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10 irritating things about Android P (that’ll hopefully be bound soon)

All right, gang: The honeymoon’s strictly over. We’ve oohed. We’ve ahhed. We’ve talked about Android P’s many notable capability features. Now it’s time to step back, get real, and speak about some of a software’s less impressive elements — since a law is, for all of a positives, Android P has an awful lot of, well, awful stuff.

Now, let’s be clear: Perspective here is critical. This is usually a initial open beta of a Android P release, so these sorts of severe edges are positively to be expected. We’ll reason onto wish that Google will iron out a kinks and get all these sum bound adult and figured out by a time a final Android P program rolls around after this summer. Otherwise, we competence find ourselves feeling a bit of Lollipop déjà vu.

After vital with a initial Android P beta for roughly a week now, these are some of a areas I’m anticipating Google will residence — trimming from a super-significant to a clearly teenager details.

1. The new gesticulate navigation system

Okay, okay: This is one we indeed talked about even before a honeymoon had come to a close. But Android P’s new gesticulate nav complement unequivocally does need some critical fine-tuning if it’s gonna do anything other than expostulate many people batty.