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2017 Grammy nominations: The nominees, reactions and how Beyoncé and Chance a Rapper done history

At a 57th Annual Grammy Awards in 2015, Beyoncé was a viewed frontrunner for manuscript of a year. The thespian had pulled off one of a best-kept secrets in new strain story when she forsaken her self-titled visible manuscript by surprise. 

She mislaid to Beck, nonetheless judging by a stand of nominations announced on Tuesday her impact was everlasting.

Beyoncé, again, leads a competition for manuscript of a year with a plan that didn’t belong to tradition. She’s got lots of association as annals from Radiohead, Drake, Rihanna, Kanye West and Chance a Rapper — albums that came out on their terms — dot a nominations suggested this morning. 

Back in 2013 Beyoncé’s pierce was deliberate a diversion changer. She pennyless an iTunes sales record and a word “pulling a Beyoncé” was coined to report a uptick of high-profile acts releasing bodies of work though fanfare. 

“There’s so many that gets between a music, a artist and a fans … we felt like we didn’t wish anybody to give a summary when my record is entrance out,” she conspicuous during a time. 

With her latest release, “Lemonade” — it warranted a heading 9 nods — she incited to HBO to entrance a hour-long messenger film. Before a special was over, she expelled a manuscript directly to streaming use Tidal, that a cocktail star co-owns with father Jay Z and other A-list musicians including Madonna, Usher and Rihanna.

Tidal stays a usually place it can be streamed, nonetheless she expelled for digital and earthy purchase. 

Drake leveraged his high-profile understanding with Apple Music for his manuscript “Views.” It debuted on his radio uncover for a streaming service’s Beats 1 hire before a one-week disdainful to Apple — offered some-more than a million copies in reduction than 5 days and apropos a initial manuscript to strike 1 billion streams on a service.

The rapper’s attribute with Apple has been generally fruitful. Apple sponsored his summer locus debate and he’s expelled a series of visuals exclusively to a service, including brief film “Please Forgive Me.” 

Last year Drake expelled two albums directly to a use — refuge mixtape “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late” and “What a Time to Be Alive,” a corner record with Future — and owned a summer with “Hotline Bling” and “Back to Back,” non-album singles he pushed out on a streaming service.

“Back to Back” was adult for swat opening during a many new Grammys, hold in Feb of this year, and after including “Hotline Bling” on “Views,” a strike landed dual nods this morning (rap/sung opening and swat song). 

Earlier this year, Chance a Rapper disrupted attention tradition when “Coloring Book” became a initial streaming-only manuscript to draft on a Billboard 200. The Chicago rapper rebuffs vital labels and has nonetheless to make his strain accessible for purchase, releasing them to Soundcloud and giveaway digital download on renouned mixtape site Datpiff. 

For a recover he teamed with Apple Music for a two-week exclusive. The mixtape debuted during No. 8 on a Billboard 200 formed on 57.3 million streams of a songs, that Billboard alike to 38,000 manuscript units. 

Around a recover of “Coloring Book” a indie rapper promoted a petition seeking a Recording Academy to change a eligibility manners for Grammy nominations, that compulsory albums to be accessible for sale during sell outlets during a eligibility window, excluding free and streaming-only projects.

In June, a Academy announced a order change that now authorised those releases to be eligible. As a result, Chance scored 7 nominations, including new artist and swat album.

“We never wish to be in position where strain that deserves to be in a brew is usurped by some technicality in a process,” Recording Academy President Neil Portnow told The Times on Monday. “The analysis and visualisation of a voting members is always about a strain and excellence, not during all about sales or selling or technology.”

De La Soul’s initial record in a dozen years, “And a Anonymous Nobody,” totally eschewed a normal record business indication by being saved by Kickstarter. The pioneering swat organisation lifted some-more than $600,000 from fans — a small some-more than 5 times a strange goal. 

A decade after jarring a attention with a “pay-what-you-want” hurl out of a seventh album, “In Rainbows,” Radiohead gave fans dual days notice for “A Moon Shaped Pool,” simply tweeting out a album’s recover time while self-denial a title. 

David Bowie’s final album, “★” (pronounced Blackstar), arrived on his 69th birthday — and dual days before his death. 

Bowie available a album, that landed mixed nominations including choice strain album, in secret. While his genocide repelled a world, he apparently designed out his final work as a interruption gift, with a wrapping dirty with dark surprises that are suggested by black light or bearing to object (the design is nominated for recording package). 

Kanye West and Rihanna had dual of a year’s splashiest warn releases, and they are both adult for 8 Grammys.

Rihanna worked with Samsung to emanate an immersive mobile knowledge called a ANTIdiary, where users explored mixed bedrooms that traced a cocktail star’s life story. The partnership between a cocktail star and a tech hulk — culminated in a present of download codes for “Anti,” that was ostensible to be a warn recover nonetheless incorrectly went adult on Tidal a few hours early. 

Despite giving 1 million copies divided for free, that wouldn’t count toward draft chain per Billboard’s rules, and a technical glitch that saw Tidal trickle a possess exclusive, “Anti” strike No. 1. 

Shortly after Rihanna’s release, West used Tidal for a radical launch of album, “The Life of Pablo.” 

He debuted a manuscript during a pell-mell listening party/fashion uncover for a sold-out Madison Square Garden that also served as a entrance for his Yeezy Season 3 wardrobe line, as good as lucent a eventuality in film theaters opposite a globe.

After Tidal’s live tide — that during one indicate crashed underneath a weight of some 20 million people — West announced digital copies of a manuscript were for sale around his personal website and streaming on Tidal before a manuscript became a Tidal-only exclusive. He after suggested he’d never recover it on Apple, nonetheless he after altered his mind. 

West afterwards pulled down a blurb chronicle of “The Life of Pablo,” and those who had already shelled out $20 for a manuscript complained it had a glitch that expelled a record’s final lane and instead steady a strain right before it.

Because of “The Life of Pablo’s” exclusivity to one streaming site, people acquired West’s manuscript in good numbers — even if they refused to pointer adult for Tidal. More than 500,000 people had downloaded pirated versions of a manuscript in a week after a manuscript was released.

Further contrast convention, West started tinkering with “Pablo” in real-time, dogmatic it a “living respirating changing artistic expression.” West updated vocals, altered mixes, altered lyrics and combined marks though notice. 

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