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2018 MLB Mock Draft: Auburn pitcher still projected to go No. 1 to Tigers in updated initial round

Baseball’s annual pledge breeze is fast approaching. The three-day eventuality starts Monday, Jun 4, and will cover 40 full rounds and 4 shorter supplemental rounds for giveaway representative remuneration and rival change picks. As always, MLB Network will promote a initial night of a breeze live. This year, a initial 78 picks will be broadcast.

Two weeks ago we gathered a first-round ridicule breeze formed on a latest rumors and attention chatter. Now, with a breeze customarily one day away, it’s time to refurbish a ridicule breeze formed on a latest information. Baseball’s breeze is unequivocally formidable to predict, so this is all tiny some-more than prepared guesswork.

Here is a latest — and final — 2018 MLB ridicule draft.

1. Detroit Tigers: RHP Casey Mize, Auburn

The Tigers have finished their due industry and heavily scouted all a tip prospects in this year’s breeze class. There is no impact asperse No. 1 awaiting this year, a Bryce Harper or Stephen Strasburg type, yet Mize has emerged as a best actor accessible interjection to clever performance, a big-league frame, and swing-and-miss energy stuff. 

Detroit tends to be unequivocally assertive with their tip prospects, and if they wanted, they could hang Mize in their MLB bullpen after this year a la Chris Sale and Brandon Finnegan. Both Sale and Finnegan were new first-round picks and college starters who were in a big-league bullpen a few weeks after a draft.

Previous Mock Selection: RHP Casey Mize, Auburn

2. San Francisco Giants: C Joey Bart, Georgia Tech

Teams do not breeze for need in a initial round, generally not this high, so a participation of Buster Posey will not forestall a Giants from holding Bart here. He’s a finish package behind a image with middle-of-the-order descent intensity and a unequivocally good repute for running a pitching staff. The Giants would burst all over Mize should a Tigers sire a accord and take another actor with a No. 1 selection.

Previous Mock Selection: C Joey Bart, Georgia Tech

3. Philadelphia Phillies: 3B Alec Bohm, Wichita State

The Phillies are in finger-crossing mode right now. They’re anticipating possibly Mize or Bart will still be on a house for this pick. If not, they’ve been many related to Bohm, a harmful descent actor with some defensive questions. As with many teams during a tip of this year’s draft, a Phillies are looking during college players primarily, with a bat some-more approaching than an arm.

Previous Mock Selection: 3B Alec Bohm, Wichita State

4. Chicago White Sox: RHP Brady Singer, Florida

Generally speaking, a White Sox aim college players early in a draft, and they’re not fearful of radical players. Oregon State infielder Nick Madrigal, who is listed during 5-foot-7, has been many closely compared with a ChiSox this spring. Now it appears they’re some-more focused on pitching, and Singer was No. 1 pitching awaiting in a breeze category before Mize pennyless out.

Previous Mock Selection: IF Nick Madrigal, Oregon State

5. Cincinnati Reds: IF Nick Madrigal, Oregon State

In a sense, a Reds have a easiest preference in a draft. Bart, Bohm, Madrigal, Mize, and Singer are a tip 5 players on a board, and they’re all approaching to be taken within a initial 5 picks. The Reds will simply take whichever one of those players is still available, and in a ridicule draft, that’s Madrigal, an tiny attack appurtenance and one of a “safest” players in a breeze class.

Previous Mock Selection: RHP Brady Singer, Florida

6. New York Mets: OF Jarred Kelenic, Waukesha HS (Wisconsin)

The Mets tend to go after tip college performers high in a draft, and after being connected to college bats for weeks, it appears their focused has shifted. They’re now closely related to Kelenic, one of a draft’s biggest risers and a probable claimant for an under-slot deal. New York would be means to pointer him next his $5.5252 million container value and use a assets for an over-slot reward with their second-round pick. Not an odd plan during all.

