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What to design from this year’s Mobile World Congress


Samsung’s MWC announcements are customarily easy to guess. This year we’re unequivocally removing a initial demeanour during a Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. Don’t design a thespian redesign of final year’s S6/S6 Edge formula, though, given a originals were (for a many part) unequivocally good received. This year is all about refinement, and if all these leaked photos are to be believed, they’re twin large inclination with winding backs like a Note 5. Curiously, it seems like a Edge competence be physically bigger than a unchanging S7, nonetheless both are rumored to underline possibly a Snapdragon 820 or Samsung Exynos chip depending on a market.

More importantly, rumors advise that Samsung has been listening to all of a feedback. These next-generation Galaxys are approaching to be IP68 water-resistant and move behind a microSD label slots that were particularly absent on final year’s models. The one intensity downside is that Samsung has reportedly left with a 12-megapixel behind camera sensor instead of a 16-megapixel procedure used in a S6. Rumor has it that a sensor comes with an f/1.7 orifice lens, though, so low-light opening could be most improved.


While Samsung’s news gets leaked to ruin and back, LG takes a opposite approach: It usually goes forward and drops some news in a weeks heading adult to a show. So far, we know that a LG G5 will have an always-on display (you know, like smartwatches) and can play good with some new touch-enabled flip cases. Oh, and Qualcomm fundamentally reliable on Twitter that a new octa-core Snapdragon 820 chipset will energy a G5. Surprise, surprise.

That’s not to contend LG is defence to leaks. Some intriguing reports indicate to a G5 carrying a “magic slot” for additional hardware, including an extended battery and what appears to be a hold with physical camera controls. Further reports explain a phone will have a steel body, a fingerprint reader and a 5.6-inch arrangement (likely with Quad HD resolution, a same as a G4). Could this be a year that LG gives Samsung what for? Considering a rough year Sammy had, maybe.

It also seems that LG Pay — an peculiar steep of a mobile remuneration complement that involves a concept credit/debit label — won’t make an coming during a show. Bummer. But we will, however, get a closer demeanour during a recently announced LG X Cam and X Screen. No, we don’t know what LG was smoking when they came adult with those names either.


Sony will be hosting a press discussion this week, yet so distant a association has finished a good pursuit gripping a details underneath wraps. The Xperia Z5 family is still uninformed in people’s minds so we’re not terribly confident there’ll be new smartphones. That said, Sony tends to uncover off new tablets in Spain, too. All told, notwithstanding a company’s huge distance (making it a bigger aim for leaks), we’re arrange of still in a dim about a Sony’s plans. With any luck, we’ll see a association showcase a uninformed Android Wear smartwatch, and we can’t consider of any other association (besides Samsung and HTC, anyway) in a improved position to assistance practical existence go mainstream.


The gossip indent has been churning out reports that HTC will betray a supplement to final year’s M9 flagship called — what else? — a M10. If a leaks are anything to go by, it bears some visible similarities with a iPhone-esque One A9, yet don’t design to hear too most about this from a uncover floor. HTC isn’t holding a prevalent press discussion this year, yet a news from a Japanese blog claims we will finally learn the price of a Vive VR headset.


This Chinese hulk has upped a diversion in a large approach over a final year: It had a palm in crafting a much-loved Nexus 6P and afterwards showed off a new flagship Mate 8 during CES final month. Even so, Huawei seems to scheming a supplement to a high-end P8 — a P9, naturally — with a steel body, winding arrangement and a extraordinary dual-lens camera. It’s also pronounced to underline some of a same specs as a Mate 8, including a illusory fingerprint reader and a Kirin 950 chipset, despite with a smaller, 5.2-inch display. Still, one phone isn’t adequate to aver an whole press conference, so we’ll keep a eyes peeled for more.

Motorola and Lenovo

Or “Lenovomoto,” if we prefer. Lenovo is a buttress during MWC and it’s expected to uncover off during slightest one new smartphone (as evidenced by this chatter from Lenovo India). Right now, it seems like a device’s biggest offered points are a steel physique and twin speakers. If AndroidCentral’s hunch is right, we’re indeed looking during an general chronicle of a Lemon 3, a flattering darned strong smartphone with a 5-inch 1080p screen, Snapdragon 616 chip, 2GB of RAM and a 13-megapixel camera.

Not too shabby, generally given it sells for underneath $150 in a company’s local China. And given this is Lenovo we’re articulate about, we’d be repelled if it didn’t have some tablets to uncover off too. Motorola, on a other hand, has been extremely quiet. We’re not counting on a Lenovo auxiliary to uncover off any new smartphones, yet Moto boss Rick Osterloh will be around to give us a improved clarity of what a destiny looks like.


Chinese pretender Xiaomi is gearing adult for a initial vital outing to MWC, where it will deliver us to a new Mi 5 smartphone. We know for certain that a Mi 5 will stone one of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 chips (yes, Qualcomm is genuine leader in all of this), while rumors advise it’ll have a 5.2-inch display, Quad HD shade and 16-megapixel camera that shoots 4K video. What’s unequivocally sparkling here is what a participation in Barcelona means: Could we finally see Xiaomi phones go global? We can usually hope, yet there’s unequivocally no improved theatre for it.


Last year during MWC, BlackBerry CEO John Chen showed off a unequivocally early chronicle of what would turn a BlackBerry Priv. If we’re lucky, Chen competence take a event this year to strictly betray nonetheless another rumored smartphone: a Android-powered BlackBerry Vienna. If a rumors vessel out, a Vienna will be a approach for BlackBerry fans to knowledge Android for significantly reduction than what a Priv costs and with a earthy QWERTY keyboard, to boot. On a other hand, those attending might usually be in for another oration about how good BlackBerry confidence is (though we unequivocally wish not).


Apple never shows adult during MWC, yet I’m peaceful to gamble that a association chooses that week to emanate invitations to a rumored March event. Last year, invites went out while HTC was display us a One M9, so we wouldn’t be astounded if Apple once again went out of a approach to take some a rivals’ thunder.

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