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What to make of a rare Osweiler trade

9:42 PM ET

The Cleveland Browns and Houston Texans finished a overwhelming trade Thursday, and it competence be one of a singular moves in that both teams win. Houston strike a reset symbol on their catastrophic preference to pointer Brock Osweiler final offseason, promulgation a embattled quarterback to Cleveland along with a 2017 sixth-round collect and a second-rounder in a 2018 breeze for a 2017 fourth-rounder. If a math seems off to you, well, you’re not going crazy: A second-rounder is value some-more than a fourth-rounder. The discuss over how many a second-round collect is value in a opening competence be what ends adult determining possibly this trade was a good idea.

In December, we suggested a Browns make this accurate arrange of trade with a Texans in what radically amounted to shopping a breeze pick. we won’t fake that we approaching it to indeed happen. While this arrange of income dump is common in other sports, there’s never unequivocally been an NFL understanding that was as nakedly about removing absolved of a contractual albatross as this one.

With a understanding as obscure and singular as this one, there are copiousness of questions to ask. Let’s get to a pivotal ones and figure out since this finished clarity for both parties.

Why did a Texans make this trade?

The usually proceed for a Texans to get Osweiler off of their books before a 2018 deteriorate was by a trade. Osweiler’s $16 million bottom income for 2017 was entirely guaranteed, definition a Texans would be forced to compensate Osweiler both $16 million in income and allot him $16 million of their top space, regardless of possibly Osweiler was on their register or released. Since bottom salaries send over to another group in a box of a trade, a Texans would usually get income service if another group wanted to acquire Osweiler and compensate a QB that $16 million instead.

Naturally, nobody wants to compensate a extravagantly frustrating Osweiler $16 million in 2017, including a Texans. So, if Houston wanted to transparent out top room to make a run during Tony Romo, they indispensable to pacify a pot and make Osweiler partial of a some-more compelled package. Draft picks are a easiest proceed to do that, that is since they sent out some-more in picks than they received.

Why did a Browns make this trade?

The Browns adore breeze picks. The immeasurable infancy of decisions a Browns have finished given employing Paul DePodesta as arch plan officer and compelling Sashi Brown to ubiquitous manager have been about appropriation some-more breeze picks. While this is rightly compared as an analytics tenet, aggregation breeze picks during a commencement of a reconstruct is frequency some new nerd concept. Jimmy Johnson gathered breeze picks as he rebuilt a Cowboys in a late 1980s and early 90s, many particularly in a Herschel Walker trade. Ted Thompson stockpiled picks as he incited over a Packers roster. Bill Belichick trades for some-more breeze picks than anybody else in football. You get a idea.

The Browns have been some-more apparent about their seductiveness in picks than even those teams, and they’ve clearly placed value on targeting destiny selections. They regularly traded down and/or for destiny selections during final year’s breeze and let useful giveaway agents like Mitchell Schwartz and Tashaun Gipson leave while grabbing saving selections. While they used one of their selections to acquire Jamie Collins from a Patriots, a Browns entered a day with dual first-rounders, dual second-rounders and dual fourth-rounders in this year’s breeze and had dual second-rounders and dual fourth-rounders in a 2018 draft. Here’s where they mount now:


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