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2018 Fantasy Football Draft Prep: Don’t get vehement about anyone in Derrius Guice’s absence

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On a penalized play that got wiped off a stat sheets in a incomprehensible preseason game, rookie Derrius Guice looked like all a Redskins indispensable during using back. He popped by a vast hole, accelerated past a defender, spun out of a tackle and afterwards stiff-armed another defender for an additional 15-plus yards.

But he didn’t get up. Guice’s left leg laid baggy on a ground. The initial suspicion was a sprained MCL, suggesting he’d skip a few weeks. An MRI showed many worse — a ripped ACL.

The damage ends Guice’s deteriorate before it started … and puts a Redskins run diversion right behind where it ended.

Washington has a lot of unlawful using backs, and usually Guice was a intensity three-down player. We’re substantially going to see them use a tandem relocating brazen where one man handles initial downs, shorter second and third downs, and short-yardage/goal-line work, while another behind works longer second and third downs and a two-minute drill. Basically they’ll have a using downs behind and a flitting downs back.

Rob Kelley, who started Washington’s preseason diversion during a Patriots, sum to get a initial moment during a using downs purpose vacated by Guice. He’s slimmed down, yet was mostly unimpressive in singular snaps Thursday. Last year he averaged 3.1 yards per run.

Behind him is Samaje Perine, a second-year behind who slogged along in 2017 when given carries (3.4 rushing average). He kicked off his preseason entrance with a bang, slithering his approach 14 yards on his initial lift and afterwards rumbling for another 15 yards on a play called behind by a holding penalty. Perine collected 14 yards over his subsequent 5 central handoffs.

Remember, Washington favourite these guys so many that they went out and drafted Guice behind in April.

The flitting down conditions is a lot easier to figure out. Chris Thompson is Washington’s best remaining playmaker during using back, yet between his damaged leg final year and his acknowledgment progressing in training stay that he doesn’t feel 100 percent creates him a really unsure choice as anything some-more than a purpose player. He could see maybe 5 carries and 5 catches per week.

Byron Marshall is Thompson’s backup. He worked flitting downs with Guice on Washington’s second expostulate during Foxboro and scored on a damaged play. He had 5 sum yards on his remaining 3 touches including a five-yard run on a final play of a game.

If it sounds like a Redskins have a backfield that should be avoided in Fantasy, you’re right!

It doesn’t figure to get prettier. Free-agent using behind Alfred Morris could rekindle a fire with his aged team. Other accessible using backs like Adrian Peterson and maybe even DeMarco Murray are fun to consider about yet don’t utterly pierce a self-evident needle. Plus, given what we saw from them final year, are they indispensably upgrades over what Washington already has?

A trade could also be in play, yet Washington wouldn’t wish to give adult much. The Patriots, Saints, Broncos and Raiders seem to have a over-abundance of using backs, as do a Eagles yet they’re not traffic with their multiplication rivals. One pie-in-the-sky understanding between a Redskins and Bengals for Giovani Bernard, whom Redskins manager Jay Gruden helped breeze to Cincinnati, would give Washington’s offense a jolt, yet it would also cost during slightest a third-round pick.

Skipping over a in-house using behind corps, for now, seems wise. Aside from Thompson, who could be engaging in PPR formats, there isn’t a sleeper we can quietly trust. Kelley and Perine are late, double-digit turn considerations on Draft Day — Thompson will get picked forward of both, yet even he’s not value many some-more than an early Round 10 collect in non-PPR.

It would mount to reason that if a Redskins’ run diversion is in a muck, their flitting diversion will have a lot some-more on their common plate. Alex Smith has never thrown some-more than 508 passes in a deteriorate — that’ll change after 2018. Without a tolerable run game, design some-more targets to go around to all his receivers. Knowing Smith’s story and a Redskins’ spread-it-around doctrine, it should be a certain for Jamison Crowder, Josh Doctson, and, if he can stay healthy for a entertain or twenty, Jordan Reed.

Those are a Redskins to demeanour for late on Draft Day. They’ll advantage a many from Guice’s absence. 

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