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What’s Your Political DNA? Take Our Quiz

Is a republic unequivocally divided into Red and Blue?

Watching a 2016 presidential election, all signs indicate to an ever widening cove between Republicans and Democrats over issues like gun control, immigration and meridian change. But usually what creates Americans arrange themselves into regressive and magnanimous camps? Is it where we live or a cars we expostulate or a sports we watch? Is it a preparation or income? What about a amicable media habits?

Take the What’s Your Political DNA Quiz here to find out where you fall on the political spectrum.

To improved know a domestic gradations that make adult a American electorate, NBC News has combined a typology called “What’s Your Political DNA?” The information ancillary a scrutiny come from over 10,000 in-depth, systematic online surveys fielded by SurveyMonkey in Jun and Jul of 2015. The initial consult asked respondents over 50 questions; a research found that 16 of those questions were many effective in segmenting out 10 cohorts that make adult a American electorate.

America’s domestic divisions, however, are some-more difficult than usually a elementary “Red contra Blue,” and while a citizens has grown some-more partisan, many people still do not always determine with their party’s position on any issue.

We used Bayesian statistical models to systematise and specify a responses, that supposing us with an guess of where people tumble on a series of opposite dimensions, or drivers. While a dual parties might generally classify a domestic landscape, what lies underneath is a formidable and nuanced set of factors and characteristics. The 4 pivotal facilities we concentration on that structure domestic beliefs include:

  1. Lifestyle: Do a choices we make about how we live impact a politics? How opposite are people who live in vast cities from people who live in a countryside? Or those who fly a U.S. dwindle on holidays than those who don’t?
  2. Ideology: Beyond seeking people to place a tag on themselves, we examine their opinions on critical issues to assistance code a left-leaning from a right-leaning.
  3. Faith: How eremite are people in their personal lives and how many does faith impact their domestic and amicable views? How opposite are those who don’t code with any sacrament and those who attend eremite services mixed times a week?
  4. Engagement: How intent are people not usually with politics, though also with their possess community? Who are a joiners and who are a loners?

Using responses to questions from these 4 areas classify American electorate into 10 domestic types. For some-more sum on a methodology and to see a questionnaire, go here.

Into that difficulty do we fall? Here’s what any difficulty says about a members, generally:

Rock-Solid Republican

An anchor for a GOP, Rock-Solid Republicans are mostly married, mostly vital in a South, and 1 in 4 are seniors. Holding consistently regressive views on mercantile and amicable issues, a organisation scarcely zodiacally disapproves of President Obama, thinks a Supreme Court is too liberal, and overwhelmingly says a nation is headed in a wrong direction. Few Rock-Solids live in a city, nor do they wish to, preferring a tiny city or farming place to call home, with lots of space and remoteness and people around who share identical eremite beliefs. They are football fans and pickup-truck drivers. Their favorite holidays are Christmas and a Fourth of July.

Rock-Solids are a really homogenous group, mostly white and Christian, with about half attending church once a week. They’re rather politically engaged, with a third posting domestic views online and scarcely as many displaying domestic fender stickers.

Blue-Collar Conservative

Somewhat younger than a Rock-Solid Republicans, Blue-Collar Conservatives tend to live in farming and parochial settings where they can be nearby good schools and outside activities like hiking and fishing. Most arrangement a American dwindle and keep a gun in a residence – though this organisation drives SUVs some-more than pickups. Few are politically intent – arrangement instead a welfare for church and village activities such as girl groups and proffer work.

Men and women are scarcely equally represented here, compared to all other Republican groups, that askance male. Their favorite holidays are Christmas and Thanksgiving, and many like examination NASCAR.

This organisation sees problems where other conservatives don’t; they are divided 45% to 54% on possibly it’s usually a few people during a tip who are means to get forward in today’s economy or if everybody has a satisfactory chance. Nearly half cite supervision law of business to strengthen a open interest, by distant a top turn among a Republican groups. They’re struggling to stay in a core category in an economy that increasingly favors a educated: 4 in 10 have usually a high propagandize grade or less, and about half have domicile incomes underneath $75,000. A third are in jobs that need some earthy labor, and many cite a protectionist position on giveaway trade.

