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With the new keyboard, Google has colonized each vital duty of my iPhone

I downloaded a new Gboard for iOS today, and have been unequivocally enjoying it so far. Along with wondering about what Google will tell advertisers now that they can review each singular thing we type, we came to a fulfilment that flattering many each vital duty of my iPhone has now been taken over by Google software.

I use Google products for email, search, photos, maps, and video. Gboard effectively puts Google inside each app we use that requires me to type, from texting to holding notes. The usually activity that isn’t unequivocally mediated by a hunt hulk during this indicate are voice calls, nonetheless in a past we have used Google Voice.

This isn’t an op-ed about how Apple is failing or how Google products are higher to others. Just an regard that a dual biggest players in a universe of mobile inclination / handling systems can radically overlie on an iOS device, in a approach that we don’t consider would be probable or unsentimental if we was on Android.


Apple CEO Tim Cook has done a evidence before that partial of a value business get from his company’s products is privacy. Apple doesn’t siphon adult your personal information and sell it to advertisers since it’s found a good business as a many essential house in story mostly by offered hardware.

If we are a kind of chairman who is annoyed or fearful by a thought that a large association is tracking all we contend and do, Google apps are not a good fit. Personally, I’m fine with exchanging that information for a apartment of program collection that fits my life. Now forgive me, we have some risqué emoji to hunt for.