Previous Mock Selection: 3B Jonathan India, Florida

7. San Diego Padres: LHP Matthew Liberatore, Mountain Ridge HS (Arizona)

With so many college players entrance off a house in a initial 6 picks, a Padres will have their choice of high-upside high schoolers here, and that is right in GM A.J. Preller’s wheelhouse. Even after forfeiting their second-rounder to pointer Eric Hosmer, San Diego has dual additional Competitive Balance picks, and a intelligent income is on them selecting whichever prep arm agrees to a below-slot reward here, afterwards regulating a assets on their additional picks later. Liberatore is deliberate a clever favorite to be a initial prep pitcher taken Monday.

Previous Mock Selection: RHP Carter Stewart, Eau Gallie HS (Florida)

8. Atlanta Braves: 3B Nolan Gorman, O’Connor HS (Arizona)

Aside from Mize and a Tigers, no actor has been some-more closely related to a specific group these final few weeks than Gorman and a Braves. They’ve scouted him extensively and Gorman has arguably a many tender energy in a whole breeze class. If, for whatever reason, one of a tip college prospects is still on a house here, a Braves would pounce.

Previous Mock Selection: LHP Matthew Liberatore, Mountain Ridge HS (Arizona)

9. Oakland Athletics: 3B Jonathan India, Florida

This would be a dream unfolding for a Athletics, who would wish upside and would cite a college actor over a high schooler. India is one of a tip all-around hitters in a breeze category and he’s jaunty adequate that whichever group drafts him might have him start his pro career during shortstop. A position actor is some-more approaching than a pitcher here.

Previous Mock Selection: 3B Nolan Gorman, O’Connor HS (Arizona)

10. Pittsburgh Pirates: RHP Carter Stewart, Eau Gallie HS (Florida)

The Pirates have been in on high propagandize pitchers all spring, and removing Stewart here would be a excellent outcome. He and Liberatore are a tip dual prep pitchers in a breeze category and Pittsburgh would be happy to take possibly man here. Stewart is a high-upside righty with a energy arsenal and a vast 6-foot-6 build that looks cut out for 200-inning seasons.

Previous Mock Selection: RHP Grayson Rodriguez, Central Heights HS (Texas)

11. Baltimore Orioles: RHP Cole Winn, Orange Lutheran HS (California)

With both Stewart and Liberatore off a house here, a Orioles pierce on to take Winn, third on their prep pitcher board. They’ve been in on all a tip high propagandize pitchers after being connected to college arms previously. The O’s haven’t had many success building pitchers newly yet they keep trying, and they keep drafting kids with substantial upside. Winn fits.

Previous Mock Selection: LHP Shane McClanahan, South Florida

12. Toronto Blue Jays: RHP Logan Gilbert, Stetson

The Blue Jays have been in on college pitching all open and, in a ridicule scenario, they’d have their collect of anyone solely Mize and Singer here. Gilbert was a intensity top-10 collect entrance into a year — he was a probable top-five collect during one indicate — yet an unsuitable open has him shifting down breeze boards. He offers as many pristine upside as any college pitcher in a breeze category aside from Mize and Singer.

Previous Mock Selection: RHP Logan Gilbert, Stetson

13. Miami Marlins: LHP Shane McClanahan, South Florida

The Marlins are formidable to pin down given they have new tenure and a new front office, and so no genuine lane record when it comes to breeze preferences. McClanahan is a best actor still on a house here. A hard-throwing lefty with an out-pitch changeup is never a bad pick.

Previous Mock Selection: OF Travis Swaggerty, South Alabama

14. Seattle Mariners: OF Trevor Larnach, Oregon State

The Mariners and college players are one of a draft’s longest ongoing romances. They’d adore India to trip here, yet that seems unequivocally unlikely. Larnach is a best college hitter still on a house and that creates him a healthy fit for Seattle given their breeze history.

