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Westworld Season 2 Trailer Reveals New Worlds and Twisted Games

After a Super Bowl tease, an elaborate immersive experience, and a twisty online game, HBO has finally premiered a full trailer for Westworld’s puzzling second season. If you’d cite to take all during face value (though where’s a fun of that in Westworld?), afterwards go forward and soak adult a overwhelming visuals, meaningful voice-over, and a cover of Nirvana’s “Heart-Shaped Box” we told we was entrance behind in February.

But if you’re meddlesome in forgetful a small bigger, darling, afterwards we have some delicious clues about a array co-created by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy here. Let’s mangle it down by character, shall we?

Maeve: Everyone’s favorite tavern dame eschewed leisure in sequence to lapse to a park and find her daughter during a finish of final season. This seems like it competence still be her primary goal in Season 2. In a trailer, Simon Quarterman’s Lee Sizemore appears to tell Maeve that a daughter of her flashbacks has been “re-programmed” and is not “real.” This does not deter Maeve one bit, and it’s probable that a hunt for her daughter is what brings her to one of a park’s newly-revealed attractions: a Japanese anticipation called “Shogun World.”

It’s puzzled Maeve will find accurately what she’s looking for; elsewhere in a trailer, we see her drawn divided from a intensity office of her daughter and into whatever kind of malicious ransom devise Dolores has cooking. Maeve does not demeanour wholly peaceful with Dolores’s blood-soaked revolution.

Logan and William: If you’ve been following a graduation for Season 2 closely, afterwards we already know that Ben Barnes as Logan and Jimmi Simpson as William were slated to return. We’ll see, around flashback, how William went from a wide-eyed trusting of a past to a vicious Ed Harris chronicle we accommodate in a present. From a trailer, it looks like Logan and William will spend during slightest some of that story line still during fight with any other over what happened in a park . . .

. . . with Dolores stranded in a middle. We see a flashback chronicle of Dolores in complicated dress, putting on her garments after what looks like an carnal night with Logan. (You can see Barnes still snoozing in a bed.)

We can also see William entrance to presumably angrily confront her in a identical setting. Whether this takes place in a rumored third “World” (possibly “Future World”) that is a high-tech complicated fantasy, or out of a park wholly and in a “real” world, stays to be seen.

But many distressing of all for lovers of a Dolores and William narrative, we see immature William opposed her in her exposed horde form in a Delos labs. That’s going to be 9 kinds of worried and harrowing as a jilted (in his mind), sour William works by his anger.

It also looks like immature William competence presumably go behind into Westworld during slightest one some-more time—though we know he’ll finish adult roving by several times—with Dolores in a purpose of a villain. We see her melancholy someone that looks an awful lot like him. (You can’t skip that hair, right?) So maybe he suspicion he could get over Dolores by creation her be vicious to him—or maybe this is only another enthusiast in a park about to accommodate a gruesome finish during Dolores’s hand.

But one final thing on these dual Delos executives before we lapse to their A.I. creations. If William wants to get behind during Logan, he appears to have an fan in new Season 2 impression James Delos (Peter Mullan), who is expected both a owner of a association and Logan’s father. You can see him walking divided from his son (?) in clear disgust.

Dolores: It looks like Season 2 will still work in mixed temporalities. We should see both Dolores’s flashback scenes with Logan and William and her even progressing one-on-one flashback conversations with a genuine Arnold, not to be confused with his host doppelgänger, Bernard. But, hey, this is a Nolan family production. After examination Inception, Interstellar, Memento, Dunkirk, etc., did we unequivocally design a timeline to straighten out in Season 2?

While Dolores plays a trusting for Arnold in a initial timeline, and is a plant of William and Logan’s sparse squabbles in another, we’ll see her go full righteous, avenging angel in a complicated plot. Look on her physique count and despair.

Bernard: For all of Dolores’s series and Maeve’s bullish quest, it looks like, for now, Bernard is a horde still in office of peace. We see him appearing to work frankly with Luke Hemsworth’s Ashley Stubbs (head of confidence in a park and really not dead!) and Tessa Thompson’s Charlotte Hale (hard-nosed Delos house member) to potentially lane and stop Dolores on her goal of genocide and destruction.

Will they attain in interlude her? Well, we wouldn’t gamble any income on it. But in one of a trailer’s many overwhelming visuals, we do see Hale expose an whole behind catalog of Bernard hosts in a low freeze.

Well, that’s adequate to make even a many peaceful horde cocktail off.

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