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24 some-more characters, for improved and worse

Today Twitter redefined a laws of physics. But while it’s acted as a simplification of a 140-character rule, a change will reshape information density, review character and self-promotion in a app.

If we wish to know what’s function and why, read TechCrunch’s minute breakdown of a changes scooped by Bloomberg’s Sarah Frier. Here, we’re going to inspect a how, as in how this will impact a Twitter that 300 million people have inbred into their life, and billions some-more never figured out.

This isn’t about dogmatic a changes good or bad as a whole. That’s a slight and sterile approach to consider a expansion of anything. Instead, it’s about deducing a approach they’ll poke a function in new directions.


Essentially, media attachments and @reply usernames will no longer count toward a 140-character limit, you’ll be means to retweet yourself, and tweets that start with @ will go to all your supporters once Twitter rolls out a new complement in a entrance months.

So what does that mean?

Wordier tweets — media attachments don’t count: You won’t have to contend reduction to uncover more. So we’ll contend more. Indeed, 140 characters is already a application of a approach many people think. We’ll frequently feat a additional 24 characters, stuffing them up.

Images, videos, GIFs, twitter quotes or polls will come with longer descriptions. You’ll know some-more about a video before we watch it, so maybe we won’t need to watch it, or maybe you’ll be certain we do. You’ll improved know what a print is instead of usually staring during it. You can boast a comprehension or insanity of another’s tweets and your possess when we quote them, with some-more room for analysis.

Twitter will be reduction robust and interrupted. You’ll spend some-more time uniformly scrolling a feed or examination clips that truly seductiveness we than fast popping in and out of a media viewer, confused or unsatisfied.

Links will continue to count opposite 140 characters. You’ll still be opening news articles nonetheless a improved clarity of where you’re going, facilitating blind rebound backs when we comprehend we didn’t caring about that blog post.

On a whole, a information firmness of Twitter will be diluted. It will be harder to slick by a calm of your feed since there’ll be some-more of it. Up to 17 percent more. You competence review longer tweets and fewer sum tweets per session. Twitter’s sorcery is a expedited expenditure of precipitated knowledge. Now we competence learn some-more about reduction instead of reduction about more.

Twitter_May24Deeper conversations — @replies don’t count: Twitter is replacing a close dug-out for a atmospheric yacht. Talking to someone instead of everybody won’t revoke your room to speak. You’ll no longer have to trade clarity for some-more review partners.

The Twitter canoe, where some-more and some-more usernames overtook some-more and some-more space for difference in a respond until a sell ran aground, also kept conversations from apropos endless. It combined a life cycle. Twitter is mobile, and we competence not wish discussions to brief over your coffee mangle into a rest of your day.

As a contention encompasses some-more people, ideas won’t have to be folded smaller and smaller. That will inspire debates and chit-chats that are some-more exhaustive, both in a clarity that they will be some-more extensive nonetheless also some-more tiring.

Smarmier self-promotion — retweet yourself: Why write something new when we can torpedo your supporters with what we already said? Clamoring for page views on your blog posts or conspirators for your call to movement will get easier, and reduction exciting.

Twitter is already a promote platform, where people caring some-more about their motives than their assembly because, hey, they followed we by choice, right? They’re not your “friends” and they’re not obligated. You’ll have another approach to attack their eyes.

But also to fight a temporality of a rushing stream, Twitter is removing some-more algorithmic, nonetheless it’s still mostly a sequential reserve where few review all from everybody they follow Retweet yourself 12 hours after and we competence find a whole new throng immoderate your content.

Fewer ways to demeanour foolish — .@ isn’t necessary: Nothing done doctrinaire Twitterers giggle during newbies quicker than receiving an @reply that usually seemed to your mutual supporters when a author meant to twitter to all their followers. we still get these frequently, and onslaught with either to pleasantly indicate out how Twitter works, or roar to myself. Now rookies and veterans will have one reduction counterintuitive pretence dividing them.


While we won’t announce either these changes are good or bad overall, Twitter can during slightest be commended for not royally screwing anything up. It didn’t retreat sobriety or spin a sky purple. It mutated how length is measured.

Yet to truly reanimate a millions it topsy-turvy with crummy onboarding, and drag a masses that feel they already have a accessible assembly on other amicable networks, Twitter might need some-more extreme change. Or during least, a find of some new form of appetite means to transport a minds of Twitterers nonetheless to be.

Featured Image: Piotr Zajda

Article source: http://techcrunch.com/2016/05/24/the-metaphysics-of-twitter/