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Wife Of Deceased Marine Vet Says VA Promised Her He Wouldn’t Overdose

The mother of a defunct Marine maestro wants answers as to how her father managed to overdose while in a caring of a Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

After Marine Corps veteran Hank Brandon Lee overdosed on a fake painkiller drug fentanyl and was found unresponsive, a Brockton VA medical core called Jamie-Lee Hasted, Lee’s Widow, and sensitive her of a catastrophic news on Mar 4.

Lee, a father of 3 kids, was staying during a facility’s psychiatric section due to post-traumatic highlight disorder.

The VA has no thought how he acquired a fentanyl, though for Jamie-Lee Hasted, Lee’s widow, that answer simply isn’t good enough, The Enterprise reports.

“They betrothed me this wouldn’t happen. we know a issue, though he was on lockdown, and they’re ostensible to strengthen him from harming others and from harming himself,” Hasted told The Enterprise on Saturday. “They done me trust that’s what they were going to do, and they didn’t.”

Hasted also told The Boston Herald that she has no thought if Lee took a drug frankly or unwillingly. She also wonders either a fentantyl was somehow churned into his medicine.

“You have video cameras, where is a video?” Hasted asked of a VA. “What happened? Let me try to get some form of closure.”

A VA orator told The Enterprise that a dialect has no idea how Lee performed a drugs.

“Sadly, Lance Cpl. Lee was a plant of a opioid widespread that kills scarcely 6 people daily in Massachusetts,” Pallas Wahl said. “Lance Cpl. Lee suffered a deadly overdose of fentanyl while a studious during a Brockton campus. Fentanyl was not prescribed to any studious within a quadriplegic psychoanalysis unit, and Lance Cpl. Lee had no personal visitors during his quadriplegic psychoanalysis stay.”

Lee had a story of piece abuse issues and suffered from PTSD. He served a sum of 7 tours in Afghanistan and was left with a incapacity rating of 100 percent after entrance into hit with an makeshift bomb device.

On Mar 4, Lee was underneath lockdown during a VA. On his final check, he was dynamic to be “fine,” though was after detected unresponsive. Lee had apparently been searched twice, though sanatorium staff did not find any substances on him.

Currently, Vets 360 owner Rick Collins is operative with Hasted to find out accurately what happened. Although a VA has already conducted a examination of a incident, it has not been expelled due to sovereign law.

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