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Which Pixel 3 facilities are entrance to comparison Pixel phones (and that will sojourn exclusive)

Google’s Pixel 3 and 3 XL didn’t container a whole lot of hardware surprises, deliberation a unchanging torrent of leaks over new months, nonetheless a program was another story. There were copiousness of new camera facilities shown off during a Made by Google 2018 event, with oodles of appurtenance training sorcery to go around. Unfortunately for owners of comparison Pixel phones, not all of these new facilities will be entrance to comparison handsets. For your convenience, we put together a list of all a vital program facilities that will (and won’t) be entrance to prior models.

As a disclaimer, this list is theme to change. We spoke to both a camera operative during a eventuality and a Google deputy later, and both times we were told that it’s probable some-more facilities could come to comparison Pixels, depending on a circumstances. In many cases, though, these new facilities are tied to distinct changes in hardware that obviate any backporting to a Pixel 2s or 2016 Pixels.

Features entrance to comparison Pixels

Sometimes, program is usually software, and aged dogs phones can learn new tricks. While not all of a Pixel 3’s facilities will make it to comparison phones, we have accurate with Google that a facilities subsequent will be entrance to comparison Pixels.

Adjustable mural blur

Like Apple and Samsung before them, we can change both a grade of fuzz and a concentration of that fuzz on photos taken in a fake-bokeh Portrait mode with a Pixel 3. With a right combo of new APKs, a same functionality works on a Pixel 2, and we’re categorically told by Google that a underline will be entrance to other Pixels in an central capacity.

Night Sight

At Google’s event, it was suggested that a new low-light protracted Night Shot mode would be entrance to Pixel 3 phones in November, and a examples supposing by Google were stunning. Other Pixel phones were also categorically scheduled to get a new mode, nonetheless there’s no date supposing (yet). We’ve also alone reliable with Google that a underline will be entrance to comparison phones.

Gmail Smart Compose

Smart Compose came to Gmail earlier this year as an initial feature, and a press-tab-to-complete suggestions while typing should pierce a grin to anyone that’s used to mucking about in Bash or CMD. Smart Compose saves time while typing emails by charity suggestions while you’re typing, shortening how many time we spend component messages. But, adult until now, it’s been a desktop-only feature.

In a Made by Google 2018 keynote, it was pronounced that Gmail’s Smart Compose underline was “Coming initial to Pixel,” though any apparent eminence between a aged and new devices. We’ve been categorically told that it will strike all of them.


Playground is the new name for Google’s AR Stickers app, that lets we supplement a garland of protracted existence models into your viewfinder. Although it’s entrance initial to Pixel 3, Google claims it will be rolling out to a 2016 Pixel and Pixel 2 “soon.”


Duplex is an introvert’s dream, permitting we to make calls around a Google Assistant in a wholly programmed fashion. Scheduling an appointment or verifying store hours can be rubbed wholly by a Assistant during your request.

Pixel phones will get a new underline initial subsequent month on a city-by-city basement during rollout, nonetheless formed on a sold phrasing of a announcement, it sounds like it won’t usually usually strike all a Pixels, nonetheless it should eventually make a approach to other devices, too.

Call Screen

In a identical capillary to Duplex, Google showed off some new call screening functionality during a Pixel 3 event, hopefully giving us softened collection to away quarrel a ongoing telemarketer flay — given US regulators can’t (or won’t). It allows we to have a Assistant answer on your behalf, ask who is calling, uncover we a transcription of a response, and offer ways to respond to a call.

Call Screen launched with a Pixel 3 — during least, in a US — nonetheless “the whole Pixel family” will be removing it in November.

Exclusive Pixel 3 features

Google’s latest span of flagships container utterly a lot of new hardware, and that means that not each one of a program facilities we saw mentioned during Made by Google 2018 will make their approach to comparison phones. Although we’re told by Google that it will try to pierce facilities as probable to existent phones, that’s usually probable “where there is no hardware dependency.” Like it or not, that means some of these new facilities need softened hardware to work, and a comparison Pixels don’t have it.

Pixel Stand stuff

This should be obvious, nonetheless we felt a need to indicate it out in any case: Since a comparison Pixels miss wireless charging, they won’t be removing a Pixel Stand’s Assistant experience.

