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With Latavius in, is Adrian out?

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The Vikings done a Colts-out-of-Balimore middle-of-the-night signing of using behind Latavius Murray

, that could meant come a light of day that a Vikings will have changed on from Adrian Peterson.

It’s a evident doubt lifted by Murray’s arrival: Have a Vikings slammed a doorway on bringing behind Peterson?

The easy answer is “probably.” More will be famous formed on a bulk of a agreement that Murray signed. In theory, he could simply turn a new Matt Asiata in a Vikings offense, with Peterson behind as a starter and underrated Jerick McKinnon adding versatility.

More also will be famous when a Vikings have something to contend about Peterson. At a latest, manager Mike Zimmer and/or G.M. Rick Spielman will be articulate to a media during a joining meetings in Arizona, in roughly 10 days.

Of course, Peterson could have a new group by then, that would make a doubt of either he’ll be behind with a Vikings moot.

Article source: http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/03/16/with-latavius-in-is-adrian-out/


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