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Women in Politics


Tyler Comrie

To a Editor:

Re “Women’s Voice Remains Faint in Politics” (editorial, Sept. 14):

Kudos for job out a many pervasive reason women are distant from relation in open office: You can’t win if we don’t run. Though there are earnest signs of surging interest, your editorial shows how swell stays stalled even in on-going New York.

But while prevalent theories contend women don’t run since of reduction domestic aspiration and caregiving responsibilities, my investigate has found that those are excuses. The underlying reasons are found in women’s culturally schooled ambivalence about power. This is not to censure women though to enthuse them to action.

In 2008, we embarked on a investigate of because notwithstanding non-stop doors, altered laws and dozens of groups spending millions of dollars assisting women run, a dial toward relation was perceptibly moving. Women have been underneath a heel of innumerable displays of energy during a worst, millenniums of substantial and pithy bias, objectification and second-class citizenship. Why would we wish that kind of power? Yet if we don’t redefine energy and welcome it intentionally, women’s voices will sojourn gloomy in politics and elsewhere.


The author is a co-founder and boss of Take a Lead, a nonprofit that prepares women for care parity.

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Article source: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/09/18/opinion/women-politics.html