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What Happens After a ‘Guardians of a Galaxy’ Story Ends?

Guardians of a Galaxy Vol. 2 is still weeks divided from release, though Marvel Studios is already looking past that and formulation on who and what will be drifting around in space past 2020. In fact, Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige seems to already have some skeleton in mind. Or, during least, some people.

“I consider James [Gunn] in sold has an extraordinary tie with these characters and with this immeasurable world,” Feige told reporters about a destiny of a Guardians executive with Marvel. “So he, we think, could simply manage additional stories beyond Vol. 3.” Gunn, for his part, has said that Vol. 3 “will interpretation a story of this iteration of a Guardians of a Galaxy.” So, usually that other Marvel characters competence cocktail adult in destiny Marvel/Gunn immeasurable stories?

While a infancy of Marvel’s stories take place on Earth — and, indeed, in New York City — there’s a immeasurable library of interstellar characters and concepts to lift from, even including a fact that many of a best Marvel comics characters from space are tied adult with other studios already. (The Starjammers, a organisation of space pirates, go to a X-Men mythology; Galactus and a Silver Surfer, meanwhile, are Fantastic Four-related, and therefore all of them go to Fox.) Here are usually 5 possibilities of characters that would be good choices to pull from:


Movie audiences have already seen a Nova Corps onscreen in a initial Guardians of a Galaxy movie; they’re a intergalactic cops led by Glenn Close. In comic book mythology, teen Rich Ryder ends adult removing inducted into a classification and has to juggle both high propagandize and gripping a assent with immeasurable powers — like Spider-Man though with some-more energy and distant some-more responsibility. Decades later, a new Nova, Sam Alexander, ends adult holding on a layer after finding that his absent father was a member of a Nova Corps for years. Either one offers a intensity for a manly brew of soap show and space superheroics.


There have been mixed versions of a Quasar impression via a decades — a many permanent being Wendell Vaughan, a mild-mannered SHIELD representative who incidentally becomes a guardian of a star after regulating visionary inclination called Quantum Bands — though a apparent one Marvel should move to a large shade is Phyla-Vell, a daughter of Marvel’s initial Captain Marvel, and a lady with a chip on her shoulder about vital adult to a bequest of a good hero. As if a guarantee of some-more stories traffic with a character’s daddy issues isn’t enough, there’s also a fact that Phyla-Vell is a lesbian, assisting Marvel with a film farrago deficiency.


The organisation that fabricated after a (temporary) finish of a Guardians of a Galaxy, a Annihilators were a rope of demure warriors from opposite visitor races firm by a enterprise to do good and small else; distinct a Guardians, however, this organisation is distant some-more powerful, and usually comes together when something of suitable scale final it. Think of them as a outer-space Avengers, usually traffic with extinction-level events instead of Ultron or in-fighting about either or not to pointer registration acts.

Star Brand

As a name competence suggest, a Star Brand is reduction a chairman than an object. Specifically, it’s a puzzling symbol that grants a resident ultimate power, nonetheless they competence not comprehend it during a time. The Star Brand’s energy is singular usually by a imagination of a chairman wearing it, so that they can literally do whatever they can consider of — as prolonged as they believe that they can do it. Forget Doctor Strange; this is a Marvel skill that offers intensity for existential, genre-breaking stories… as prolonged as Marvel believes that it can make them, of course.

The Enigma Force

The name is a misnomer; a organisation now called a Enigma Force is a stream incarnation of a judgment that started as Marvel’s Micronauts series, retitled when Marvel mislaid a rights to that sold fondle brand. The simple standing quo stays underneath Marvel control, however, charity a probability to revisit a sub-atomic dimension — with a intensity Ant-Man tie-in, if he chooses to cringe that most — where a galactic epic unfolds that plays like Star Wars meets Dune, with a side sequence of general alteration and toyetic designs, holding place on a collection of planets that looks like a DNA strand.

Guardians of a Galaxy Vol. 2

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