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Weekend: The Asia Project comes to Findlay

ASIA SAMSON, right, and Jollan Aurelio move communication to life as The Asia Project. The oral word communication twin will move their talents to a University of Findlay’s Alumni Memorial Union Mar 23 as partial of a Music Bach’s unison series. (Photo provided)

Asia Samson never suspicion that oral word communication would be his calling, though a oral word artist incited his adore of communication into a remunerative career.
Now, Samson tours with his brother-in-law, Jollan Aurelio, and together they are The Asia Project. Combining Samson’s difference with Aurelio’s educated guitar talents, they mix communication into a uncover that is inspirational and moving. They perform during an normal of 150 colleges a year, delivering about 500 performances total.
The Asia Project will come to a University of Findlay Mar 23 as partial of a Music Bach’s unison series. The giveaway open unison will take place in a Alumni Memorial Union’s atrium from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
Samson’s difference yield an honest commemorative to his life. The Florida native’s ability to mix amusement and impulse while inspiring suspicion and self-reflection has won him a following, delivering shows to groups as tiny as 3 to crowds as large as 3,000.
His art is partly shabby by a life-altering diagnosis of testicular cancer in 2006 that temporarily put his communication career during a standstill. While improving from surgery, he done a vouch that if he survived, he would no longer take his life for granted.
Since violence cancer, Samson has been featured on Russell Simmons’ “HBO Def Poetry,” was named APCA Performer of a Year, and a APCA College Spoken Word Artist of a Year for a third year in a quarrel by a Association of a Promotion of Campus Activities. He has also taken initial place during a 2008 Southern Fried Poetry Slam championships and has achieved with low-pitched artists such as Mos Def, Jill Scott, DMX, and Dead Prez, and now hosts Mello Mondays, an open mic venue.
The Asia Project has several projects in prolongation that are set to recover by a finish of a year:
• “As we Am” is a one-man museum prolongation that takes a assembly by Samson’s life. Sometimes comical, it’s a story of a immature male entrance to grips with life’s trials and tribulations as he deals with his parent’s divorce, mixed relationships, anticipating a suggestive career and battling cancer.
• “3000 or 3,” a documentary, takes a assembly on a highway with The Asia Project as they transport to hundreds of colleges via a country. This film will underline a life of furloughed artists perplexing to make a highway their home while doing a work they love. It will also embody several performances to give a assembly an unprejudiced demeanour during what it’s unequivocally like to be a furloughed act and because it’s not as glamorous as people might think.
• “Awakening” is a novel in swell that follows a genocide of Samson’s sister. The book will take readers into a lives of his family during a week of his sister’s medicine and black death. In it, he bears to declare to a energy of a family entrance together in a midst of a crisis.
Music Bach’s Concert Series is sponsored and hosted by Student Activities Board. For additional information, call 419-434-4606.



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