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Xiaomi Mi Mix review:

The Xiaomi Mi Mix is, we think, what many phones will demeanour like a few years from now. And trust me, it’s awesome. The 6.4-inch shade covers roughly a whole face of a phone, and a buttons you’d customarily find on a front are now onscreen.

The reward ceramic behind gives a phone a lush high-end feel with a unequivocally good grip, utterly distinct glass. But while a element is flattering tough and blemish resistant, we unequivocally don’t wish to dump it.

There are some uncanny omissions and weaknesses. There’s usually one orator in a normal sense, that plays song and video. For calls, a phone uses a “cantilever ceramic piezoelectric actuator”, that usually means that a phone’s physique vibrates to broach sound. The camera isn’t great, either.

The Mi Mix is usually on sale in China, and even there in singular quantities. While we can get it from third-party online resellers, good fitness removing it bound if we mangle it, as a tools used in a phone are singular as hens’ teeth. Plus a 4G LTE bands are limited, so it competence not work scrupulously outward China.

Xiaomi’s Mi Mix is one extraordinary roughly bezel-less…
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It’s also a many costly Xiaomi phone so far. Our examination indication costs 3,499 yuan, that translates to around $510, AU$680 or £420. In China, that’s about half a cost of phones like a Google Pixel. There’s also a reward indication with 18-carat bullion embossing, 6GB 0f RAM (up from 4GB) and 256GB of onboard storage (up from a bottom model’s 128GB) for 3,999 yuan, that is roughly $590, AU$770 or £480.

If you’re meditative of removing one, bear in mind that Chinese phones don’t come with Google services commissioned (like Google Maps and even Google Play), and you’ll have work to do to get those integrated properly. Big shade phones like a Google ​Pi​xel XL or a iPhone 7 Plus are many some-more simply procured — you’ll usually have to accept a smaller shade than a Mi Mix’s huge 6.4-inch display.

Crazy-beautiful edgeless arrangement is incredible

I child we not. While a photos and video competence be adequate to remonstrate you, it’s when we collect adult a phone, reason it in your palm and watch a 6.4-inch shade come to life that a whole thought of a enchanting bezel-less phone sinks in. I’ve been regulating a phone for around a week now, and we still can’t assistance yet feel vacant each time we spin it on.

Now, I’m unequivocally not a fan of big-screen phones. we privately feel anything above 6 inches is unusable, and we didn’t unequivocally like a Xiaomi Mi Max (the company’s other super vast 6.4-inch phone). Strangely, we found myself training to like and use a Mix a lot more. The shade is still flattering big, yet it doesn’t feel it compared to a Max, that is bigger in distance interjection to a bezels. The palm rejecting complement on a Mix is a lot improved too, that means we don’t daub as many things by accident.


Look ma, (almost) no bezels!

Aloysius Low/CNET

An edge-to-edge shade means my palms were roughly always touching a display, yet notwithstanding that we didn’t incidentally press buttons we shouldn’t have or pierce a home shade while holding a phone in my hand. This is great, quite compared with my practice with phones that don’t scrupulously exercise this feature.

Big shade phones tend to feel unwieldy, yet not so with a Mix. While it’s a small on a complicated side during 209 grams (7.37 ounces), it’s ideally offset in your hand. I’ve been means to use it one handed during times, yet it’s apparently a lot easier with both hands depending on what we wish to do with it, like typing prolonged messages.

To get a phone that’s mostly all screen, with a 2,080×1,080-pixel display, Xiaomi had to do some flattering nifty engineering. The phone’s selfie camera got changed to a bottom of a phone — not indispensably a good thing, as I’ll explain next — and underneath a arrangement is a piezoelectric actuator that replaces your front speaker. The actuator translates digital signals into analog vibrations, regulating a physique of a phone to broach sound to your ears. It works, yet we can feel a whole phone rumbling in time to your voice call.

There’s usually one thing about a phone we don’t unequivocally like — well, detached from how many of a fingerprint magnet it is. It’s that a ambient light sensor, located during a bottom chin of a phone, is simply blocked if you’re resting a phone on say, a pillow, while regulating it, heading to a dimmer shade that can make things tough to see in normal light. You can spin off auto-brightness as a solution, so it’s a teenager nuisance in a grand intrigue of things.


While it lacks bezels during a tip and sides, a bottom is where you’ll find a chin as good as a 5-megapixel selfie camera.

Aloysius Low/CNET


Like many Chinese smartphones, a Mi Mix is powered by Android — in this case, Android 6.0, yet a heavily customised chronicle of it called MIUI. This is Xiaomi’s chronicle of Android, and it has facilities taken from both iOS and Google’s software.

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