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With invulnerability heading charge, Chiefs kick Chargers 30-13 to take control of AFC West


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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Marcus Peters sat on a folding chair confronting into his locker late Saturday night, uninformed off one of a biggest games of his immature career. The flighty immature cornerback glanced to his left to see Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt watchful a few feet away.

Peters reached out his right palm to Hunt, who responded with a handshake and a pat on Peters’ shoulder. The dual group smiled and spoke for several moments.

Minutes later, Peters would shrug off a cackle of reporters hovered nearby, watchful to hear about his three-takeaway night in a Chiefs’ 30-13 win opposite a Los Angeles Chargers.

Peters picked off dual passes and forced a fumble, all a in second half, assisting Kansas City regain control of a AFC West. The opening came a week after his one-game cessation from Chiefs manager Andy Reid, who disciplined Peters for withdrawal a margin and throwing an official’s chastisement dwindle into a stands during a Week 13 detriment to a New York Jets.

Shaking his head, Peters motionless to let his play Saturday speak for him.

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“My teammates got me,” he pronounced as a mob of reporters and cameras dispersed.

That’s how it roughly always is with Peters, who tend to concede others to appreciate both his play and behavior, that this deteriorate has enclosed mixed interactions with officials that have drawn personal tainted penalties, a late strike that sparked a scrum in a diversion opposite a Raiders and expletives destined during fans unfortunate with Peters’ preference to criticism during a inhabitant anthem.

Saturday night was a sign of why, even during those formidable moments, Chiefs players demeanour during Peters and see a personality and one of their many critical players. No one pronounced they were astounded that Peters would have such a large diversion on his lapse from suspension.

“I consider he came behind with an ego. He wanted to infer to us that he missed us and he wanted to be here,” reserve Ron Parker said.

The win changed a Chiefs one diversion forward of a Chargers in a multiplication standings though also gave them a essential deteriorate brush of a Bolts. Kansas City can bind a multiplication pretension by violence possibly Miami or Denver in a final dual games of a season.

And to do it, they’ll expected need a aggressive-yet-controlled, ardent and enterprising chronicle of Peters that showed adult opposite L.A.

His first interception came late in a third quarter, as Chargers entertain Philip Rivers was perplexing to compare a Chiefs measure for score. Rivers, who’d mounted a late MVP swell during his team’s reconstruction from an 0-4 start, had been gambling for most of a game, contrast Peters and other Chiefs defensive backs on low passes. But Peters was ready, and he tracked a pass that Rivers lofted adult for receiver Tyrell Williams, picked it off and returned it 62 yards.

“He was unresolved on my route, and he was covering his track during a same time. He did a good job. The child is smart, he knows a game,” Parker said. “I sat and watched a round go in a air, and we only knew Marcus was going to be there. He did a good pursuit of anticipating a round and creation a play that he always makes.”

Early in a fourth quarter, Peters wrapped adult Chargers using behind Austin Ekeler, and punched out a round as he spun a rookie around. Then, with dual mins remaining, Peters pilfered Rivers again on another low pass, this interception finale a Chargers’ unfortunate try during a late rally.

“He’s always assertive in his play, so this was not opposite that way,” Reid said. “I don’t consider he was out to infer anything. He doesn’t have to.”

Peters’ play was a microcosm of a clever defensive bid opposite a Chargers group that entered Saturday’s diversion on a prohibited streak. Rivers had been generally sharp, with 8 touchdowns and no interceptions in Los Angeles’ four-game win streak. The Chargers had averaged scarcely 33 points per diversion during that camber as they changed into a tie with a Chiefs in a division.

But a Kansas City pass rush pressured Rivers early, sacking him twice in a initial 20 mins of a diversion while mostly shutting down receiver Keenan Allen, who had only 5 catches for 54 yards, finale a four-game strain of 100-yard receiving games.

Kansas City close out a Chargers over a final 24 minutes.

“We really wanted to put vigour on Philip Rivers. We know he’s a gunslinger, he does take chances, he does take risks in a flitting game. And we only happened to put vigour on him with a front seven, and guys did a good job,” Chiefs dilemma Darrelle Revis said.

Revis, who sealed with Kansas City a few weeks ago, is only removing to know Peters, who responded good to teammates and used good in a days heading adult to his beast game.

“He’s a same approach each day. He’s not adult and down. He’s a really enterprising guy. He’s got a chip on his shoulder, that’s only how he goes about his bland life,” Revis said. “It really harm him, though during a same time, we’re blissful to have him behind and have him make a plays that we know that he’s able of making.”


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