Previous Mock Selection: OF Trevor Larnach, Oregon State

15. Texas Rangers: LHP Ryan Weathers, Loretto HS (Tennessee)

As always, a Rangers are in high propagandize players, and it’s doubtful they’d pass on Kelenic should he still be on a house during this point. Texas could be a interlude indicate for Stewart as well. Since both have already been taken in a ridicule draft, Weathers is a collect here. He’s a son of former reliever David Weathers and is as modernized as you’d design a son of a longtime big-leaguer to be.

Previous Mock Selection: OF Jarred Kelenic, Waukesha HS (Wisconsin)

16. Tampa Bay Rays: RHP Grayson Rodriguez, Central Heights HS (Texas)

With 3 additional picks and a vast reward pool, a Rays are in position to get artistic here. The latest gibberish has them signing a actor below-slot here and unequivocally going vast for a tip talent who falls with one of those additional picks. Rodriguez, who is a legitimate first-round talent and approaching to come off a house in a tip 20 picks somewhere, is a primary claimant for such a maneuver.

Previous Mock Selection: OF Jordyn Adams, Green Hope HS (North Carolina)

17. Los Angeles Angels: LHP Ryan Rolison, Ole Miss

It is college pitching all a proceed with a Angels, and given Gilbert and McClanahan are off a house in a ridicule draft, this choice substantially comes down to Rolison and Florida righty Jackson Kowar. Rolison, a lefty with good quickness and arguably a best curveball in a draft, is a collect here.

Previous Mock Selection: LHP Ryan Rolison, Ole Miss

18. Kansas City Royals: OF Jordyn Adams, Green Hope HS (North Carolina)

The Royals have 3 additional picks this year interjection to their giveaway representative defections, and so a reward pool coherence to spend vast now or later. Adams is one of a many tooled-up players in a breeze category and he’s also a tip far-reaching receiver recruit, giving him additional leverage. Kansas City is one of a clubs best versed to accommodate his reward demands. If Adams is still on a house after this pick, he’ll possibly be a aim for a group with additional picks and reward pool space, or he’s going to college.

Previous Mock Selection: OF Connor Scott, Plant HS (Florida)

19. St. Louis Cardinals: RHP Jackson Kowar, Florida

Gilbert or McClanahan would be a ideal unfolding here for a Cardinals, who did not collect until a third turn final year after forfeiting their initial rounder to pointer Dexter Fowler, and dual other picks as partial of a hacking scandal. They’ve been closely related to college arms this open and Kowar is a best still on a house here.

Previous Mock Selection: RHP Jackson Kowar, Florida

20. Minnesota Twins: OF Connor Scott, Plant HS (Florida)

The Twins have left complicated on high propagandize players in new years and, during this point, Scott is a best prep hitter still on a board. He’s a intensity four-tool actor — there are some questions about his long-term energy intensity — with a kind of high-end collection and athleticism Minnesota has been targeting in new years.

Previous Mock Selection: LHP Ryan Weathers, Loretto HS (Tennessee)

21. Milwaukee Brewers: RHP Kumar Rocker, North Oconee HS (Georgia)

The Brewers are one of a many predicted teams when it comes to a draft. They use a unequivocally candid “best actor available” proceed with no regards for reward pool shenanigans or anything like that. The best actor still on a house in this ridicule breeze is Rocker, who had a possibility to go into a tip 10-15 picks before a few disproportionate outings late in a spring.

Previous Mock Selection: RHP Kumar Rocker, North Oconee HS (Georgia)

22. Colorado Rockies: C Anthony Seigler, Cartersville HS (Georgia)

Although they tend to concentration on pitching in a early rounds, a latest hum has a Rockies on high propagandize position players, and they’ve been all over Seigler in new weeks. He’s a pop-up guy, definition he’s lifted his breeze batch extremely in a tiny volume of time heading adult to a draft. Hard to disagree with a switch-hitting — and switch-throwing! — catcher who projects to yield descent and defensive impact.

