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Weekend Politics: Congress Approves Harvey Relief


As Hurricane Irma hits Florida, Texas is still recuperating from Hurricane Harvey. And here in Washington final week, Congress changed fast to approve some-more than $15 billion in spending for whirly relief. Moved quickly, that is, after a pointy poke from President Trump, who cut a understanding with a Democratic leaders in Congress. NPR’s inhabitant domestic correspondent, Mara Liasson, joins us to speak about a president’s week, starting with his startling and argumentative preference to strech out to a other party. Hi, Mara.


WERTHEIMER: So President Trump gets friendly with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, a leader…

LIASSON: (Laughter).

WERTHEIMER: …Of a Senate and a House. Why?

LIASSON: At slightest for a moment. We don’t know for certain since he did it. “The Art Of The Deal” is his brand. And so far, he hadn’t been means to make any deals during all. So when a Democrats offering him this tiny, little, three-month check for a supervision appropriation deadline and a debt ceiling, he took it. And it’s usually misleading what he got for it, over a integrate of good headlines.

WERTHEIMER: So what does it mean? In a brief term, he gets good headlines.

LIASSON: Well, in a brief term, a large doubt is how it affects a top priority on a Republicans’ bulletin and a president’s agenda, that is taxation reform. The Republicans still have a prolonged approach to go. They’ve usually put out a one-page bullet points on taxation remodel and taxation cuts. This usually means they have a shorter timeframe to get it up, get it done. They wanted it finished by a finish of a year. Now they have until Dec 8.

WERTHEIMER: So any idea what happens when a debt roof understanding expires? That’s – what? – Dec 8?

LIASSON: Dec 8. It gives a Democrats a lot some-more leverage. They can insert all sorts of things to must-pass measures like a debt roof and supervision funding. They could put DACA on it, that check that would legalize a young, bootleg immigrants brought here as children since there also are a lot of things entrance adult that are going to need 60 votes, that are going to need Democrats.

And a boss did something other than usually determine with a Democrats on a timing of this. He concluded with them ideologically on presumably removing absolved of a need to lift a debt roof all together. He’s also concluded with them on DACA. He’s finished flattering transparent he would pointer it into law if Congress sent it to him. And he’s not insisting on appropriation for his wall in return. As he put it, we wish to get it done, and Chuck and Nancy wish to get it done, too, his new BFFs.

WERTHEIMER: (Laughter).

LIASSON: So it is probable we could finish a year with Obamacare total and stabilized by Congress, no wall, DACA ratified by Congress and no spending cuts. That would be flattering good for President Hillary Clinton.

WERTHEIMER: we mean…

LIASSON: (Laughter).

WERTHEIMER: But what would it do to President Donald Trump? we mean, has he deserted his party? Is he transfer off a people that – his bottom – his unequivocally regressive bottom that we speak about all a time?

LIASSON: Well, this is such a good question. We don’t know if this was a one-off understanding or partial of a new strategy. Don’t forget, usually a few weeks ago, he was job Chuck Schumer a conduct clown. He positively doesn’t have any lifelong ideology. He flattering most adopted a hard-right Republican bulletin on Obamacare, on amicable issues, on immigration.

So we consider it’s a – there’s a bent to overhype this as, oh, Trump is unexpected apropos an eccentric or a moderate. we consider what this does pledge down a highway is some-more dread of a boss from his possess party. They see he’s not unequivocally constant to them. So since should they be constant to him? The doubt we asked about a bottom – that’s a unequivocally large question. Do they like this new friendship with Democrats? What does that meant for 2018?

You know, there are dual tools to his base. One is what we call a Fifth Avenue voters. They’re people who are not ideological. They’re roughly a cult of personality. He once pronounced he could mount on Fifth Avenue and fire someone, not remove any voters. So they’re going to hang with him no matter what.

But afterwards there are a loyal conservatives who voted for him since they suspicion that he would order their agenda. And so far, they haven’t gotten anything petrify over judges. No dissolution of Obamacare, no wall. What will they do in Nov of ’18? Will they be vexed and reduction eager and stay home? Those are a kinds of things we’re watchful for.

WERTHEIMER: Well, maybe something that tells us – that hints during what’s forward – is that there are some Republicans who are determining not to run again.

LIASSON: Yes. So far, we have 3 Republicans who’ve motionless to retire. A lot of times, retirements are like canaries in a spark mine. They uncover that a celebration is shaken about their prospects, and they don’t wish to run again. So a large doubt is, are these 3 retirements going to open a floodgates and uncover that Republicans are unequivocally concerned about losing their infancy in 2018?

WERTHEIMER: NPR’s Mara Liasson, appreciate we unequivocally much.

LIASSON: Thank you.


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