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2018 NFL combine: Multiple teams reportedly ask Lamar Jackson to do far-reaching receiver tests

Lamar Jackson is a Rodney Dangerfield of a 2018 NFL combine, since he can’t get no respect. Jackson, a former Heisman Trophy leader who is deliberate a expected first- or second-round collect in a 2018 NFL Draft, is a quarterback. 

And yet, mixed teams, according to a news from Peter Schrager of “Good Morning Football”, wish Jackson to exam during a mix as a far-reaching receiver. 

The proof here — of a request, not a news — is presumable during best. 

Essentially, since Jackson is quick and able of ripping off bomb plays with a round in his hands, teams are meditative he could potentially change positions. Additionally factoring in: Jackson’s miss of accuracy, with a former Louisville quarterback completing only 59.1 percent of his passes. 

These factors, along with Jackson’s “short” and “slight” frame, also led to former Colts GM Bill Polian observant Jackson should switch to wideout before a draft. 

All of it ignores a integrate of things.

For starters, Jackson is now a first- or second-round prospect. He’s going to go early in a breeze … as a quarterback. If he switches to a position he’s never played before during a combine, it’s going to have a disastrous impact on his breeze stock. Maybe he still ends adult going high as a QB/WR combo or as a man peaceful to play some far-reaching receiver, yet he never held a pass during Louisville. It would not be some elementary transition. 

And, additionally, all a complaints people have about Jackson — size, correctness — also request to other guys in this draft. For instance, Josh Allen, who people continue to tan over in this process, finished 56.2 percent of his passes during Wyoming. He’s not being asked to work out during a opposite position.

Jackson is also taller than Baker Mayfield, who checked in during only over 6 feet tall. Jackson is 6’2″ — that meets a smallest requirement for Hue Jackson and many other evaluators during a position. 

What will be really engaging in this is how Jackson responds. He’s scheduled to pronounce with a media during a mix on Friday, and he also does not now have an agent. So there’s some prep things forward of a media session, as good as a intensity far-reaching receiver drills, that maybe his mom isn’t wholly competent to handle? It’s one of a some-more fascinating cases in new mix story and it has nonetheless to entirely solve itself.

There is an evidence here that Jackson should substantially do whatever intensity employers wish him to do. But we’ve seen copiousness of quarterbacks — hello, Tim Tebow — who were indifferent in their refusal to switch positions before, during or after a breeze process. That’s their privilege and a thought that a group doesn’t perspective we as a quarterback could be a good reason not to play for that team.

Jackson has had a lot of success during a quarterback position in his career, and showed good slot growth during a 2017 season, even yet he had reduction accolades showered on him since Louisville struggled more. 

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