Previous Mock Selection: C Anthony Seigler, Cartersville HS (Georgia)

23. New York Yankees: SS Brice Turang, Santiago HS (California)

Turang checks all a boxes for a tip Yankees breeze pick. He’s from Southern California, he’s an jaunty up-the-middle player, and he’s a tip talent who slipped down breeze boards. The Yankees customarily concentration on those traits. Turang went into a open as a best high propagandize awaiting in a breeze category and a intensity No. 1 collect candidate. He hasn’t had a good comparison deteriorate during a plate, yet his tip nick collection sojourn intact.

Previous Mock Selection: RHP Cole Winn, Orange Lutheran HS (California)

24. Chicago Cubs: RHP Ethan Hankins, Forsyth Central HS (Georgia)

The Cubs have dual additional picks this year and so additional reward pool money, yet they are late picks after a second round, definition it’ll be tough to use them on a tip talent that falls. Rather than take a below-slot actor here and spend vast later, a Cubs could spend vast now and save later. Hankins has substantial upside and during one indicate was deliberate a intensity top-five pick. A shoulder emanate slowed him progressing this open though, that took a punch out of his breeze stock. This is a mark for a Cubs to land a tip of a breeze talent nearby a finish of a initial round.

Previous Mock Selection: RHP Ethan Hankins, Forsyth Central HS (Georgia)

25. Arizona Diamondbacks: OF Jake McCarthy, Virginia

Given a accessible players during this point, a college bat seems many approaching for a Diamondbacks, and McCarthy is one of a improved college hitters in a breeze class. He has a good lane record during a tip module and also showed good opposite chosen foe in wood-bat summer leagues. McCarthy or a identical college bat here could give a D-Backs some breeze pool assets to use later.

Previous Mock Selection: SS Brice Turang, Santiago HS (California)

26. Boston Red Sox: OF Seth Beer, Clemson

Few college hitters in a breeze category can compare Beer’s lane record of excellence, and when picking late in a initial round, a Red Sox tend to aim high-end ability rather than well-roundedness. Beer can really, unequivocally hit. There’s a good possibility his long-term position is DH, however. Boston is a form of group to gamble on a bat and let all else figure itself out.

Previous Mock Selection: RHP Mason Denaburg, Merritt Island (Florida)

27. Washington Nationals: OF Travis Swaggerty, South Alabama

It is not out of a doubt that Swaggerty could go in a tip 10 picks. He had been deliberate one of a tip college hitters in a breeze category all spring, yet a severe display in a Sun Belt Conference contest has harm his stock. The Nationals roughly always go after tip players who trip (injuries, makeup, etc.) and grabbing Swaggerty here is right adult their alley.

Previous Mock Selection: RHP Mike Vasil, Boston College HS (Massachusetts)

28. Houston Astros: OF Nick Schnell, Roncalli HS (Indiana)

The Astros are reportedly holding an analytics-heavy proceed to this year’s draft. They’re pronounced to be focusing on underlying skills like spin rate and exit velocity. Schnell is a late riser this open and he has a well-rounded diversion that checks lots of boxes. He has speed, cocktail in his bat, and good defense.

Previous Mock Selection: OF Nick Schnell, Roncalli HS (Indiana)

29. Cleveland Indians: SS Xavier Edwards, North Broward HS (Florida)

The Indians have an additional collect and some income to play with here, and they’ve mostly been connected to high propagandize position players. Edwards fits their common form as a top-of-the-line, up-the-middle athlete. In this case, Edwards is maybe a fastest actor in a breeze class, he knows his diversion as a switch-hitting leadoff guy.

Previous Mock Selection: OF Alek Thomas, Mount Carmel HS (Illinois)

30. Los Angeles Dodgers: C Noah Naylor, St. Joan of Arc HS (Ontario)

The Dodgers have a thing for versatility, and Naylor is jaunty adequate to play initial and third bases in further to catching. He also has an intriguing energy bat that is some-more about hit ability than power, distinct his comparison hermit Josh, a first-round collect in 2015.

Previous Mock Selection: RHP Sean Hjelle, Kentucky

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