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What is Jack Whitehall’s new Netflix uncover Travels With My Father all about?

With a enticement of mining humour from cross-generational dispute and an all losses paid outing too honeyed to pass up, Britain welcomes nonetheless another “comedian and his primogenitor go on a trip” series.

But, rather than holding his mom on a highway outing opposite America – both Ramesh Ranganathan and Russell Howard did final year, so, we know, it’s been done – comedian Jack Whitehall has taken his father Michael on a debate of south-east Asia for a six-episode Netflix special.

Find out everything we need to know about Jack Whitehall: Travels With My Father below.

When is Jack Whitehall: Travels with my Father expelled on Netflix?

Six half-hour episodes of Jack Whitehall’s new array will be expelled on a streaming use on Friday 22 September.

Who is Michael Whitehall?

Jack’s 77-year-old father is good tuned in to his son’s shtick, and a party attention in general. On tip of being a former talent representative and writer who has represented a likes of Colin Firth and Judi Dench, Michael has also done appearances on Countdown, John Bishop’s Britain and ephemeral row uncover Alexander Armstrong’s Big Ask. Tellingly, he has hold a Twitter comment given 2010.

In 2013, Jack told a Guardian that his father is a funniest chairman he knows. “He uses humour in a unequivocally disarming way. I’ve seen how people suffer his association and have always envied that, and have wanted to aspire to that.”

He knows it, too. “I wouldn’t wish we quoting me floating my own trumpet like this, though a lot of people do contend to me, ‘You’re a funniest male I’ve ever met.’ Yes, we do make an bid to be amusing,” he said, during a same interview.

Why has Jack Whitehall taken his father on a backpacking holiday?

There are a few reasons – as we might have noticed, it’s a renouned format nowadays. But distinct their predecessors, Jack and Michael are already an determined double act, carrying formerly collaborated on speak uncover Backchat. They’ve also co-authored a book called Him Me, a winning Christmas stocking-filler from 2014.

The grounds is that Jack never got to go on a opening year (the bad thing), so he’s doing it now, and holding his posh, crotchety father with him.

As Jack explains in a trailer, Michael is “very bad with unfamiliar people” – so design copiousness of awkward, softly culturally-insensitive conversations.

Drinking tea out of a bucket. Michael Whitehall unequivocally embracing Thailand.

A post common by Jack Whitehall (@jackwhitehall) on Mar 3, 2017 during 2:08am PST

Where did they go?

It’s not a many endless debate of south easterly Asia you’re expected to see. The initial dual episodes are primarily set in Bangkok – with a discerning stop-off during The Bridge Over The River Kwai – while a third sees them streamer to Phuket for a Full Moon Party and to Phang Nga, a beach where Goldfinger was filmed. They fist Cambodia and Vietnam into a final three.

Is it any good?

Without violation any new ground, a dual Whitehalls have cranked out a morally interesting uncover here. With most of a humour entrance from Michael’s rejection to adjust – he is 77, after all – Jack Whitehall’s standard posh-boy shtick is rather sidelined. At times, however, scenes that feel orchestrated move us behind to existence with a thud, reminding us that these are dual seasoned attention pros. Still, if we are a fan of a genre, we won’t be disappointed.

Jack Whitehall: Travels With My Father arrives on Netflix on Friday 22nd September

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