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Why Secretary Of State Pompeo’s Latest Trip To Asia Was Remarkable In 2 Ways


Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has been in Asia for a final few days. He’s spent several hours in Pyongyang with North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un. They talked about denuclearizing a Korean Peninsula and scheduling a second assembly with President Trump. Pompeo called it a good trip. Then he was in Beijing today, and that revisit was particularly not as good. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi had some pointy difference for Pompeo about a state of U.S.-China relations. NPR’s Anthony Kuhn is in Beijing, and he joins us now. Hey, Anthony.

ANTHONY KUHN, BYLINE: Hey there, Ailsa.

CHANG: So what accurately was pronounced in front of reporters? What were these remarks that were so vicious of a U.S. from China?

KUHN: Well, Wang Yi unequivocally started out on a flattering oppressive note, observant that a U.S. had constantly escalated trade tensions with China. It had spoiled China’s interests in regards to Taiwan, and it had done a lot of groundless accusations opposite China’s unfamiliar and domestic policies. Wang Yi remarkable that Pompeo had come to brief them about his outing to North Korea and to find China’s cooperation. And he said, this is accurately since we should be auxiliary and not opposed any other.

CHANG: Did Pompeo respond to any of these criticisms in front of reporters?

KUHN: Well, he pronounced a U.S. and China were in elemental feud on Wang’s points. And we consider what came out by this was that China feels that a U.S. is only rising an all-out arrange of cold fight on each front. And we consider this has something to do with a debate that Vice President Mike Pence gave final week…

CHANG: Where he indicted China of assail efforts to criticise President Trump in a arriving elections.

KUHN: Yeah, that was only one of a things. we mean, unequivocally it was only opposite a board, from hidden American egghead skill to tellurian rights, a diagnosis of a Uyghur minority in Xinjiang. It was unequivocally confrontational and unequivocally small speak of cooperation.

CHANG: Why would Chinese officials take such offense during Mike Pence’s debate if a immeasurable infancy of what he was observant substantively is things a U.S. has prolonged been observant about China? Was it a sold tinge Pence took? Or is it a timing – that right now, we know, Pompeo’s perplexing to keep good family still with China when it comes to North Korea, and this was only an untimely debate to be giving while Pompeo was creation this trip?

KUHN: You know, this has been building up. Earlier this year, we had a inhabitant confidence strategy, an central request that fundamentally name China as one of a categorical threats confronting a U.S. So that’s partial of a attitude. You know, we consider it’s unequivocally only China feels that this outlines a change divided from team-work and towards confrontation, this depiction of China as unequivocally a brute regime and one of a tip threats to U.S. confidence that has to be dealt with harshly. we unequivocally consider that’s a tinge that China is reacting to. And we consider it will be reacting to it. we consider that’s going to be falling in for utterly a while.

CHANG: Now, underneath prior administrations, officials have been demure to pull Beijing too tough on trade or other issues a U.S. has been vicious of when it comes to China since of this thought that it needs China’s assistance when it comes to North Korea. So could President Trump’s tough position with China harm a U.S.’s ability to strech a understanding with North Korea?

KUHN: Well, positively that’s a import of what happened today. Of course, we’re saying a connection of factors. It’s not only a North Korea emanate that a U.S. needs China’s assistance on. It’s so many issues of tellurian importance. But a U.S. seems to wish to put foe with China in front of team-work on these tellurian issues.

CHANG: All right, that’s NPR’s Anthony Kuhn. Thank we unequivocally much, Anthony.

KUHN: You’re welcome, Ailsa.

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