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Who Is Hoda Kotb? 5 Facts You Need to Know About a Today Show Co-Anchor

On Tuesday morning, NBC announced it had selected Hoda Kotb to reinstate Matt Lauer as co-anchor of a Today show. Kotb is a informed face to Today viewers, as she has co-anchored a 10 a.m. hour alongside Kathie Lee Gifford for years now.

Though Kotb might have turn a domicile name for celebration booze and carrying fun with Gifford, she has a plain repute as a devoted publisher who has lonesome general news as mostly as she’s non-stop adult about her possess life. Here’s what we need to know about a Today show’s new permanent co-anchor.

She’s a seasoned journalist.

Kotb graduated from Virginia Tech with a bachelor’s grade in promote journalism. She started her career as a broadcaster during CBS news, operative as a news partner in Cairo, Egypt starting in 1986, according to her official NBC bio. In a U.S., she worked as an anchor and contributor for internal news stations in Greenville, Mississippi, Moline, Illinois, Fort Myers, Florida, and New Orleans. She afterwards hosted a weekly syndicated array called Your Total Health from 2004 to 2008.

Her stating has won countless awards, including a Peabody for her Dateline report, “The Education of Ms. Groves,” in 2006. She has been nominated for an Emmy 4 times, and won one as partial of a Today uncover group in 2010.

She’s been with NBC for 20 years.

Kotb initial started during NBC News in 1998, as a match for Dateline. She lonesome Hurricane Katrina and a aftermath, that was personal to her as she lived in New Orleans for several years. Other stories she lonesome enclosed a wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, conflicts between a Israelis and Palestinians, and a 2004 tsunami in Southeast Asia. She spoke to Myanmar personality Aung San Suu Kyi in an disdainful interview, that was a initial time in 11 years she spoke to an American TV journalist.

Ten years after she arrived during NBC, she was brought on as a cohost of a fourth hour of Today, alongside Kathie Lee Gifford. She will continue that purpose in her new position. “Nobody is as good as what they do as Hoda. Nobody spreads some-more joy,” Gifford told People. “Everybody zodiacally adores her. She doesn’t have a meant bone in her body. She’s some-more amatory and kind, so when these smashing things started function for this smashing woman, we were anxious for her.”

She’s a cancer survivor.

Kotb has mostly non-stop adult on a atmosphere about her knowledge with breast cancer. She learned about her diagnosis while articulate to an novice during her table during NBC, and underwent a mastectomy and reconstructive medicine in 2007.

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