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WWE Raw Results: 5 Things You Should Know About The Oct 22 Show

Rarely will we see a opening moments of an part of Monday Night Raw sack we of a proclivity to watch a rest of a show, yet that happened on a many new broadcast.

Roman Reigns announces he has been battling leukemia for 11 years, and a illness has resurfaced.Credit: WWE.com

WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns came out to open a uncover and announced he’d been battling leukemia for 11 years. The throng seemed stunned, yet they would be left even some-more mute when Reigns common a fact that a illness had come back. This was genuine life and not some irritable storyline. The bloody booing of Reigns stopped and an worried sip of existence fell on a crowd.

Quite honestly, and yet shame, we had tears in my eyes and we felt it in my chest. Having mislaid so many family members to a disease, any anxiety to a form of cancer touches a nerve. I’ve had an event to accommodate Reigns on a integrate of occasions, and pity a space with a chairman makes this kind of news a small some-more impacting.

The proclamation video exploded immediately after it was released. It garnered some-more than 26,000 views in a initial 15 minutes after it was posted.

If we’ve schooled zero else from a WWE in past years, it’s that their uncover will always go on. In the final compare that saw a series of vital events, Dean Ambrose finally incited on Seth Rollins. The real-life news of Reigns’ illness was used to supplement impact to a storyline as Michael Cole yelled, “no, not on this night.”

I saw it entrance moments before Ambrose delivered a tummy flog that precedes his Dirty Deeds finisher, yet even afterward, we still felt a small like these fans in a crowd.

Drew McIntyre was assigned with Braun Strowman who had come to a ring to find punish after an progressing attack. That left Dolph Ziggler in a ring exposed to both Rollins and Ambrose. rollins strike a Curb Stomp and Ambrose awoke a arbitrate who had been knocked out during a melee.

The pin was secured, Rollins and Ambrose were tag-team champions, and a spin was set adult perfectly.

In all honesty, it felt a small unwashed and inappropriate, yet there is no doubt a response from a throng and those online. Reigns is really informed with a business and it wouldn’t startle me during all if he not usually knew what was designed for a night yet also gave his blessing for a intelligent move.

The Ambrose spin had been teased for weeks. Reigns’ proclamation diverted a courtesy divided from a storyline, yet it appears a WWE not usually stranded to a script, they also used genuine life to tone a narrative.

Universal Title Will Be Determined during Crown Jewel

Because of Reigns’ situation, a conflict that was ostensible to be a Triple-Threat Match during Crown Jewel pay-per-view will now be a singles compare between Braun Strowman and Brock Lesnar for a empty title.

Elias’ Face Turn

Did Elias spin face with one timely pitch of his guitar? The singing Superstar has clearly been gaining certain throng greeting with each appearance. Even yet he brilliantly insults a internal sports group each time he takes a ring, he’s so good on a mic, a throng can’t assistance yet eat out of his hands.

Baron Corbin has to be one of a easiest Superstars to dislike these days, so carrying Elias bar him with his guitar was a ideal proceed to spin him face. We’ll see if this switch sticks subsequent week. It roughly positively will as it’s doubtful Corbin will omit a blindsided attack.

Ronda Rousey Seems To Be Protected From Harsh UFC Insults

Last week, Ronda Rousey got personal with Nikki Bella during her mic session. Rousey done discuss of Bella’s attribute with John Cena and their breakup. This week, a contract signing for their compare during WWE Evolution on Sunday went over with some flattering dry mic work.

This was a week when a Bellas could have and should have mentioned Rousey’s UFC failures–specifically–they didn’t go as tough Rousey did a week before. Instead, they talked around a insult. It seems Rousey isn’t removing a bake we competence design deliberation her background.

Is a specific discuss of Rousey’s KO waste to Holly Holm and Amanda Nunes too most for her impression to endure? Probably not, yet a proceed seems a small too cautious.

Drew McIntyre’s Big Leap

There is no doubt McIntyre is on a proceed adult and fast. Dropping a tag-team titles is no effect to his standing during this point. He’s about to be inextricable in a argument with Strowman, that could meant he’ll find himself in pretension contention. Strowman should better Lesnar during Crown Jewel and that should lead to McIntyre removing his initial shot during a WWE Universal pretension during a finish of a year, or a commencement of 2019.

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