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Who travels to North Korea and why? | Euronews

Every year, thousands of tourists omit transport warnings from their governments and discuss into North Korea.

The nation frequently hits headlines for a chief and barb tests, and dangers of travelling there were brought neatly into concentration this year by a genocide of US tyro Otto Warmbier, who fell into a coma after being condemned to 15 years of tough work for allegedly perplexing to take a promotion print from his hotel.

But notwithstanding a risks, several discuss companies continue to offer holidays in a country, with options trimming from New Year’s celebration trips to marathon and scuba diving packages.

So who are a tourists venturing into a world’s many sly country, and because do they select to abandon object and silt in foster of unchartered territory?


The state-owned Korea International Travel Company (KITC), that is estimated to hoop around 80 percent of Western tourism to a country, pronounced many travellers it deals with come from a UK, followed by Germany.

The association pronounced it has facilitated trips for about 6,000 Westerners this year, 90 percent of whom were European.

China-based KTG Travel also estimated that UK travellers ranked initial among a customers, followed by Germans, while Young Pioneer Tours – a user that Warmbier went by – told Euronews that 1,000 of a 1,500-2,000 tourists any year are from European countries.

It listed German, Dutch, British, Finnish and Irish tourists as a many common European nationalities to transport to a country.


With tensions rising on a Korean Peninsula and a US banning adults from travelling there indefinitely as of September, discuss companies have remarkable slight drops in business.

KITC concurred a tumble in patron numbers between Aug and Sep compared to prior years, and pronounced there had been a change in a rankings, with US travellers accounting for a second biggest marketplace in 2016.

KTG Travel, meanwhile, pronounced that while a possess numbers had stayed roughly a same, there had been an altogether diminution in Western tourism, and Young Pioneer Tours blamed media coverage for a “slight decline” in numbers, yet it pronounced rises and falls were common in North Korea.

With US tourists no longer authorised to enter a country, operators concurred that tourism in North Korea is ever-more reliant on Europeans.

But because do they wish to go there?


French inhabitant Zelimir Bozic trafficked to North Korea with his mother in September:

“As we am utterly a large traveller, we like to learn all a tools of a universe [and] we was apparently meddlesome in this puzzling country: DPRK [Democratic People’s Republic of Korea]. Also we wanted to see with my possess eyes how this multitude is working, how it is there for real, how these North Korean people demeanour and how a whole nation looks,” he told Euronews.

Bozic pronounced he wanted to make adult his possess mind about a country, rather than following what other people said, that he pronounced was generally “bad news”.

“Personally we already visited some other dictatorships, where we spent good times and where I’ve detected that they were not as bad as a French media said. Then because not try DPRK?”

Bulgarian inhabitant Maya Veleva (Bozic’s wife):

“I’m meddlesome about what’s function in a world. we like to learn countries and make my [own] opinion about people, about cultures. As I’m Bulgarian, we know opposite kinds of domestic regimes… so we can review them,” she said.

“Many people pronounced to me that Western media speak about communism in East Europe like something really dangerous. we know that it’s not a reality. So we motionless to go to Korea and to see a existence there.”

Felip Rodenas, from Spain, trafficked to North Korea with his mother and dual children, aged 18 and 15, in July:

“We were changed by a seductiveness of meaningful a closed nation led by a total comrade regime,” he said.

“Two years ago we visited Cuba and hoped to find a identical nation though with a informative differences.”


The infancy of tourists travelling to North Korea do so around China, possibly by sight or plane.

It is not probable to revisit a nation independently, definition that travellers are compulsory to book onto pre-planned organisation or private tours that use dual North Korean guides allocated by a country’s Ministry of Tourism.

One discuss company, Korea Konsult, records that given 2014, a infancy of visas for a European clients have been processed in Sweden during a cost of 60 euros, with forms compulsory around a month and a half before a outing begins.

Once inside a country, discuss groups arrange hotels for their customers, with many warning that standards change from relations comfort in a capital, Pyongyang, to some-more simple accommodation in other areas.

Tourists who trafficked to North Korea this year pronounced activities ranged from city tours, to trips to museums and a Kumsusan Palace of a Sun – a monolith for Kim Il-sung, a owner of North Korea, and his son Kim Jong-il.

While governments such as a UK advise opposite all low transport to a nation and others discuss a reliable implications of tourism in undemocratic countries, travellers vocalization to Euronews pronounced they were already meditative of returning.

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