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4 Major Differences Between ICU and Emergency Nurses

Brittany Hamstra, BSN, RN

Alright, let’s speak about a flattering apparent differences between Emergency Room (ER) nurses and Intensive Care Unit (ICU) nurses. If a photos above bleed a tiny grin or smirk, afterwards we know accurately what I’m articulate about. Let’s start with a basics…

What does an ER helper do?

ER nurses yield patients entrance by sanatorium puncture departments for a accumulation of reasons – trauma, injury, and acute-onset symptoms. They yield patients of all ages and background. Most patients are experiencing emergency, life-threatening situations, and ER nurses contingency be discerning to commend those strident problems and be means to solve or stabilise them immediately on arrival.

From heart conflict to cadence to gunshot wounds, engine car accidents, or usually fractured bones, ER nurses see it all. ER nurses learn to fast triage patients formed on evident regard and strident comment skills, afterwards to yield symptoms in sequence of life-threatening priority. They might immediately start CPR to retreat cardiopulmonary detain or start slamming blood products for a hemorrhaging studious or work to fast learn underlying medical conditions that are reduction apparent.

The pursuit is fast-paced, full of adrenaline rushes, and totally indeterminate shift-to-shift. 

What does an ICU helper do?

On a swap finish of a spectrum, ICU nurses yield patients who need a tip acuity of caring in a really structured and tranquil setting. In sequence to yield a many vicious patients in a many consummate manner, vicious caring nurses use their specialized skills and endless believe of illness pathology to yield interventions that means life.

ICU nurses work quickly, efficiently, independently, and meticulously. They caring for a many frail of patients who hang on to life by a thread. Most patients in a ICU are intubated, ventilated, and on life-sustaining remedy drips during a really least. Nurses need to be means to preemptively commend signs of decompensation and act quickly on them. They are advocates for their patients and work closely with a complete caring group to yield their patients. The sourroundings is structured, high acuity, and multifaceted. 

So, let’s poke fun during some helper celebrity differences…

1. Work Flow

ER nurses flower in chaos. ICU nurses demonstrate chaos. When it comes to work environment, a dual specialties can seem like conflicting worlds.

ER nurses have personalities that work best amid a charge of disorganization. It’s really tough to highlight out an ER nurse. Because of a pell-mell flow, ER nurses rest massively on teamwork and intuition. Ratios can be tough to conduct depending on who walks in a door, and these nurses run around like lives count on it…and they do.

On a other hand, an ICU typically operates like a well-oiled appurtenance and ICU nurses wouldn’t have it any other way. ICU nurses conclude shifts that are structured, organized, and concede them to perform their work but hiccups. 

2. Organization (or miss thereof)

I have never met an ICU helper who wasn’t meticulously orderly and equivocal OCD, in a best approach possible. These nurses know their stuff. Checklists of accurately that drugs are due and highlighted grids of that are concordant together, that drips to titrate and when accurate intake and outlay of fluids to a milliliters of blood taken for lab draws, etc. It’s tough to locate an ICU helper off-guard with a doubt about their patients’ care.

ER nurses work wholly differently, and for good reason. They don’t have a time or oppulance to be detail-oriented. They usually have a time to assess, react, and pierce on. So if we wish to demeanour during an ER nurse’s paper “brain,” don’t be astounded if they don’t lift one. Everything they need to know is adult top. 

3. Goals of care

In an ER, we never know who walks by that doorway next. ER nursing is really large picture. You assess, identify a vital problem, yield a vital problem, and get a studious behind out a doorway on to another suitable building since there are many others watchful for that bed. Prioritize, stabilize, pierce out. You usually have time for reactivity and responsiveness.

In a ICU, we can instead proactively consider and act. ICU nurses have to demeanour during everybody complement as companion and yield as such. Something that affects your neurological functioning, affects your GI system, affects your liver, your kidneys, etc. ICU nurses are formulation for long-term goals for patients and mostly watch patients swell from vicious illness to health again. The idea is not in-and-out, it’s long-term wellness. ICU nurses are really concerned with patients and families, building rapport and providing education. ER nurses mostly don’t have a time for most communication with patients and families over life-saving measures. 

4. Personality types

ER nurse

Adaptable, ease and collected during emergencies, quick-acting, big-picture thinkers, adrenaline seekers, loves orderly chaos, and their report is something like “the studious is alive.”

ICU nurse

Meticulous, organized, planners, loves minute turn of care, and they can concurrently harmonise 10 pumps, 6 drips, 4 beeps, and 1 crashing studious but blinking an eye. 

Although ICU and ER nurses comparison are superheroes. They are impossibly smart, quick-thinking, and save lives each singular day. Hats off!

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