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Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton, Clint Eastwood Remember Merle Haggard

“He was my brother, my friend. we will skip him,” writes Willie Nelson in a tweet, accompanied by a print of himself pity a giggle with a late Merle Haggard and a couple to perspective their iconic “Pancho and Lefty” video. Nelson and Haggard were indeed as tighten as family, with their low-pitched and personal holds dating behind to prolonged before that initial collaboration, and travelling through Haggard’s genocide today during a age of 79.

Just final summer, a dual nation strain treasures distinguished a Number One entrance of their Django and Jimmie album. “It’s a mutual-admiration multitude with us,” Nelson said in an talk compelling their new music. “Merle’s one of a best. There’s not anyone out there that can kick him.”

Haggard once certified a large vanquish on Dolly Parton, with whom he toured in 1974 and 1975. Their many collaborations enclosed a few songs on Parton’s possess radio show. “We’ve mislaid one of a biggest writers and singers of all time,” says Parton. “His heart was as proposal as his adore ballads. we desired him like a brother. Rest easy, Merle.”

Movie fable Clint Eastwood worked with Haggard on a 1980 Wild West film, Bronco Billy. The late thespian contributed a strain “Bar Room Buddies” to a movie’s soundtrack. “We had a lot of fun in a recording studio,” Eastwood tells Rolling Stone Country, “and a strain even done it to Number One during that era. Merle will always be one of a biggest classical nation artists of all time. He will be dearly missed.”

Fellow Oscar leader Ron Howard acted alongside Haggard in a 1975 film, Huckleberry Finn. “He was a good communicator and a absolute performer,” Howard tells Rolling Stone Country. “I remembered being really tender with him. He was a outrageous star during that point. His controversies were famous though behind him. He was really gracious. . . He was vehement to be there given he didn’t cruise himself an actor — he was training as he went. There was a certainty and humility.”

A proven footman of Haggard, Sturgill Simpson only recently fake a loyalty with a late legend. “We mislaid a loyal favourite currently and we am very, really unhappy to contend a loyal friend. we will always be evermore grateful,” Simpson writes.

Wynonna’s really initial unison as a fan was a double check of Merle Haggard and George Jones, when she was only 15 years old. “Watching them, we knew that night that we wanted to be in nation music,” she says. “Years later, Mama and we would be opening for both mythological artists. Those practice taught me a biggest lessons that we continue to pull strength from even today. Their instance speedy me to not only be a good thespian though to essay for excellence, to be a stylist. . . Merle’s flitting is a finish of an era. we am reminded once again that we contingency not ever forget where we have come from in nation music.”

Tanya Tucker famously antiquated Haggard many, many years ago, and a dual remained friends until his death. “I only can’t suppose a universe though Merle,” says Tucker. “We played a lot of gigs together by a years, though some of my fondest memories were unresolved out in a healthy setting, like a time we sat there by a stream in his backyard and ate bologna sandwiches. Merle was a elementary male with implausible talent like no other. And now he’s adult there singing with George [Jones] and all a angels.”

Hank Williams, Jr., another crony and co-operator of a late legend, deems Haggard “an original.” The dual available a reconstitute of a Hag’s “I Think I’ll Just Stay Here and Drink” in 2013. “He was your common bland operative man,” says Williams. “I remember when we was 15 years aged on debate with Waylon Jennings and Merle Haggard. They both were wondering that one of a dual was going to make it. Well, they both done it. Today, ole Merle assimilated Waylon, George, and Daddy to sing in a Heavenly choir.”

Toby Keith common a theatre with Haggard countless times over a years and recruited a artist to sing a strain “She Ain’t Hooked On Me No More” for his 2005 manuscript Honkytonk University. “The biggest thespian songwriter of my lifetime is gone. Thanks for a strain and friendship,” he tweeted.

Jake Owen’s appreciation of Haggard is so low that he named one of his dogs Merle. He poetically connected today’s inclement continue in Nashville to his hero’s death. “Nobody ever sang a strain with a heart and tension that @merlehaggard did. No consternation it’s raining today. Even God is crying,” Owen tweeted.

Clint Black co-wrote dual songs with Haggard, “Untanglin’ My Mind” and “The Kid.” “I was propitious to have him as a special guest on my initial title debate and got to know my biggest low-pitched favourite adult close,” says Black. “It was a magical. He and we had a lot of hang time on my bus, that was too large a understanding to have even been illusory for a bucket list. He was inexhaustible with a stories from his life and we could’ve sat opposite from him and listened for hours. . . There are no difference to report what his strain and a time we had with him meant to me.”