Urban Cowboy

Young and mostly urban, this organisation identifies with many regressive ideologies, though tends to resemble liberals in their lifestyle choices and preferences. They are a slightest expected Republican organisation to arrangement an American dwindle or to have a gun during home. They like city living. They caring reduction about entrance to outside activities, and some-more about being nearby art museums or informative activities, open transportation, and being means to travel to where they wish to go. They are one of a many opposite regressive groups, with about 3 in 10 being non-white. Among a Republican cohorts, they are a slightest expected to attend church weekly, and a many college-educated.

Urban Cowboys contend a U.S. should take a heading purpose in elucidate general conflicts. They are a many expected Republican organisation to support giveaway trade over safeguarding American industries by tying imports. They’re rather divided on government’s role, though gaunt conservative: about 7 in 10 contend supervision law does some-more mistreat than good and a slim infancy contend a supervision should foster normal values. Half contend tellurian warming is due to tellurian causes. The organisation sees America as a land of satisfactory opportunity, with 6 in 10 desiring that many people have a possibility to get ahead. They’re divided on possibly immigrants strengthen a nation or are a burden.

Urban Cowboys are tolerably intent – they are some-more expected to attend a criticism than other Republicans, though reduction expected to volunteer. They news a top Republican rate of membership in sports leagues, though a lowest rate of belonging to a church or synagogue.

Don’t Tread On Me

Those in a Don’t Tread on Me organisation are some-more regressive than a normal Republican on a series of issues. Overwhelmingly male, they are a conspirator slightest expected to be found behind a table during work, with some-more than a third observant their work involves light activity or primer labor. A infancy possess a gun privately and some-more than 8 in 10 arrangement a American flag. Half code as evangelical, and Christmas and Easter are their dual favorite holidays. They are a many expected of all cohorts to have children underneath age 18, and mostly cite farming areas with entrance to outside activities. They’re widespread opposite many of a country, with fewer in a Northeast.

The Don’t Tread on Me coterie overwhelmingly believes supervision should foster normal values and scarcely three-quarters of them support a Tea Party movement. They are a usually regressive conspirator opposite to U.S. involvement in tellurian conflicts.

An strenuous infancy (95%) consider that supervision law of business does some-more mistreat than good. This organisation also has a many impassioned views on immigration, with 86% saying immigrants as a weight on American society. More politically concerned than other regressive groups, they proffer for campaigns and attend protests or domestic rallies during aloft rates. Nearly 7 in 10 have posted domestic views online and 6 in 10 have displayed a fender plaque or grass sign.


Apoliticals lay on a sidelines of American politics. Nearly three-quarters contend they haven’t intent in domestic activities in a final 3 years. Their opinion is separate on government’s purpose in society, as good as on immigration. Somewhat some-more debate of a pursuit Barack Obama is doing as boss than approve, 57% to 44%. And reflecting their bystander outlook during a general level, two-thirds, contend a United States should not try to solve general conflicts.

Apoliticals take sitting on a sidelines seriously: 6 in 10 pronounced they had not participated in any of a list of common activities like volunteering or attending village meetings. About a same series did not go to any of a amicable or village groups listed. About a third are independent with any eremite classification or code as non-believer or agnostic. They are younger, tend to be reduction educated, and prone to live in farming and tiny city settings.

Free Agent

Free Agents are really politically engaged, posting domestic information online and attending events. Their miss of joining to possibly celebration reflects a genuine uncertainty—or ideological views that do not align with possibly group. True independents, their attitudes order on a series of issues, including how Barack Obama is doing his job. They’re separate on supervision law and possibly a quarrel opposite terrorism went too distant in infringing on individuals’ privacy. They gaunt towards supervision not commanding regressive values on society. More of these toss-up electorate contend immigrants currently strengthen a country, though a infancy also contend that blacks are privately obliged for removing forward in society.

Free Agents have one of a top self-reported rates of volunteerism opposite a cohorts, are church-goers, and are active in internal issues. They also tend to be some-more prepared than a Apoliticals, with half carrying during slightest some college. They are some-more expected to be white and 3 in 10 are evangelical. Free Agents have a slight welfare for tiny city life, though you’ll find them opposite all civil settings. They are a many expected conspirator to go to a sports league.

Free-Range Dem

Free-Range Dems are joiners and waste rousers. Nearly 4 in 10 have attended an orderly criticism – some-more than twice as many as any other group. Their capitulation of Barack Obama is some-more pale than other Democrats – expected since he has not left distant adequate to prove them.

