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Wife of Washington Redskins GM apologizes for coarse tweets directed during ESPN reporter

The soap show that is a Washington Redskins continued on Wednesday.

Jessica McCloughan, a mother of Redskins ubiquitous manager Scot McCloughan, apologized for promulgation coarse tweets to ESPN contributor Dianna Russini. In a tweets, McCloughan indicted Russini of behaving sex acts on Redskins players in sell for information, and apparently of sleeping with her husband.

On Sunday, Russini posted a story of Kirk Cousins replacing Robert Griffin III as Redskins starting quarterback. Jessica McCloughan afterwards took to Twitter and posted a span of tweets, one implying Russini had exchanged sex for information and a other obsequious Russini was Scot McCloughan’s “side piece.” (Warning: initial couple contains coarse language).

McCloughan after infirm her Twitter criticism and certified to promulgation a twitter to Russini. She also expelled a following matter by a Redskins:

“I deeply apologize for a adverse remarks about an ESPN contributor on my personal Twitter account. The criticism was ungrounded and inappropriate, and we have a pinnacle honour for both a contributor and ESPN. we bewail that my actions have brought unjustifiable disastrous courtesy to a Redskins classification and a leadership. My comments in no approach simulate a opinions or attitudes of a classification and we bewail that my function has in any approach negatively impacted a group and a constant fan base.”

ESPN expelled a possess statement:

“Dianna is an glorious contributor who should never have to be subjected to such coarse comments. We are apparently intensely unhappy by today’s developments.”

Article source: http://www.al.com/sports/index.ssf/2015/09/wife_of_washington_redskins_gm.html