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Xiaomi’s new products for a wearable market

Xiaomi, a world’s 5th largest smartphone maker, is about to benefaction a new smartwatch, according to Liu De, co-founder and Vice President of a company. The wearable will work with MIUI 8 OS, a latest chronicle of a mobile handling complement grown by a Chinese tech giant. Last week, it also presented a $46 smartwatch for kids.

The smartwatch would be introduced in a second half of 2016, as reported by Gizmochina, that attended a Xiaomi’s discussion in Beijing. It appears that a product was roughly prepared for a large sell. However, investors are awaiting a check due to some prolongation issues associated to manufacturers.

Xiaomi will benefaction a new smartwatch that will work with MIUI 8 OS. Credit: Mi.com

On a other hand, Liu De pronounced that Xiaomi is not now meddlesome in formulating automobiles, that is a vital trend surrounding several tech developers worldwide. However, engineers are meddlesome in formulating products for short-term travels, such as an electric bike.

The Chinese private association has also dynamic a new plan that seeks to enhance offline outlets by 2016. Liu De combined that users would pattern approximately 60 stores by a finish of a year.

The new Band 2 will seem within a entrance months

An updated Band skeleton to offer some-more on-screen information to users. Gizmochina pronounced it is approaching to be some-more costly than a antecessor, that costs $16 (99 Yuan). The Mi rope 1 comes with a heart rate sensor, powered by a battery that lasts 3 weeks. The new indication would expected have a shade and a reduced battery.

Xiaomi has suggested some-more sum about a Android-based MIUI 8 OS, that will be launched on May 10. Apps like Camera, Notes, Phone and Calculator will come with a new pattern and multi-touch gestures, like double swiping adult to undo a note with a paper shredder effect.

Kids can possess Mi Bunny Kids Watch for $46

The wearable, that is exclusively designed for kids is able of creation calls and offers audio amplifier, anti-breaking sound and hi-fi technology. Parents don’t need to compensate for additional cards since a device is free-to-answer and has no monthly plans.

A underline called Custom Security Zones will send notifications to relatives when kids are in dynamic places. If there’s an emergency, kids can press a energy button, to send a special signal. 

Mi Bunny Kids smartwatch by Xiaomi is accessible for $46. Credit: Android Headlines

It comes in dual colors, light blue and pink. Moreover, it is built in “corning food-grade glass silicone,” said MIUI in a blog post.

“Parents can set a phone APP finish reserve area, such as a usually approach to school, surrounding a house, as good as to and from school, when a child is outward this range, a summary will immediately forewarn a parents,” pronounced MIUI. 

Source: Gizmochina

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