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Xiaomi’s AirDots are $29 alternatives to Apple’s $159 AirPods

The AirPods are, though a doubt, one of a best products Apple launched in a final integrate of years. For $169, we get a span of wireless earphones that demeanour a lot like unchanging iPhone headphones. They’re easy to pair, they broach a good sound experience, and they even have a few intelligent facilities built-into them. But competitors have been ramping adult their efforts to come adult with AirPods, and Xiaomi’s AirDots are a newest AirPods competitors out there.

At $169, a AirPods are a lot some-more affordable than we’d have suspicion initially, though Xiaomi will serve reduce a cost entrance if you’re selling for wireless headphones. The AirDots usually cost around $29 (that’s 199 yuan in China), though container some of a same facilities you’d design from AirPods rivals.

Image Source: Xiaomi

We’re looking during earbuds that seem to fit snugly inside your ear, and that recharge wirelessly around a carrying case, only like a AirPods. You get 4 hours of audio time per charge, and a box can recharge a AirDots 3 times for a sum of 12 hours of battery life. They bond to inclination around Bluetooth 5.0 and support user interaction, permitting we to daub on a bombard to trigger specific commands.

There’s no revelation either Xiaomi will be means to compare Apple when it comes to a altogether AirPods experience, though during $30, a AirDots are still a good deal, if you’re looking for affordable wireless headphones. Not to discuss that, during that price, they might be bundled with smartphones in a not too apart future.

Image Source: Xiaomi

It’s misleading either a AirDots will be accessible in general markets, though Chinese fans of Xiaomi will be means to preorder theirs on Nov 11th.

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