The Pixel 3, when set into a wireless charging stand, can impersonate some of a facilities that a Google Home Hub and Assistant-powered speakers have. But, given nothing of a other Pixels have wireless charging, we’re told that functionality won’t be entrance to comparison Pixels.

Wide-angle selfies

For what we wish are flattering apparent hardware reasons, comparison Pixels won’t be means to suffer a wide-angle selfies accessible on a Pixel 3 and 3 XL. The wide-angle selfies are pleasantness of — we guessed it — that delegate wide-angle camera public on a front of both a Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. The Pixel 2, 2XL, and 2016 Pixels literally miss a earthy hardware to do it.

Top Shot

Top Shot looks flattering cool, permitting we to name a best print from a array taken during a time of constraint — usually in box your timing was off. There are 3 catches that we know of so far: we need “Motion Photos” to be enabled (since this is an prolongation of that same system), peculiarity is reduced for a choice photos compared to a originals, and a underline is disdainful to a new Pixel 3 and 3 XL.

That could be since a underline relies on a Pixel Visual Core in a Pixel 3 to work, or it might need some disproportion in a earthy camera sensor. Whatever a reason, we’re told that comparison Pixel phones won’t be removing Top Shot, according to stream plans.

Photobooth Mode

The Pixel 3 harnesses a energy of appurtenance training for a ultimate goal: humorous face recognition. In Photobooth mode, Google’s latest flagship is means to detect when to snap a selfie formed on your facial expression. But like many of a other AI-powered print features, this one is Pixel 3 usually — during least, for a time being.

Motion Auto Focus

We should all be used to drumming around a viewfinder to name concentration and exposure, nonetheless Motion Auto Focus takes that functionality and creates it even some-more useful, by regulating that preference as a evidence to close onto that intent even as we pierce around. Energetic pets or kids that can’t reason still won’t tumble out of focus, and if we wish to lane a relocating object, a Pixel 3 will do a best.

Motion Auto Focus’ solitary waste is a position on this list. We’re told by Google that this underline is disdainful to a Pixel 3.

Super Res Zoom

Again, Google skipped out on a dual-camera trend adored by many other OEMs, nonetheless that doesn’t meant we can’t get some good wizz out of a Pixels 3. A new underline called Super Res Zoom combines mixed brief exposures to emanate a sharper, zoomed-in photo. It sounds a bit like speckle or lucky imaging, that is used in astrophotography to solve excellent sum by windy interference. Think of it as a arrange of HDR in that it combines mixed exposures for a final image, nonetheless instead of looking for extended energetic range, it’s perplexing to solve excellent sum for softened sub-pixel interpolation.

Given a stairs involved, Super Res Zoom could be utterly a computationally costly procession so comparison hardware might not be adult to tinge to take advantage of it. Google tells us Super Res Zoom is a Pixel 3-only underline for now.

Lens Suggestions

Google Lens is a informed apparatus for many of us — providing information about what we see around a phone’s camera. But a Pixel 3 includes a bit of additional Lens functionality built right into a camera’s viewfinder called Lens Suggestions. It’s a bit some-more singular in range compared to a full version, noticing things like phone series and QR codes, nonetheless it also works wholly on-device. And, we’re told that it’s a Pixel 3-exclusive.

Flip to scratch Shhh

Back during I/O progressing this year, Google mentioned a “Shush” mode incoming for a Pixels, in that we could flip a phone face down to enter Do Not Disturb. We insincere it would be partial of Digital Wellbeing when it finally landed, nonetheless that wasn’t a case. For whatever reason, Google has motionless to make this Flip to Shhh underline a Pixel 3 exclusive, during slightest for now.

That’s what we know (for now) when it comes to that facilities will and won’t make it to comparison Pixels. Many of a those that aren’t now designed to make it seem to be harnessing possibly disdainful earthy facilities in a new pixels or some-more vicious hardware improvements. While it’s probable some-more could make a cut, it’s best to keep a check on those expectations.

Article source: https://www.androidpolice.com/2018/10/13/pixel-3-features-coming-older-pixel-phones-will-remain-exclusive/