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What Happens When Politicians Who Oversee Elections Are Also a Candidates?

Mr. Kemp’s debate deserted any such avowal and pronounced that Ms. Abrams would “stop during zero to criticise democracy and try to take this election.”

Both Mr. Kemp and Mr. Scott still reason slight leads, though a debate that has swirled in a issue of both elections highlights how small open accord there is about what, or how much, a claimant who already binds open bureau should contend when an choosing is in dispute.

Many domestic strategists, indeed, have doubts about either such open statements in a issue of voting are even useful.

Joseph I. Lieberman, a Democratic hopeful for clamp boss in 2000, suggested that any open posturing by domestic campaigns had usually singular influence.

“The many critical decisions, we think, are a authorised decisions,” Mr. Lieberman said. “I overtly don’t know what effect, if any, on a outcome of this relate that possibilities vocalization out will have, though it substantially will impact a suggestion of their supporters.”

Marc Racicot, who was a Republican administrator of Montana who spoke frequently on interest of a George W. Bush debate during Florida’s scandalous 2000 recount, pronounced he urged possibilities to remember that their difference during choosing deteriorate would be remembered during their successive years as lawmakers.

“I’d try to advise all of them, Republican or Democrat, to stay focused on a kinds of things we wish to vaunt if you’re eventually selected as a claimant to turn a officeholder,” he said. “If everybody starts undermining certainty in supervision from a really beginning, it doesn’t offer us good in a short-run or a long-run.”

Article source: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/11/14/us/florida-georgia-scott-kemp.html