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What We Know About a Lives of Bashar al-Assad and His Family


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Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s trip to Russia Tuesday noted his initial famous travels outward his nation given a polite fight began in 2011. Assad’s family also appears to have remained in a country’s collateral for a past half decade.

The outing to Moscow, reportedly during a invitation of Russian President Vladimir Putin, outlines a uncover of strength for Assad. In further to display his ties to a absolute ally, Assad’s pierce demonstrates that he doesn’t fear his supervision will be dismissed in his brief yet important absence.

The family is apparently formed in a capital, Damascus, that stays comparatively inexperienced by a assault that has raged in a eastern tools of a country. But a presidential palace, that was reported to cost adult to $1 billion and sits atop a mountain outward a city, reportedly serves essentially as a workplace. Assad and his family live “elsewhere,” according to a Daily Telegraph talk conducted in a palace’s guest residence in February. It’s misleading how mostly a residence is used, author Jeremy Bowen reports:

The marble guest residence is built in a character of a tiny hotel; a library leads off a executive majlis, or sitting area, with maybe 30 armchairs. The fountains during a corners of a majlis were dry when we visited on 8 February. It felt as if a place had been non-stop adult for a benefit.

As for Assad’s mother Asma, she has not been a unchanging participation on a tellurian theatre given 2011, when a argumentative Vogue form entitled “A Rose In a Desert ” described a British-born 40-year-old as “glamorous, young, and really chic.” (Vogue after took a essay down from a website as a polite fight worsened). But Asma has remained manifest within a country, mostly appearing in Instagram posts perplexing to etch a clarity of normalcy in a country.

اليوم.. الطالب يزن درغام علي مع السيدة #أسماء_الأسد بعد أن دخل كلية الطب – سنة أولى.. أثناء استقبالها لطلاب مجمع لحن الحياة لرعاية الطفولة.. معهم كانت وهم أطفالاً، واستمرت إلى اليوم وهم يفتحون أبواب الحياة.. #SyrianPresidency #Syria #FirstLady #Asma #Assad #PhotooftheDay #BestoftheDay #youth #Hope #Future

A print posted by Syrian Presidency (@syrianpresidency) on Sep 29, 2015 during 10:32am PDT

Little is famous about a locale of Assad’s immature children—Karim (born 2004), Zein (2003) and Hafez (2001)—but it seems protected to assume that they’re safely hold behind a defenses of a Syrian armed forces.

Regardless of a reasons because a family might stay put, it’s misleading where else they would go. In a past, a span has trafficked by Western Europe on getaways to spots like Paris and Rome. But given a start of a polite war, a span has been criminialized from traveling in a European Union, yet Asma is technically still available to lapse to a United Kingdom, where she was born. Within a region, leaders of many other countries have small affinity for Assad, maybe aside from Iran — yet Assad has pronounced formerly that he has vacationed in Qatar.

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