Gretchen Wilson, who available a strain “Politically Uncorrect” with Haggard for her 2005 manuscript All Jacked Up, praised a singer’s authenticity. “He was as genuine as they get. . . He sang about what he knew. And his singular though honest proceed to strain desirous everybody who listened him.”

Jason Isbell, who had been scheduled to share a theatre with Haggard in May, tweeted that he was “the best nation songwriter there ever was.” 

Incoming Country Music Hall of Famer Charlie Daniels cut a chronicle of “Walkin’ a Floor Over You” with Haggard on Ernest Tubb’s 1979 manuscript The Legend and a Legacy. “Country strain has suffered one of a biggest waste it will ever experience,” he tweeted.

Carrie Underwood grew adult in a city of Checotah, Oklahoma, where Haggard’s relatives lived before they changed to California. She common her appreciation for a legend: “Love and prayers for a Haggard family. Merle was a pioneer…a loyal entertainer…a legend. There will never be another like him,” she wrote.
Dierks Bentley, who available “Pancho and Lefty” for a 2014 reverence album, Working Man’s Poet, was devastated. “Literally only fell to a floor. Can’t trust we mislaid a Hag,” he tweeted.
Dustin Lynch available “That’s a Way Love Goes” for that same reverence and removed a encounters he had with a singer. “Hard to trust a news about Merle Haggard. Working with him is something I’ll never forget will delight forever,” he shared.

Haggard’s associate songwriting fable Bill Anderson remembers him as “a singer’s singer, a musician’s musician, and a songwriter’s songwriter. He set a feelings of a bland common male to music, formulating songs that will endure us all. we feel absolved to have toured with him and famous him as both a good artist and as a friend. His flitting leaves a large hole in nation strain and in a hearts of a millions who desired him and his artistry.”

Lorrie Morgan toured with Haggard in a Nineties and counted him as a dear crony and mentor. “When Merle Haggard sang, we paid attention,” she says. “He is about as tighten to soundness in nation strain as we will substantially ever have.”

“There will never be another artist like a Hag,” Chris Young tweeted.
“We mislaid one of a best today,” wrote Tyler Farr.

“My heart is positively damaged in dual during a news of a detriment of Merle Haggard,” tweeted Rascal Flatts’ Jay DeMarcus. “We keep losing all of a good ones. What a sad, unhappy day…”
“She’s in Love With a Boy” thespian Trisha Yearwood, a longtime Haggard admirer, wrote, “Rest in peace, Hag. One of a kind, and a clarification of legend.”
Brad Paisley helped salute Haggard during a 2010 Kennedy Center Honors, singing “Workin’ Man Blues.” “There are no difference to report a detriment grief felt within all of strain with a flitting of Merle Haggard. Thank God for his life songs,” he tweeted.
The Oak Ridge Boys available Haggard’s “Sweet Jesus” and sang with a fable for their 2015 gospel manuscript Rock of Ages. “His poetry, his voice and his pristine nation strain character will live forever,” writes a group’s Joe Bonsall.
Fellow California Native Jon Pardi, whose hard-edged gusto draws on a Bakersfield Sound Haggard helped invent, tweeted, “Sad day currently @merlehaggard has passed. RIP to a loyal songwriter, a colonize of California Country, and nation music.”
Singer Jason Aldean available Haggard’s “Going Where a Lonely Go” for Working Man’s Poet, and tweeted a print of himself with a legend. “Extremely unhappy to hear of a flitting of one of a biggest of all time Mr. Merle Haggard,” he said.

Shooter Jennings, son of a late Waylon Jennings, is both a fan and footman of Haggard’s music. “Sad to hear a news about another fable dying,” he tells Rolling Stone Country. “Thoughts and prayers go out to a whole Haggard clan.”

In 2006, Eric Church recruited a really impulse behind his “Pledge Allegiance to a Hag” to join him on a song. Today, Church sent an email to his fans, containing simply these touching lyrics:

Rest In Peace.
One of these days when my time has come
You can take me behind to where I’m from
Put me on a westbound sight
And boat me off in a pourin’ rain
Don’t cry for me when I’m left
Just put a entertain in a jukebox and sing me behind home and
Tip your hats and lift your eyeglasses of cold cold drink
They contend country’s vanishing
But only keep fluttering that dwindle around here
And we know it’ll keep on entrance behind
As prolonged as people oath devotion
Where folks still oath devotion
I oath devotion to a Hag

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