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‘Westworld’ Team Defends Its Use of Rape and Violence Against Women

Producers of HBO’s rarely expected and twice-delayed Westworld used their time in front of a press Saturday during a Television Critics Association to urge a show’s assault opposite women and description of rape.

The topic, that rattled new HBO programming arch Casey Bloys during his morning session, took core theatre after critics screened a initial dual episodes of HBO’s stirring play Westworld. The opening stage facilities a realistic womanlike android (played by Evan Rachel Wood) being dragged off-screen (by her hair) to be raped off-screen by a knave of sorts called a Man in Black (portrayed by Ed Harris). (The trailer that recently aired on HBO featured an orgy scene that was cut before it was unspooled on YouTube.)

“It was really something that was heavily discussed and deliberate as we worked on those scenes,” showrunner Lisa Joy said. “Westworld is an hearing of tellurian nature. The best tools of tellurian inlet — consanguine love, regretful love, anticipating oneself — though also a basement for tools of tellurian inlet —violence and passionate violence. Violence and passionate assault have been a fact of tellurian story given a beginning. There’s something about us — thankfully not a infancy of us — though there are people who have intent in assault and who are victims of violence.” 

“When we were rebellious a plan about a park with grounds where we can come there and do whatever enterprise we wish with parole and though consequence, it seemed like an emanate we had to address,” she continued. “In addressing it, there’s a lot of meditative that goes into it. Sexual assault is an emanate we take seriously; it’s unusually unfortunate and horrifying. And in a portrayal, we endeavored for it to not be about a fetishization of those acts. It’s about exploring a crime, substantiating a crime and a torture of a characters within this story and exploring their stories hopefully with grace and abyss and that’s what what we endeavored to do.”

HBO has a lot roving on Westworld. With a end in steer of HBO’s stream ratings champion Game of Thrones, the reward cabler has high-hopes that a pricey Westworld will assistance fill a vicious and viewership for when a George R.R. Martin instrumentation signs off after deteriorate eight.  


“The indicate in Westworld is they’re robots,” Bloys pronounced progressing in a day while also addressing a passionate assault opposite women decorated in Game of Thrones. “How we provide a drudge with human-like qualities? Is that contemplative of how we would provide a human? It’s a small bit opposite than Game of Thrones, where it is human-on-human violence. But to your incomparable point: Is it something we consider about? Yeah, we consider a critique is valid. we consider it’s something that people take into account. It’s not something we’re wanting to prominence or perplexing to highlight, though we consider a critique is indicate taken on it.”

The desirous play stars Anthony Hopkins as a conduct of an ultra-realistic entertainment park where visitors come to live out their many vast desires. It is formed on Michael Crichton’s 1973 film of a same name. Westworld, that HBO announced will premiere Oct. 2, was creatively eyed to entrance in 2015 and has been a theme of swirling rumors about a disorderly routine that enclosed mixed prolongation delays.

For his part, co-showrunner Jonathan Nolan remarkable that Westworld is an “examination of tellurian inlet from dual opposite directions” — fake hosts and a tellurian guests, and a scientists behind pronounced universe. Joy reiterated that a series, distinct a movie, is no longer formed on scholarship novella though is now some-more like “science fact” given that scientists are now operative on formulating synthetic comprehension machines. “They’re a product of a inputs, a produt of how we designed them — good and bad,” Joy said. “They’re a thoughtfulness of us. And there’s a probability of tellurian blunder … they can infrequently take on their possess course.”

Executive constructed by Nolan (Person of Interest), Joy, J.J. Abrams, a late Jerry Weintraub and Bryan Burk, Westworld features an all-star expel — many of whom can play totally opposite characters, interjection to a show’s robot-filled amusement-park concept. Sources tell THR that a show’s androids, played by castmembers including James Marsden, Wood and Thandie Newton, can be killed off and lapse with totally opposite personas, permitting actors to play many characters within one deteriorate and a life of a show. That artistic device, one tip talent representative said, helped HBO attract a premier cast, that also includes Jeffrey Wright. And distinct a actors on such anthology array as FX’s American Horror Story and HBO’s own True Detective, that reboot themselves each season, a expel of Westworld is signing multiyear deals.


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