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What to design during Google I/O 2015

Google talks a lot. Unlike Apple, that radically speaks by a public-facing product events that take place a few times a year, Google tends to announce updates to a products, along with new ones, with arguable regularity.

Nonetheless, Google customarily saves many of a best things for Google I/O, a annual developer conference, that starts Thursday morning. Last year, it used a eventuality to betray Android TV, Android Auto and Android Lollipop (then only called “L”). It was also a launchpad for Android Wear.

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That’s a sincerely tough act to follow, yet not scarcely as many as a dual I/O’s previous, one of that saw CEO Larry Page freestyle a QA session with developers while a other featured a spectacular skydiving stunt to hype Google Glass.

Google appears to have schooled from those experiences, however, and even after certified a Glass attempt finished adult working opposite a product. As such, final year it scaled behind a theatrics and took heedfulness to keep a review developer-focused.

Expect a identical proceed this year, yet with a caveat: Android and Google’s cloud services are flattering mature. Google enters I/O 2015 with adequate self-awareness to know that a many engaging things it’s doing are desirous projects like Project Ara and whatever Google X moonshot it happens to be focusing on.

That’s not to indicate that those groups will have a vital participation during I/O, yet they will share a spotlight during pivotal times, reminding a universe that, among all a program updates and new services and open APIs that Google is unequivocally perplexing to change a universe here.

Android M


Image: Mashable, Pete Pachal

We know Google will be articulate about Android M given it pronounced so. That is, it pronounced so before a anxiety to a subsequent chronicle of Android was private from a central Google I/O schedule.

There will unequivocally be many new features, yet let’s get to a critical question: What dessert will “M” mount for? Marshmallow? Maple Walnut Fudge? A co-branding with MMs? A new gossip says it’ll be Macadamia Nut Cookie, that we wish is false. In any case, we substantially won’t know for a few months given Google I/O will approaching merely uncover a developer preview of Android M, not an central release.

Android M is rumored to embody many new abilities, yet a one that will substantially impact a many users is improved battery management. The new program is pronounced to use plcae and RAM some-more efficiently, earning behind changed mins of life for your phone.

Another large approaching underline is platform-wide support of password-free ID authentication, that would make it easier for manufacturers to build fingerprint sensors into inclination (Samsung and a few others already have them, yet they build a APIs themselves). Such a concentration on confidence dovetails simply with a some-more workplace-focused side to Android, that is a theme of one of a sessions during I/O.

Android of Things

The Internet of Things — that is mostly synonymous with smart-home gadgets — is on everyone’s agenda, from Facebook to Microsoft to Apple. Google has been strangely wordless on a theme given appropriation Nest final year, yet this week could see a grave phenomenon of a company’s IoT platform, said to be called Brillo. It’s ostensible to be concordant with Nest, yet isn’t rigourously a partial of that division.

Android Pay

Just like Android TV succeeded Google TV, presumably “getting it right” during last, Android Pay will be a proper, improved inheritor to Google Wallet. At slightest that’s how it will be interpreted, even yet Google’s Sundar Pichai pronounced progressing this year that a services will co-exist. It creates a lot of clarity — Google Wallet has struggled to benefit traction and is removing left in a dirt by Apple Pay — and Google I/O is a ideal venue for a grave launch.

Google competence be means to make Android Pay mount out if it offers an API that lets developers simply supplement a mobile-payment choice to their apps. That way, merchants could incorporate faithfulness cards into payments, a underline Apple Pay still lacks.

New hardware

Android Wear

Google’s hardware isn’t on a semi-regular report like Apple’s, yet we’re due for some new toys. For starters, a Chromecast has been a same dongle ever given it debuted in 2013, so it’s substantially time for an update.

Scuttlebut says there won’t be a new Nexus inscription during I/O, and substantially not phones either, even yet it’s presumably operative on a integrate of releases later in a year.

The area of wearables, however, will be quite active. The new Android Wear update, that is still rolling out, is approaching preceding a large call of smartwatches. There’s even a gossip Android Wear competence start supporting iOS, yet don’t count on it.

Google also done transparent a seductiveness in VR with a cheap, uncanny and constrained Cardboard final year. This time we design a some-more critical square of hardware that shows a joining to a field, presumably a blow-your-socks-off wearable betrothed during a special session.

Anyone awaiting a subsequent chronicle of Google Glass will be disappointed, however. That plan has radically “gone behind to formula” underneath a new care of Nest’s Tony Fadell, and it substantially won’t rigourously re-launch for some time.

The finish of Google+

This has been function for a while. For over a year Google has been solemnly dismantling Google+, spinning off services and de-emphasizing a brand. At I/O, Google is approaching to make one of a final moves in dissolving G+ by separating a dual categorical products, Photos and Streams.

Photos is one of a improved services to come out of Google+, yet there’s no longer any reason to keep it tethered to a amicable network, and it unequivocally deserves a possess app on iOS (it’s already on Android). And Streams lets a colourful G+ communities continue a conversations they’ve started.

It’s win-win… unless a idea was to go after Facebook. Cut that way, it’s a final surrender. The Google+ code substantially won’t be rigourously sunsetted, yet it’ll be irrelevant and equivocal incomprehensible going forward, so it frequency matters.

The fun part

Project Ara

Image: Mashable, Karissa Bell

Google’s Advanced Technology And Projects multiplication is headlining one of a many anticipated sessions of Google I/O 2015. Other than a aforementioned socks-destroying wearable, it’ll have updates on Project Ara’s modular phones, 3D imaging (Tango) and even a brief film from Furious 7 executive Justin Lin. Buckle up.

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