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2 Americans indicted of fighting for ISIS are prisoner by Kurds in Syria

Louisa Loveluck Erin Cunningham January 6 during 8:08 PM

Kurdish army in Syria pronounced Sunday that they had prisoner dual American adults stealing out in a country’s final Islamic State stronghold. 

In a statement, a Syrian Democratic Forces, or SDF, identified a detainees as Warren Christopher Clark, 34, and Zaid Abed al-Hamid, 35. It pronounced a span had been prisoner alongside 3 others suspected of being unfamiliar recruits in a nonconformist group.

Law coercion agencies contend several dozen Americans assimilated a Islamic State in a once-sweeping self-proclaimed caliphate opposite Syria and Iraq. The SDF did not yield additional information about a dual Americans it detained, though according to a report by George Washington University’s Program on Extremism, Clark had formerly sought work with a Islamic State and sent a résumé and cover minute for an English-teaching pursuit during a University of Mosul in Iraq.

“I have a prolonged credentials in training a accumulation of opposite subjects . . . this has given me care skills and we have schooled to adjust to new situations and environments with ease,” Clark wrote in a cover letter, regulating his nom de guerre, Abu Muhammad al-Ameriki.

“Teaching has given me a event to work with people from different informative backgrounds and training capabilities,” he wrote. 

The U.S.-led bloc did not immediately respond to a ask for criticism about a pair’s detention, and spokesmen for a SDF supposing no serve sum of their incarceration. The men’s predestine could be difficult by a doubt surrounding President Trump’s astonishing proclamation that some 2,000 U.S. infantry will be withdrawing from Syria in a nearby future. Washington has shown small enterprise to extradite captives indicted of being partial of a Islamic State.

In a pointer of how distant some of a group’s members had trafficked as their battlefields shrank, a SDF pronounced Sunday that Clark and Hamid had been prisoner hundreds of miles from Mosul, in a Hajin area of eastern Syria. 

Clark was a Texas proprietor and worked as a surrogate clergyman in a Houston area before roving to Saudi Arabia and Turkey to learn English, according to a February news by NBC News. It is unclear, however, when he crossed into Syria. 

He reportedly converted to Islam in 2004 and after became radicalized online, according to a emissary executive of a George Washington program, who spoke to NBC about Clark early final year. 

The NBC news described Clark as carrying come from a “middle-class churchgoing family with ties to a military,” citing someone who knew him in high school.

There was small publicly accessible information about Hamid. 

Cunningham reported from Istanbul. 

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