They support supervision regulation, understand an event opening in this nation for all though a richest, overwhelmingly contend that secular taste is during a heart of what is gripping blacks from removing ahead, and determine that meridian change is a outcome of tellurian activities. They are a conspirator many opposite to a United States entering general conflicts. A infancy contend a government’s efforts in a fight on apprehension have infringed on individuals’ privacy, some-more so than other Democratic groups, and they overwhelmingly don’t trust supervision or business with their personal data.

A infancy of Free-Range Dems news volunteering and operative to change supervision movement by a non-political group. While half are city dwellers, many wish entrance to outside activities. They’re a organisation many expected to possess a compress automobile and many expected to get their vegetables from a farmers’ marketplace or community-sponsored cultivation (CSA) organization.

Highly educated, Free-Range Dems are a whitest of a left-leaning groups. While many other magnanimous groups have some-more females than males proportionally, this organisation splits evenly. Nearly half are non-believer or dubious or don’t code with any sold religion. While this organisation skews younger, about 1 in 5 are over a age of 65, creation them demeanour a lot like hipsters and hippies who reject a code tag “Democrat.”

Dems a Blues

Dems a Blues are one of a slightest abundant groups and news a lowest preparation turn – usually 12% have a college grade or higher. They’re some-more desperate about a country’s instruction and give Barack Obama reduce capitulation ratings than other Democratic groups.

Nearly twice as expected to arrangement an American dwindle as other magnanimous groups (65%), Dems a Blues are also many some-more expected to have a gun in a home (53%). Nearly 3 in 10 come from labor kinship households, and some-more than 1 in 5 have jobs that entail light activity to complicated labor. A third have school-age children. Socially some-more conservative, about 4 in 10 code as devout and go to church weekly–more than any other Democratic group. About 6 in 10 contend that a supervision should foster normal values.

This organisation is also some-more divided on a emanate of supervision law than many magnanimous groups; 56% contend that supervision law of business is required while 42% contend that supervision law of business does some-more mistreat than good. Dems a Blues are not really politically engaged, though expected to be concerned in village or church activities. Less civic and some-more suburban or rural, a comparison live in a South, and 4 in 10 code as black, Hispanic or another competition or ethnicity.

True Blue

True Blues are mainstream Democrats — decidedly left of core among all Americans, though some-more assuage than those farthest to a left. They order on possibly a supervision should foster normal values. A comparison contend a government’s notice module is offset between fighting terrorism and safeguarding individuals’ privacy. Approval of Barack Obama runs high, though is not as zodiacally shared. A mostly civic group, few are expected to arrangement an American dwindle (33%) and a slightest expected to have a gun in a home (20%). They are rather reduction politically or socially engaged, nonetheless a entertain attend church once a week.

This is a many opposite cohort, a usually one though a white majority: 35% are white, 35% are black and 23% are Hispanic. About 1 in 4 are Catholics, and about a same series are in a kinship househuld. Not surprisingly, they are penetrating on vital nearby people from opposite secular and secular backgrounds and are a organisation many expected to wish to live in a village with a brew of housing for people with opposite mercantile backgrounds. Nearly two-thirds see immigrants as a certain for a country. They have a top series of basketball devoteess, though also follow football and baseball.

Progressive Progressives

Progressive Progressives are one on a series of Democratic dogmas: 97% contend supervision law of business is required to strengthen open interests; 97% contend immigrants currently strengthen a country; 96% contend meridian change is caused by tellurian activities. Large majorities understand a existence of income inequality and contend that secular taste is during a base of because many blacks can’t get forward in this country. Barack Obama’s capitulation rating is sky high among this organisation and they are a many expected to contend a nation is headed in a right direction.

They’re rarely prepared and tend to be urbanites, ranking open travel and being means to travel to places as critical to where they live. Nearly 1 in 3 soccer aficionados code as Progressive Progressives. They’re rarely engaged, both politically and within their communities – though usually about 1 in 4 belongs to a church or place of worship. More than 4 in 10 contend they are atheist, dubious or independent with any eremite organization. A infancy use amicable media to promote their views on domestic and amicable issues. And some-more than 4 in 10 have pasted domestic fender stickers on a sedans, tiny SUVs or compress cars they drive–or placed a candidate’s pointer in their yards.

Stephanie Psyllos, Hannah Hartig, and William Marble contributed reporting.

Article source: http://www.nbcnews.com/politics/2016-election/our-nation-really-divided-red-blue-n496706