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12 things we wish to see on iOS 12 during WWDC


Some changes wouldn’t hurt.

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Apple’s WWDC conference is roughly here, that means one certain thing: a preview of a subsequent chronicle of iOS. The final chronicle of Apple’s iPhone and iPad handling system, iOS 11, had some flattering poignant updates: a new control panel, ARKit, new Siri functions, executive record directories, some-more Pencil support on iPads, a whole new iPad multitasking system, and some-more complement storage government control. And that doesn’t even embody some important facilities that came in followup indicate releases, including a battery health beta and improved ARKit in iOS 11.3, and Apple Pay Cash in iOS 11.2.

Reports suggest that iOS 12 competence be some-more of a “High Sierra” character update, regulating bugs and improving altogether function, saving a extended renovate with large new ideas for iOS 13 in 2019.

So, with a expectations so lowered, this is what we’d like to see most. There are positively copiousness of areas for improvement.

Less bugginess overall

More than 8 months later, iOS 11 has lots of uncanny bugs. Sometimes, apps boyant in a corners of a screen. Notifications infrequently don’t uncover up. Autocorrect can act strangely. “Do Not Disturb While Driving” mode ends adult operative when I’m not driving, and promulgation me messages when we am. And there are many some-more pointless freezes now than remember in years past. Make all work some-more smoothly, please.

Smooth over a iPhone X oddities

If many of Apple’s 2018 phone lineup is going to have a iPhone X’s Face ID and home button-free design, as rumored, it’s time to hold adult what’s been bothering us most about a iPhone X: a weird pull-down-from-the-corner Control Center, or a approach a tip bar of information now hides pivotal pieces of info. The side symbol controls for resetting and branch off a phone are flattering confusing, too. Hopefully iOS 12 will well-spoken over a knowledge in allege of a call of similar-looking phones.


Sarah Tew/CNET

Make Siri better

Siri has improved over time, though it still siri-ously lags behind Google Assistant (and Amazon Alexa) during contextually joining to all a things we’d like it to. A few things Google Assistant and Alexa do now could be unequivocally helpful. First, there should be even some-more contextual follow-ups to questions, so that Siri doesn’t remove a conversational thread so much. Second, a bigger concentration on app-like ways to launch sold sub-functions — contend we wish to launch an audio game, or control your TV for while — like Google Assistant does with Actions or Alexa does with Skills, could assistance a lot. That would engage Siri joining with some-more platforms and things.

Make Control Center better, too

For a second year in a row, Control Center is on a wish list. That’s since final year’s sum refurbish offering some-more buttons to launch things, though still lacked deeper controls to pivotal features, and low customization. Only a certain set of facilities can be combined to Control Center, though not everything. 3D Touch can be used for some sub-settings, though not for others. And because can’t we collect a Wi-Fi network or bond Bluetooth inclination from contextual 3D Touch menus? More settings should be controllable, and some-more app shortcuts should be added. And a approach Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is infrequently “turned off” though kept on? Don’t get me started.


This is a good gesture: lift it over to all a phones.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Add iPhone X appropriate facilities for all phones

The shining approach that a iPhone X can barter apps by swiping during a bottom of a shade should make a approach to iOS in ubiquitous (it’s still a home symbol double-press on Touch ID iPhones). Why make it something usually X owners can appreciate? Or, because not make it something that can be toggled on and off?

Improved battery management

Considering all a concentration on battery opening over a final year in Apple’s prior iPhones, heading to Apple releasing a battery-management apparatus refurbish to iOS 11, it’s a good possibility for iOS 12 to go further. Apple’s battery health apparatus is in beta now, though a revamped chronicle with ways to optimize for softened battery life would be a large help. It could be a battery chronicle of Apple’s storage optimization in iOS 11. 

Multi-user (and child accounts)

Apple is totally behind a bend when it comes to creation iOS inclination easy to mixed people to use. That’s generally loyal for a iPad, where there should have a “kid mode” that thatch out features, though toggled as simply as it can be on an Amazon inscription or a Chromebook. Maybe we don’t all share iPhones, though we certainly share iPads.


Google Lens keeps removing new AR facilities in Android.

James Martin/CNET

Add AI facilities to a camera app, like Google Lens

Apple done a outrageous dash with a AR features in ARKit final year, though it’s time to go deeper… and to a camera. Google Lens has been one of a most intriguing Android updates in Oreo, regulating a camera to fast indicate and brand a world. Apple’s possess camera app combined QR formula scanning final year, though adding some-more AI-enabled modes with AR would be a plain subsequent step.

Face ID redo button

If a iPhone doesn’t indicate your face scrupulously and has a Face ID fail, that happens quite a lot, there should be a most clearer approach to try again (as we can do on a Galaxy S9), or dwindle that when you’re logging in. Right now, Face ID doesn’t unequivocally explain what didn’t work when it doesn’t work, and how to trigger another pass… it only doesn’t work, and leaves we staring during a close screen.

Find a approach to make 3D Touch do something some-more useful

Apple’s doing of 3D Touch over a final few years has been bizarre. While a pressure-sensitive record has always been considerable in theory, it’s frequency used much, or consistently, opposite apps and a OS. Even worse, a disproportion between dire in and tapping-and-holding can get confusing. iOS 12 should rethink 3D Touch, or maybe minimize it.

Notifications: Better, and some-more control

It’s still weird how notifications cocktail adult on a iPhone, generally on a home screen. Yes, this is generally how smartphones work… though deliberation how many people protest about notifications (or spin them off completely), a new layout, or a approach of organizing all a notifications, seems in order. And it should be distant easier to simply control (or toggle) notifications, contra a intricacy that greets users in Notification Settings.

Let a iPhone and iPad continue to be opposite and singular things

Last year, a iPad started to grow into a possess some-more productivity-focused OS contra what a iPhone can do. The dual inclination should keep splitting. The iPad should benefit even some-more ways to multitask and share information on a incomparable screen. The iPhone should find ways to benefaction pivotal information as indispensable but carrying to appropriate around to find it; maybe by minimizing a grid of apps and formulating a new covering on top. Hopefully a changes continue, instead of staying a course.

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