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Who Benefits From Russia’s New Anti-Terror Laws? (Op-Ed)

President Vladimir Putin asked Communications and Mass Media Minister Nikolai Nikiforov on Thursday to news on swell in implementing new anti-terror legislation, famous as a “Yarovaya Law.”

The new laws, that go into outcome Jul 1, 2018, need all Russian telecom operators and Internet use providers to store annals of all of their users’ calls, messages, and files for 6 months, and information on a existence of those communications for 3 years. Internet providers will be compulsory to palm over to law coercion agencies a keys to decrypt all such trade as a whole, as good as particular user messages.

Nikiforov reported to a boss that, in many cases, Russian attention does not make suitable apparatus for a task. “This needs to be finished quickly,” Putin responded. “Companies need to be means to get to work on what is a good and guaranteed state contract.”

A special “Internet + Sovereignty” territory of a operative organisation of a presidential administration led by presidential help Igor Shchegolev will write adult a list of companies able of storing that data, territory arch Ilya Massukh told a Vedomosti newspaper.

Massukh pronounced that Russia has adequate manufacturers able of provision a indispensable equipment. “Kraftway produces information storage equipment,” he said, “as does Aquarius, a National Computer Corporation, and T-Platforms. The Rostec state house also has resources for environment adult that arrange of production,” Massukh said. He offering assurances that a supervision would control an open pure preference process.

Massukh estimates that a origination of a complement able of storing that many information will cost tens of billions of rubles – not including a storage of video data, that Massukh hopes a authorities will not require.

Aquarius boss Alexander Kalinin pronounced his association had built a world-class mechanism record prolongation trickery in Ivanovo that also produces information storage equipment. He concurred that prolongation of a series of components is not strong in a singular country, though explained that several systems for pivotal information storage and control functions use usually program constructed in Russia. Kalinin combined that Aquarius uses domestic CPUs to rise baseline systems.

Yelena Churakova of T-Platform pronounced that a association is operative on formulating a complement that could accommodate a needs of operators, nonetheless usually public and some production would take place domestically. For example, a association competence spin to a unfamiliar manufacturer to squeeze a hoop drives that underlie all information storage systems, though use processors that are constructed in Russia, such as a Baikal.

Disk expostulate makers such as Hitachi and Seagate competence have a many to benefit from a new law, pronounced New Cloud Computing CEO Dmitry Komissarov.

Kraftway CEO Alexei Kravtsov pronounced a association already produces specialized secure information storage systems, and combined that a new law and presidential direct give Russian IT businesses an event to contest with a world’s largest manufacturers.

Defending a check in a Federation Council, Senator Viktor Ozerov pronounced that if a authorities charge Rostec with producing a surrogate for foreign-made apparatus for storing correspondence, conversations, and content, it would undoubtedly deliver. On Thursday, a Rostec deputy pronounced usually that a state-owned house does have such apparatus on hand.

The manager of one vital Russian developer suggested that a many judicious resolution would be for operators themselves to emanate a singular storage complement for all telecommunications traffic.

Rostelecom, MTS, VimpelCom and Tele2 member all declined to make central comments. A MegaFon deputy pronounced a association had not discussed such an idea. Mobile operators have already estimated their waste from new anti-terrorism laws during 2.2 trillion rubles ($35 billion).

Article source: http://www.themoscowtimes.com/article/575283.html