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Writer travels by Europe with one outfit, no container and code new boyfriend

Clara Bensen and Jeff Wilson went on a extemporaneous outing to Europe with only a garments on their backs.

Travel is ostensible to be a ultimate attribute exam for any couple, though one author took a judgment to a whole new level.

Clara Bensen had enjoyed only 4 dates with scholarship highbrow Jeff Wilson, who she met on dating website OkCupid, before he invited her to join him on a summer holiday.

He designed to spend 3 weeks travelling by Europe with no container and no petrify skeleton – nothing, in fact, though a garments on their backs.

Bensen, who lives in Austin, Texas, has created a book about a experience, No Baggage, that is set to be incited into a movie.

Writing for Marie Claire, she admits her strange response to a due examination was an involuntary “hell no”.

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But she shortly found herself nearing at Istanbul Ataturk Airport, with zero though a immature dress, a little handbag, and a man she had only met on a internet. 

“The night before we left we sat on a building and solemnly whittled down a security into dual little piles,” Bensen writes.

“My raise had a passport, iPhone, deodorant, hit lenses, tampons, a toothbrush, a string scarf, dual pairs of underwear, and a few cosmetics. Jeff’s had a passport, phone, cover and map of a Balkans.

“He pressed all into his pockets. My dress was pocket-less, so we brought a little purse instead. The summer dress was another unreal choice on tip of all a others.

“I figured a outing was already so absurd – because not supplement a hold of elegance?”

London by bike

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Bensen pronounced a integrate done it by Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, and a UK.

During a day, they explored traveller spots and people-watched during parks and cafes, and during night they found places to couch-surf, bunking down with locals.

“After a week, travelling but luggage became an afterthought to a tour during hand,” Bensen writes.

“Aside from a roof, a bed and a bar of soap, we didn’t need much. we felt no enterprise to go selling – a depart from past holidays where we felt compelled to batch adult on knick-knacks and mementos.”

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As for a pair’s fledgling relationship? The tour finished adult bringing them closer together, Bensen said.

“By some spectacle – notwithstanding 21 days of travel, positively no privacy, and a cheering compare on a side of a highway – we still weren’t ill of any other. That had to meant something.”

The initial transport examination took place 3 years ago, and a integrate are now vital together, carrying done 4 successive trips given – to South America, the Caucuses, Scandinavia, and Japan. 

“One book, 3 years, and 4 some-more no-baggage trips later, I’m still so blissful we pronounced ‘yes’ to a crazy invitation,” Bensen writes.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

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