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What caused Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 disaster? We’ll know some-more Tuesday

THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) — The Dutch Safety Board is edition a final news Tuesday into what caused Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 to mangle adult high over Eastern Ukraine final year, murdering all 298 people on board.

A rough news released final year pronounced a Boeing 777 drifting from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur approaching was strike by mixed “high-energy objects from outward a aircraft,” fueling widespread conjecture that it was downed by a surface-to-air missile, approaching a Russian SA-11 complement famous as a Buk.

Western authorities have forked censure during Russian-backed separatist rebels who were fighting Ukrainian supervision army in a area where disadvantage plunged to earth on Jul 17, 2014. Russia has denied that and blamed a Ukrainian forces, who also denied downing a plane.

What will Tuesday’s news say?

The news has set out to residence 4 pivotal questions: What caused a crash? Why was a craft — and others — drifting over a segment in a throes of a aroused separatist conflict? Why did it take adult to 4 days for some kin of a victims to accept central acknowledgment their desired ones were on a flight? To what border were passengers and organisation wakeful of what was happening? Investigators also will arrangement a reformation of a front territory of a plane, pieced together from disadvantage recovered from a pile-up site.

What will Tuesday’s news not say?

It will not directly residence who was responsible. The Dutch Safety Board has regularly stressed that a goal is not to dispense blame. So even if, as widely expected, it confirms that a craft was blown out of a sky by a Buk missile, it will not categorically censure any chairman or organisation for banishment it.

Will lamentation families and the open ever get to know who is to blame?

A apart general rapist review is underway that aims to answer that question. The team, led by Dutch prosecutors, says a speculation that a craft was downed by a Buk barb is a many approaching scenario, though has combined that it has not ruled out other probable causes. In August, prosecutors announced they are questioning several fragments “possibly imagining from a Buk” barb system. The probable barb waste was recovered from a pile-up site in Ukraine. The rapist review is approaching to continue into subsequent year before reaching a conclusions.

If suspects are identified, where will they face justice?

That essential doubt stays unanswered. Countries whose adults were killed, including a Netherlands, Malaysia and Australia, wish to set adult an general judiciary to prosecute any suspects. Russia vetoed a pierce progressing this year during a United Nations Security Council. Ukraine’s unfamiliar apportion pronounced in Jul that a uninformed try would approaching be done to settle a judiciary once a final news is published.

What are families of victims expecting?

Silene Fredriksz-Hoogzand, whose son Bryce and his partner Daisy Oehlers were killed, fears a Safety Board conclusions will tumble brief of providing a decisive answers she wants to hear.

“What we think is that they will say: ‘Highly approaching this or that.’ For me, that’s not an answer,” she said.

Article source: http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2015/10/12/what-caused-mh17-disaster/73808502/


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