital domestic figure with disastrous capitulation ratings. That doesn’t occur unequivocally often. If Donald Trump wasn’t around, this would be a vast story of a campaign. Nonetheless, Sanders unequivocally hasn’t changed outward his people. He’s got a transparent demographic. He touches them unequivocally deeply, yet he hasn’t been means to enhance outside. And unless he can lift off a win in New York and California, that we still consider is unequivocally unlikely, Hillary Clinton looks to be set.

DIONNE: we consider booze ice cream is unequivocally a new suspicion from that progressing clip.

CORNISH: Yeah, we mean, I’m sole on that. The bar is low, though. we wish to spin to a Republican side and termination politics. It started with Donald Trump on a Chris Matthews uncover observant – responding a doubt about possibly termination is outlawed – possibly women who get them should face punishment. Trump backtracked from that matter as cheer came from all corners. Here’s Marjorie Dannenfelser. She leads a Susan B. Anthony List, that is an antiabortion group, and she spoke on Morning Edition progressing this week.


MARJORIE DANNENFELSER: we consider he hasn’t suspicion unequivocally deeply about this since he’s missed something unequivocally important. The aims of a pro-life transformation are focused on a lady and a child and to take them together as a goal, as an end. To safety both is what it’s been from a beginning.

CORNISH: This is a box where we have positively women, yet lots of people, really, carrying a recoil to this criticism this week with Trump. David what did we make of a reaction?

BROOKS: Legitimate – listen, he hasn’t suspicion unequivocally deeply, and he’s vicious to those who are weak, and so both of those factors came up. To me, a vast emanate this week for Trump is something different. There’s something commencement to shift. We’ve been observant that for 8 months. And this week – we consider what’s new about this week is this was a duration when he should be cruising to a nomination. He should be relaxing down, calming everybody that he can indeed be a obliged politician. There were vast sections of a Republican Party that were prepared to yield to him, yet he can’t assistance being himself. He can’t assistance being phenomenally ignorant about a issues. He can’t assistance being hyper-aggressive in each possibility he gets. And we consider there competence be some clarity of being rattled, even among his supporters. we still am not swayed it’s adequate to unequivocally change a movement of a race, yet that possibility’s during slightest open this week.

CORNISH: E.J., for you?

DIONNE: we consider this is a commencement of a finish of Donald Trump, what we’ve seen this week. we consider that…

CORNISH: Though people have been observant that, we feel, like, each month…

DIONNE: we know, and we think…

CORNISH: …For a final 8 months.

DIONNE: You know, we consider people always make a wrong mistake, as Yogi Berra said. And this time, what they pronounced all along about Trump being confused and that his shtick carrying a singular shelf life is going to spin out to be true. You know, it’s – Ms. Dannenfelser, during a finish of that interview, pronounced that usually God unequivocally knows what Donald Trump thinks about abortion. And we consider usually God knows what Donald Trump thinks about a lot of things, or – and I’m not even certain Donald Trump always knows what Trump thinks about a lot of things. This termination box was unequivocally fascinating since a pro-choice side has argued, as a polemical point, yet it’s a satisfactory question, if termination is to be treated as murder, what is a motive for not punishing women? Of course, pro-lifers don’t wish to go there, as Ms. Dannenfelser pronounced in that interview. And so Trump possibly seems to furnish parodies of regressive positions or he takes positions that are totally unknown to him and follows them to conclusions that conservatives don’t wish to reach.

CORNISH: Meanwhile, these comments have already seemed in a super PAC ad for Hillary Clinton.

DIONNE: Yes, exactly. What’s transparent is there’s a lot of things he hasn’t suspicion through.

CORNISH: Now, we wish to demeanour forward, we guys. We usually listened about New York. We have Wisconsin entrance up, people articulate about that being a state that’s a problem for Trump. We talked about Sanders. What are we guys going to be looking for in these subsequent integrate of races? David?

BROOKS: Well, usually to see if there’s movement opposite Trump. Obviously there’s been a fall of movement in Wisconsin, and that fall is significant, as we’ll see. If he loses by some-more than 10 points there, afterwards you’d have to consider maybe there is something in a air. But afterwards you’ve got to demeanour during a polls, generally in New York and California, and he’s looking pretty clever in those places. Clinton is not looking so strong. Even on her possess purported state, New York, Sanders has begun to stand there. And so it’s matters of degrees, yet we still consider Clinton and Trump is what we’re looking at.

DIONNE: Yeah, I’m – we consider that Trump might be on his approach out. And California was indeed a state that Ted Cruz was unequivocally clever in a integrate of months ago. There is a clever ideological regressive core. In New York, it’s going to be unequivocally fascinating. In a clip, we listened Bill Clinton speak about Syracuse and Rochester and Buffalo. Hillary Clinton built her strength as a New York politician in upstate New York, and those are a tools of a state where Bernie Sanders, we think, would design to do unequivocally well. And so it’s – we consider upstate is going to be a genuine exam in that campaign, and we’re going to hear a lot of stories out of Buffalo, Syracuse and Rochester and Big Flats, N.Y., too, my favorite name of any town.

CORNISH: Oh, really? OK, they’ll be happy for a plug. E.J. Dionne of The Washington Post, appreciate we so much.

DIONNE: Thank you.

CORNISH: And David Brooks of The New York Times, appreciate we for entrance in.

BROOKS: Thank you.

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