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11 expected passed in atmosphere uncover crash

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(CNN)A day after a vestige troops jet plunged from a sky and crashed onto a bustling UK highway, authorities searched Sunday for some-more probable victims.

Sussex troops announced during a press discussion that they have a names of 11 people whom they are treating as “highly likely” to be dead. The marker routine was a “technical” one that requires a assistance of a victims’ subsequent of kin. Earlier, they pronounced 7 people had been killed.

The troops combined that they are gripping an open mind about a probability of additional fatalities.

A derrick will be brought in to transport divided a disadvantage from a site on Monday.

The Cold War-era Hawker Hunter jet crashed during an atmosphere uncover in southeastern England.

All of those killed were on a bustling A27 highway, that runs subsequent to a Shoreham airfield in Sussex, troops Superintendent Jane Derrick said.