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Xiaomi’s Hugo Barra creates indeterminate explain that Xiaomi isn’t harm by company’s disappearing smartphone sales

In an talk with Reuters, Xiaomi’s Hugo Barra addressed a doubt that seems to be one a association has managed to equivocate to date: a disappearing smartphone sales. For all a hype Xiaomi has generated over a final few years, it has recently gifted a remarkable and thespian change in sales total – and not in a right direction. In Q1 2016, Xiaomi’s handset sales were estimated to be down 25% over a prior year, contra a tellurian smartphone conveyance decrease of only 0.1%. They declined a serve 38% in Q2 2016. In Q3, a Chinese domestic sales have forsaken an purported 45%.

This is, notwithstanding whatever Xiaomi competence claim, very problematic. Much of this set-back seems to be to a advantage of China’s largest smartphone maker, Huawei, whose expansion in a final year has been exceptional in a home market. Xiaomi, once a heavenly of specification-boasting bargain-seekers, seems to be losing a luster. According to Barra, these declines will “not have a vital impact” on a company. To put it lightly, that’s tough to believe.

Barra’s logic is that since a company’s distinction engine is tied adult in connected services and accessories like atmosphere purifiers, headphones, and intelligent home technology, disappearing smartphone sales won’t harm a bottom line much. It would, of course, be stupid to advise that these compared businesses aren’t harm by Xiaomi’s disaster to pierce as many phones. If a company’s many obvious product line globally isn’t achieving a kind of opening it was only a year ago, consumers are going to be reduction expected to notice or compensate special courtesy to other products done by that company. Xiaomi’s whole indication has a well-liked smartphones behaving as a arrange of promotion height for a company’s other, some-more essential products. If consumers don’t buy a ad platform, they’re a lot reduction expected to buy into a rest of a product portfolio. It’s not accurately rocket science.

Barra himself confirms this model: he alleges that Xiaomi could sell “10 billion” phones and not acquire “a singular dime” in profit. This seems exaggerated, yet a matter is a transparent confirmation of a thought that Xiaomi’s business is not one of offered smartphones, yet of offered things to people who buy a smartphones. If fewer people buy phones, well, we’ve discussed this: it’s bad for business, full stop. “We’re not a smartphone company” seems to be a refrain of each struggling smartphone association these days.

Xiaomi’s latest device, though, has set off an comprehensive firestorm of certain coverage from a media and fans alike. The Mi Mix’s radical, largely bezel-less design has struck a chord with a shred of a smartphone fan marketplace that brands like Samsung, Huawei, and LG only don’t seem to be means to lately. It’s also simply Xiaomi’s many costly smartphone ever, during good over $500. Given a outrageous volume of courtesy it has received, it could good be a product that rights a Xiaomi boat – if Chinese buyers are peaceful to flare over a really estimable reward for a phone from a association that has traditionally been famous for a impassioned value model. Xiaomi also skeleton to make a product proclamation during CES in January, and we’ll be there to see it.

But a company’s flagging performance, regardless of what a hype-man Hugo Barra might say, is still deeply troubling. Xiaomi needs to spin things around, and if a Mi Mix is any indicator, they’re positively trying.

Article source: http://www.androidpolice.com/2016/11/25/xiaomis-hugo-barra-makes-dubious-claim-that-xiaomi-isnt-hurt-by-companys-declining-smartphone-sales/