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XXXTentacion’s Short, Violent Life: Inside a Rapper’s Controversial Legacy

The outrageous charges, entrance only as his swat career was starting to take off outward of his South Florida origins, were a latest in a array of aroused episodes that shadowed his youth. When he was a child he was kicked out of his propagandize choir for removing into a quarrel with another student. He was diminished from core propagandize after a array of fights, after that he quickly lived in a organisation home for uneasy youth. After a age of 12 he mostly lived with his grandmother (“My grandma unequivocally feels like my mom,” he told a Miami New Times), though he was equally warlike in high school, where he suffered from basin and eventually forsaken out in 10th grade.

He finished adult in a youthful apprehension center, where he kick a ruin out of a roommate whom he suspicion was staring during him while he was naked. “This n—a did some happy s—t, so we had to moment his conduct open,” he removed revelation his mom (she started crying, he said) during an talk for a No Jumper podcast, posted in Apr 2016.

“Anybody who’s portrayed as a abuser is a abused…really you’re only a harm child on a inside,” rapper Denzel Curry, who let XXXTentacion live with him for awhile, told Hot New Hip Hop in January, articulate about his friend’s troubles.

Onfroy initial met Geneva Ayala in Nov 2014, according to a New Times. She had a beloved who had only posted a risque print of her on Twitter during an evidence and Onfroy affianced to quarrel him, revelation her, “Your boyfriend’s not ostensible to be doing s—t like this.” The other man never showed, though Ayala’s seductiveness was piqued. They spent a few days removing to know any other though fell out of touch, Ayala told a publication, before spotting any other again during a May 2016 uncover right before Onfroy was about to go onstage.

Onfroy approached her and grabbed her by a throat, though “he done it seem sexy,” Ayala said.

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