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2019 budget: Buhari to spend N1bn on travels, N98m on food

Olusola Fabiyi, John Ameh and Tobi Aworinde, Abuja

The Federal Government budgeted N1,001,318,171 for President Muhammadu Buhari’s internal and ubiquitous travels in a due 2019 budget.

The bill proposes N250,021,595 for a President’s internal trips and N751,296,576 for him to transport internationally.

Meanwhile, N83,974,710 was budgeted for Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo’s internal travel, while N217,060,883 was due for his ubiquitous trips.

Under foodstuff/catering materials supplies, N98,306,492 was budgeted for a President and N50,888,218 for a Vice-President.

The Federal Government also due N416,668,229 for a construction of a presidential wing of a State House Medical Centre out of a Presidency’s sum guess of N49, 307,859,794 in a 2019 bill proposal.

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Aside from this, N823,441,666 was due for a State House Medical Centre, including drugs and medical reserve (N208,350,424).

Meanwhile, a State House also budgeted N36, 787,354 for drugs and medical supplies, and N51,821,160 for medical expenses.

In a 2018 budget, a Presidency had due N1,030,458,453 for a State House hospital after a President’s wife, Mrs Aisha Buhari, criticised a medical centre for not carrying an “ordinary syringe.”

In a 2017 budget, N3.2bn had also been allocated for a ascent of a state clinic, including “the execution of ongoing work as good as buying of drugs and other medical equipment.”

The President and his emissary are also to spend over N7.5bn this year on “operations” and upkeep of bureau buildings, a relapse of a 2019 bill showed.

The breakdown, that The PUNCH performed on Monday night, indicated that a whole State House was allocated N49.3bn for ubiquitous services, covering capital, memorable and beyond costs.

However, a President’s bureau was given a dedicated opinion of N10bn for a using of his office, out of that N7.5bn went for operations.

To say presidential bureau buildings will cost N4.7bn this year.

Similarly, a President’s approach beyond cost is N1.3bn, while his collateral spending will devour another N416.6m, bringing a sum figure for “operations” alone to N1.7bn.

On his part, Osinbajo is to spend N591.8m on operations.

Out of a figure, N448.6m goes into beyond costs, while a change of N143.2m will be spent on collateral supplies underneath operations.

A serve relapse of a presidential bill showed that a Presidency would buy vehicles value N607.1m this year.

Aside from a N4.7bn budgeted for a upkeep of bureau buildings, a Presidential residential buildings will be rehabilitated with another N140.4m.

The object patrician ‘Refreshments/Meals’ has an allocation of N135.6m and an additional N25.6m, definition a sum N161.2m.

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Similarly, a sustenance of N65.4m was done for a animals in a State House for their “conservation.”

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